An open letter to Greeley Gazette readers

Dear Greeley Gazette reader,

How often do you hear people complain about the liberal media? I don’t know about you, but I hear it all the time not just from friends, but from people I encounter while conducting business and just being out and about.

This is one of the reasons for the demise of many newspapers. A recent report revealed that printed Newspapers are rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs.

There used to be a time when the media and journalists would ask difficult questions of our political leaders, that is why we are referred to as the Fourth Estate. Our founding fathers understood this and one of the key reasons that in addition to providing for the right to practice one’s religion freely, they also guaranteed the freedom of the press.

They understood that the government needed someone to monitor them to ensure they were staying within the bounds of the Constitution. The other reason was to enable Christians to be able to freely proclaim the gospel without fear of persecution. These freedoms we take for granted were mostly unknown throughout the world prior to the adoption of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Over the years much of the press has been co-opted by groups who are now more interested in having relationships with politicians and advancing a liberal agenda than in reporting the truth.

At the Greeley Gazette we have attempted to be something different.

We not only attempt to hold government officials accountable at our local, state and national level, we are not afraid to go against the grain and question elected officials for their votes on issues such as the Patriot Act and their use of taxpayer dollars.

We don’t pretend that abortion is OK or that same-sex marriage is good, that more government is the solution to our problems, that the Constitution is old-fashioned or that the Federal Reserve is good for America. We also believe that radical Islam is a threat to America and we are not afraid of labels such as “homophobe” or “Islamophobe.”

We don’t mock ordinary patriotic Americans trying to fix what is wrong in their country. Unlike other media we don’t simply repeat press statements by the White House or the Associated Press; we take time to conduct our own research. When writing about court decisions or legislation, our reporters, unlike politicians actually read the text of the legislation or decision.

While we are a small operation and do not have the large newsrooms or resources of the major news outlets, there have been instances where we have been ahead of the mainstream media. For instance, last week Reuters reported that the United States was considering giving missile defense secrets to the Russians.

We reported on this almost two months before Reuters ran their story. Several of our stories have been picked up and reported on by national media outlets.

We are one of the only media outlets to actively cover the story of president Obama’s eligibility. In fact when a former Greeley resident, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was convicted for disobeying orders after failing to get answers from his superiors over Obama’s eligibility to be commander-in-chief, we were the only media outlet from Colorado to attend his court marital.

We also report on attempts to advance the homosexual and abortion agenda. We don’t follow the liberal party line when covering the issue. Despite frequent criticism for “not following AP guidelines” we place the word “gay” in quotes because we still subscribe to the traditional meaning of the word which means a sense of euphoria. We also do not refer to new regulations allowing homosexuals to serve in the military as a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

If that were accurate then the military would have returned to the regulations before that policy was implemented by Bill Clinton, meaning recruiters would have again asked potential recruits if they were homosexuals. We use the more accurate term of “repealing the Revolutionary War ban on homosexuals serving.”

We do not use the term pro-choice we call them abortion advocates, and are not afraid to remind readers that Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist

We have also written stories on the trials faced by Christians around the world including Iraq and Afghanistan and other attacks on Christians from the government and groups such as the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Many people in our community and around the country have told us they appreciate us for providing an alternative to the traditional liberal spin put out by the rest of the media on the issues. We want to say we are endlessly grateful for all of those who read us and trust us for their news.

However, what you may not realize is that is not easy being one of the lone voices fighting against political correctness , taking on the media elite, bucking the tide of conventional wisdom and constantly challenging tyranny, lies and injustice.

My point is this: If you believe, as Thomas Jefferson did, that “the only security of all is in a free press,” and if you want to see major growth in the Greeley Gazette’s kind of courageous, watchdog reporting – rather than the submissive, lapdog approach coming from what Rush Limbaugh calls today’s “state-run media” – I’m asking you to consider becoming a Greeley Gazette “subscriber.”

Our website is free and unlike the other newspaper in town, the Greeley Tribune; we have no intention of charging for reading our stories. However, here is what I am getting at.

Traditionally, newspapers have relied on advertising and reader subscriptions for financial support. But in the Internet age, we find we can deliver the news to far more people including those overseas by keeping the service free. Does that mean we have to lose the needed subscription revenue? Not necessarily.

It’s a time-honored tradition in the newspaper business that free newspapers ask for voluntary subscriptions. As a rule, satisfied readers who depend on a free publication for their news don’t mind paying a little bit for it.

This is why voluntary subscription donations have been the lifeblood of many “free” newspapers over the years – it’s the honor system, you might say.

If you’d consider supporting the Greeley Gazette with your “voluntary subscription,” here are a couple of easy options:

Click on the donate button and choose the amount you would like to donate for a one-time voluntary subscription payment to the Greeley Gazette.

As another alternative, you can send a check to Greeley Gazette, P.O. Box 6, Greeley, CO 80634. (Be sure to mark your check “voluntary subscription payment”

You can also help us be letting your friends and acquaintances know about our site.

Thank you very much. All of us here at the Greeley Gazette deeply appreciate your support. It’s truly what makes it possible for us to keep going. I think you’ll agree that with what is going on in America today, we need a vibrant free press more than ever.



Jack Minor

Senior Editor

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Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

by Jack Minor –

Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals.

Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits. “Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.

B4U-Act  calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”

In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from  childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. The Matthew Shephard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act lists “sexual orientation” as a protected class; however, it does not define the term.

Republicans attempted to add an amendment specifying that “pedophilia is not covered as an orientation;” however, the amendment was defeated by Democrats. Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fl) stated that all alternative sexual lifestyles should be protected under the law. “This bill addresses our resolve to end violence based on prejudice and to guarantee that all Americans, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability or all of these ‘philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’ that were put forward need not live in fear because of who they are. I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this rule.”

The White House praised the bill saying, “At root, this isn’t just about our laws; this is about who we are as a people. This is about whether we value one another  — whether we embrace our differences rather than allowing them to become a source of animus.”

Earlier this year two psychologists in Canada declared that pedophilia is a sexual orientation just like homosexuality or heterosexuality.

Van Gijseghem, psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal, told members of Parliament, “Pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offense from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality.”

He went on to say, “True pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation. You cannot change this person’s sexual orientation. He may, however, remain abstinent.”

When asked if he should be comparing pedophiles to homosexuals, Van Gijseghem replied, “If, for instance, you were living in a society where heterosexuality is proscribed or prohibited and you were told that you had to get therapy to change your sexual orientation, you would probably say that that is slightly crazy. In other words, you would not accept that at all. I use this analogy to say that, yes indeed, pedophiles do not change their sexual orientation.”

Dr. Quinsey, professor emeritus of psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, agreed with Van Gijseghem. Quinsey said pedophiles’ sexual interests prefer children and, “There is no evidence that this sort of preference can be changed through treatment or through anything else.”

In July, 2010 Harvard health Publications said, “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation and unlikely to change. Treatment aims to enable someone to resist acting on his sexual urges.”

Linda Harvey, of Mission America, said the push for pedophiles to have equal rights will become more and more common as LGBT groups continue to assert themselves. “It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages; to convince them that normal friendship is actually a sexual attraction.”

Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, stated that child pornography could be beneficial to society because, “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”

Diamond is a distinguished lecturer for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The IASHS openly advocated for the repeal of the Revolutionary war ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

The IASHS lists, on its website, a list of “basic sexual rights” that includes “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.” Another right is to, “be free of persecution, condemnation, discrimination, or societal intervention in private sexual behavior” and “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.” The organization also says that no one should be “disadvantaged because of  age.”

Sex offender laws protecting children have been challenged in several states including California, Georgia and Iowa. Sex offenders claim the laws prohibiting them from living near schools or parks are unfair because it penalizes them for life.

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The gun numbers don’t add up

Eric Holder once referred to himself as Obama’s wingman. Considering that Holder’s role as Attorney General is to head the Department of Justice, it is clear that if the head of the department charged with protecting justice is admittedly someone’s “wingman” it is unreasonable to expect justice to be applied equally.

Michael Mukasey was U.S. Attorney General until Obama took office and immediately appointed Eric Holder. During a July 2015 speech before a Hillsdale College cruise audience, Mukasey outlined some of the grizzly results of the Obama/Holder takeover of the Justice Department. Among those results is the grim forecast that once the current administration of appointed leftist lawyers is replaced with less agenda driven professionals, the Obama/Holder leftists will simply drop into civil service careers where they will be virtually impossible to expunge. As Mukasey explains, it will take a generation of effort to cleanse the leftist ideology driven people and practices from the justice department – if it can ever be done.

One of the transformations implemented by the justice department is the federal take-over of state and local law enforcement agencies. Through the back door of out of court settlements to “civil liberties” lawsuits brought against local police departments by the “citizen army” of the Obama/Holder administration, the federal government has quietly taken control of several major police departments. Rather than bankrupt local communities fighting accusations of civil rights violations against the federally funded army of DOJ lawyers, these federal attacks are settled when the communities agree to accept court appointed “monitors” to oversee local law enforcement and more. It is not by chance that any disturbance or conflict between police and citizens draws the immediate attention of Obama and his wingman.

However, the record of these unelected unaccountable monitors is a tribute to the expression; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If “hell” is a metaphor for a decline in lifestyle and increase in hardships, then the metaphor has been validated by Obama and Holder as they claim they are only trying to protect civil rights in these lawsuits and the subsequent settlements. In every single case since 2009 where Obama’s court appointed monitors have been overseeing local police departments, crime rates have risen. When police are looking over their own shoulders the results are predictable. Shootings, as well as every measure of quality-of-life crimes, are on the rise in New York where leftists’ good intentions are legislated to the extreme. Since Seattle’s police department was placed under the watchful eye of a highly touted monitor, Merrick Bobb, homicides are up 25%, car thefts are up 44%, aggravated assaults up 14% and on and on across the board. Closer to home here in northern Colorado, Denver is no exception to this pattern.

An exceptional case offered to the media as proof that Obama/Holder are looking out for everyone is the federal take-a-way of the local ballot control in Kinston, North Carolina. Kinston is a mostly black community which voted overwhelmingly to remove partisan identification of candidates for city offices. But the Obama/Holder DoJ stepped in under a questionable application of the Voting Rights Act and reversed the citizens’ decision. Obama’s citizen army argued that removing the party label might deprive the black voters of voting for black candidates – i.e., removing the label “Democrat” would handicap black voters. As Holder’s predecessor explained it, “ In other words, the Justice Department was arguing that the black voters of Kinston needed the paternalism of the Justice Department to protect them from themselves.”

Which brings us back to the questions of from whom do we need to be protected and why?

When the shooter in Oregon was killing without challenge in that well-intentioned gun free zone, one brave unarmed man charged him – successfully, if only momentarily – slowing the slaughter. Who can say for sure how many lives this one man saved by being willing to sacrifice himself. That question is of course ignored by those who would yield all their protection to the government appointed protectors. But the numbers of these government guards will be have to be increased to frightening levels if no one can be trusted to protect themselves and their neighbors.

To get an idea of the safety we will all be availed of if we turn all protection over to the likes of Obama and Hillary and any future pro-government leadership, we need to look no further than the biggest of these government protection agencies, the well-intended TSA.

The TSA loves to play the numbers game whenever a study points out the unacceptable level of failure of these federal security agents. Studies by even the government itself indicate that only about 10 to 15% of the illegal items are captured by the disgusting security measures of TSA agents. TSA spokespeople routinely argue that preventing those 10 or 15 potential weapons – like your partially drank bottle of $3.00 airport water – out of 100 maybe has stopped a bad guy. I would argue that the odds are much better that if there were a couple of bad guys trying to board a plane, one of them would be among the 85% who do get through with a TSA designated weapon.

But continuing the numbers game by the TSA’s own rules lets accept that one bad guy does get a weapon on board. Since we know nearly all weapons do get through lets accept that one good guy also gets through. Now we have the potential for a gun fight on the plane. When the shooting starts we should accept a body count of more than just the two or three shooters. Perhaps the number of killed and wounded resulting from the on board battle is as many as 10 or 15. But 10 or 15 victims is a whole lot less than as many as 200 souls on the plane and hundreds or more on the ground if the bad guy is not stopped. How many were saved on the ground by those few on flight 93 who engaged armed 9-11 terrorists?

The numbers are growing clearer everyday. The federal protection scheme is increasing our death count and declining our quality of life in every single instance. All federally mandated “monitors” should be removed from the backs of all local police departments immediately. The TSA should be the first federal public safety agency to be totally disbanded in its present form. Those who are waging war on the second amendment must be totally defeated if the United States is going to recover from these past few decades of socialism policies. We must eliminate criminal safe zones and realize the response time of armed officials is unacceptable when the shooting starts in one of these ‘safe zones.’

The words ‘terrorist, Islamic extremists, and war on terrorism’ must be reintroduced into the lexicon of the armed forces and other international agencies of the U.S. if we are going to have any chance of restoring the freedoms and liberties we have lost since the great victory by the soldiers of Islam who attack us on 9-11. There is no denying it, they won that battle and we have multiplied their success over freedom and liberty with every subsequent expansion by the ‘good intentions’ of our own government in the name of homeland security.

Craig Masters

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H.R.86 a real Safe Student Act

It only takes a few fingers to count the number of times a really bad federal laws that chip away at freedom have been repealed. One example currently relative to news headlines is a bill introduced in January 2015 by Kentucky representative Thomas Massie. Representative Massie introduced H.R.86 on January 6, 2015. The bill was assigned the title of the “Safe Students Act.” None of Colorado’s representatives were listed as co-sponsors. The bill will probably die in committee just like a similar bill introduced by Ron Paul in 2011. The question is why.

The historical significance of the Safe Student Act is to correct the negative unintended consequences of the good intentions of the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990 originally introduced by none other than the laughable lovable leftist puppet, ‘uncle’ Joe Biden.

Teaching revisionist history to fit the leftist agenda is the topic of several callers to a radio talk show playing the background as I write this article. But rewriting the history of the entire world is a tough challenge for even the most persuasive professor. Until the leftists are successful at replacing all the books that report facts about how the world has achieved prosperity and peace instead of liberal opinions about how these goals should have been achieved, the facts will continue to haunt the ‘shooter safe’ halls of all of our schools.

From President Obama to to the lowest level of liberal educator, the outcry to disarm citizens is deafening. But the death tolls in an ever increasing number of gun free zones can not be hidden so easily as the left’s real agenda of total government control of everyone’s lives (except their own of course). Every single one of these liberals trying to blame gun ownership for the dead and wounded after every single mass shooting in recent years ignores the most common fact. Whether these shootings happen at an armed forces recruiting center, a theater or a school, they have one thing in common, they are already totally free of weapons. Schools especially have ZERO guns allowed by anyone not specifically authorized to be armed. There are even news stories about children being suspended for forming their hand or a sandwich into the shape of a gun.

Why do we allow government to de-facto kill our students by rewarding murderers with the extended time to kill more and more unarmed, innocent, law-abiding citizens while government agents such as police scurry to gather their protective armor and weapons and respond to the scene – to stop the bad shooter with a good shooter?

Ironic isn’t it that guns save lives at least as often, if not more often, than they take lives. If I hear one more politician refer to another mass shooting in a school or the Aurora theater or Ft. Hood as to why the government needs more control of citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms I think I may throw up! The idea that trained military men, adult students, women and their children are killed because they were denied the right and the opportunity to protect themselves in of these gun free school zones or that gun free theater that night is an inexcusable abuse by a government hell bent on clamping the lid on the coffins of freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

Craig Masters

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The Questions No One Ever Asks About Tax Increases

By Jack Minor—


The Greeley City Council is pushing new tax increases that they say are necessary to pay for roads, but there are some questions I would like everyone who supports tax increases to answer for me.


Residents are being asked to vote on a pair of amendments, 2A and 2B. Back in 1990 residents voted to place a tax on groceries to maintain roads and parks. Since the tax sunsets every five years, the city is asking residents to reauthorize the tax. In addition, they are being asked to raise sales and use taxes on all other purchases by 0.65%.


In a recent op-ed for the Tribune the city council made an alarmist claim that the tax increases are necessary because the city cannot keep up with the required maintenance, blaming it on the population increase of the past few years. Officials claim that with the population now exceeding 100,000 these new residents “expect a high level of services from their city.”


While I will be the first to admit that I hate potholes and like nice roads as much as the next guy there are a few questions I would like answered before I can be persuaded to agree to allowing you to take more money out of my pocket.


The Gazette reported in 2012 that food stamp recipients are exempt from the food tax. At the time of the article Evans told the Gazette that in 2011 it lost $154,731 in sales tax revenue due to food stamp usage. Greeley had no idea how much it lost as they did not itemize food stamp sales.


The question I have is, why should I approve a tax to help pay for roads that everyone drives but only applies to some of us who while others pay nothing, despite buying the exact same grocery items?


If you want me to agree to let you take my hard earned money to do my part to ensure good roads then it seems fair that everyone should be subject to the same tax. Any type of exemption is not fair. If you buy food and drive on Greeley streets than you should have to pay your fair share just like anyone else.


The next question I have is why are the increases even necessary. The city claims that “with the city’s growth, the maintenance needs have outpaced the resources to such a high degree that cutting other services in the budget would mean breaking the commitment to provide those services. They told us that Greeley residents deserve the high quality of service they now receive AND they also deserve good roads.”


While that may sound reasonable, those of us who have lived here most of our lives have memories, which is problematic for elected officials who want us to think this is a new problem that seems to have caught them off guard.


During the housing boom back in the 1990s city residents sounded the alarm over the increased growth Weld County and Greeley was experiencing, fearing just the very thing the city council is now claiming is happening. Back then, those of us who expressed concerns that the city could not keep up with the new residents were told by pro-growth officials and others that we were just being alarmist. They told us we didn’t need to worry because the fees on new housing construction was structured so that “growth would pay for itself.” This is why tap fees and other utility connection fees went through the roof back then.


Yet now we are being told that growth isn’t paying for itself at all. Why? Where did all this money that we were told the increased fees were supposed to take care of go? Does this mean you misled us all those years ago?


Lastly, this is the most important question that demands an answer for every tax increase regardless of what it is for. At what point have you taken enough of my money?


Regarding 2A, the city says it is miniscule, only amounting to 65 cents on a $100 purchase, but if we pass it suddenly the roads will become smooth and a pleasure to drive on. Greeley roads will now be a thing of beauty.


Whenever people come to us with a tax, whether it be for libraries, schools, roads or anything else they always couch it in similar language “it is only …., which is almost nothing.” The problem is all of those small increases by themselves are not much of a burden but when put together they come to a fairly sizeable amount. Let’s not forget the money we pay on gasoline, road taxes when we register vehicles, sales tax for various amounts and other “fees.” When all is said in done it is no small amount.


Years ago, an old friend of mine lived out in Barnesville. Residents wanted to pass a property tax increase for the school district. As usual it was touted as only costing the average homeowner a few dollars a year. A few days prior to the election he received a phone call from a young lady who supported the increase. She asked him if he supported helping the schools get more money for textbooks and other items. He said he did, so she then said, “Then can I assume you will vote for the property tax increase,” thinking she had an easy “yes” vote.


To her shock, he said under no circumstances would he vote for the tax increase. Stunned she asked why not, considering he just said he supported the schools getting more money. His answer was profound.


He said, “Young lady, I have no problem giving my own money to help with children’s education, which is what you asked me. However, I have no right to possibly make some of my neighbors homeless. I have no idea what their financial situation is. For me, $100 might not be a lot, but for someone else that could be the amount that puts them over the fiscal cliff. I have no right to do that.”


If the city wants this tax increase, I would like them to tell me which area they are prepared to cut my taxes by an equal amount? At what point do we say the percentage of each dollar I earn that goes to various taxes and fees here and there is enough and you can’t have any more?


I notice in the blue book ballot guides they never answer this question. They claim to want people informed but without this information how can they make a truly informed decision.


Until these concerns are addressed, I have no intention of voting for any tax increase, regardless of how bad the roads are.

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2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB by Stu Wright


Indian conglomerate Tata Motors purchased iconic British automaker Jaguar Land Rover in 2008, obtaining a luxury line of cars and utility vehicles – the Land Rover brand having been around since 1947.  Land Rover started selling a bigger Range Rover SUV in 1970, and since 2013, the model has been available in its biggest version to date.  A Fuji white 2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB (long wheelbase) was the subject of a recent test that I conducted, and it was the largest foreign non-pickup unit ever loaned to me for review.

American manufacturers produce SUV’s of this size, of course, but not with as many amenities, at such a price, or with as much power.  Power which for my test Range Rover LWB came in the form of a 5.0 liter, 510 horsepower, 32-valve, supercharged V-8, permanent four-wheel drive, two-speed transfer case, and an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. With such of a power train, acceleration from zero to 60 is reportedly 5.5 seconds, blazing for a 5,320 lb. aluminum-intensive behemoth.  The Range Rover is fast, and its ride, handling, guidance and visibility all go hand in hand with its drive train prowess.  Plus it can wade through 35.4” of water.

With regards to the amenities, they are in abundance in the Range Rover that I drove, and included four-zone climate control, front massage seats, rear climate seats, beverage cooler, surround cameras, 360 degree parking control, 825-watt Meridian premium stereo, and panoramic moonroof that is controllable from the rear seats.  Also, HDD navigation, adaptive cruise control, terrain response system with five settings, rear cabin power blinds, and 21” aluminum alloy wheels were on hand.

People like this journalist are not often spotted in the driver’s seat, or back seat for that matter, of a vehicle such as the Range Rover.  It’s convention is often as a form of transportation for an entertainer or business owner.  In fact, Range Rover LWB sales are brisk in China, where owners enjoy riding in the back seat where all the room is.  This model represents nearly half of Sino-sales, whereas in America only 25% of Range Rover buyers opt for the 7.9” longer version.  All but a half inch of that additional exterior dimension benefits the legs of the passengers in the rear, and a lengthened back door that needs careful handling is often taken care by someone outside of the vehicle – the driver.

My rating of the Range Rover in question would be “par excellence”, in the areas of driving experience, off-road capability (reportedly), comfort, and styling.  It’s expensive, at $118,000.00, but shoppers in this category have no problem at this price point, and the brand has a loyal following.



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The real story of the home made clock

I bought my first computer from Radio Shack in the 1970’s. In those early years if we wanted answers from our computers we first had to teach them to accept our input of data, teach them what to do with that data and teach them how to output answers. If we did those steps just right we always got the answers we wanted.

When it came to teaching those young computers, the first rule we learned was Garbage in – Garbage out.

Consider the background of this week’s event at MacArthur High School in not so far away Irving,Texas.

Why was it that when that 14-year-old Texas freshman proudly brought his home made clock to school to show his engineering teacher, the teacher told him it was cool but he told him not to show it to anyone else?

Why was it that after the English teacher couldn’t understand what the device was and called the principal that the principal of that high school couldn’t understand the device and – instead of checking with the student’s engineering teacher – he followed his programming and called the police and suspended the boy from school?

Garbage in – Garbage out. Applies as much to education of teachers as it does to the students and computers. Our students are now facing a second or third generation of teachers who are only able to bring to their classrooms what their teachers programmed in them. Education degrees have become the propaganda tool of the left and quality course content is being replaced by scripted instructions.

But there are those teachers who do inspire youngsters to build a better clock. But not every student has access to them.

America’s schools, once among the world’s best, are now on the verge of dropping out of the top 30 systems in the world. Yet we spend as much or more than any of those 30 or so countries doing so much better that America. New York and Washington D.C. are wonderful examples of how more money is practically synonymous with poorer education.

I believe it was a New York teachers’ union leader who once said he would be glad to advocate for students as soon as they pay union dues.

As we move even closer to a total federal government takeover of all education and the permanent dumbing down of opportunities for youth we perhaps should be reminding our neighbors of the words of Time magazine’s 1938 “man of the year.” Look it up for yourself. Hitler knew if he could teach the youth what he wanted, his ideas would own the future!

What are we getting by reading federal scripts in our classrooms? Is absolutely equal delivery of instructional material going to be a better educational system? We need to take a look at why the people who spent hundreds of millions programming a web site that doesn’t work could possibly be expected to do a better job of programming young minds. We need to ask how the people who didn’t have enough sense to teach their experts to check the other side of a dirt dam before blowing it up and releasing millions of gallons of polluted water could be expected to teach our children about science. The federal mandate Common Core level learning system is flowing into our schools as fast as the national debt is rising. But surely government economists can teach our youth about business and finance. And to insure total control, the Common Core lessons are being forced onto every avenue to a high school diploma.

MacArthur High brags it is one of America’s best schools. It displays an award from U.S.News and World Report to prove it is one of the best. The Irving Independent School District proudly claims to promote STEM (science technology engineering and math) programs. But it seems obvious those skills are limited only to lower level schools.

Dig deep and find out why that Texas principal was programmed so poorly that his first response was not to have someone on the staff explain what the student had built but rather suspend him for 3 days as programmed and call the police. Did he expect the police to recognize the clock or have the sense to ask one of the teachers for an opinion? Like the English teacher and the principal, the police did exactly what they were programmed to do; arrest the student and haul him off to juvenile detention.

The letter the principal posted on line is a pathetic attempt to excuse the inexcusable. How disgraceful. But soon maybe one of our local schools can win a “Best Of” award too.

It really is true: garbage in – garbage out.

Craig  Masters

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Fritzler Corn Maze continues tradition of old-fashioned, American values with Wildlife Sanctuary theme

IMG_1852by Jack Minor


At a time when many Americans seem concerned and anxious as they see great American traditions, beliefs and values come under assault on an almost daily basis, they can take comfort that at the Fritzler Family Farms and corn maze these values are as cherished as ever.

This year’s theme is a tiger named Kamal, one of over 67 tigers currently residing at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg. The sanctuary contains over 400 tigers, bears, wolves, bears, lions and other large carnivores that have been rescued from various situations where they were raised in captivity, often in horrific conditions including living in small quarters as “pets.” The animals now live on 720 acres where they are permitted to roam freely with others of their own kind.

Glen Fritzler, who with his wife Pam and the rest of his family have sponsored the Fritzler Corn Maze since 2000, have used a variety of maze designs over the years. Some of the designs and themes included the Wizard of Oz, Denver Broncos themes, tributes to the military and first responders as well as everyday Americans.

While the mazes cover a diverse group of themes one central underlying element is that each year the maze also represents traditional American values of patriotism, sports, hard work, and other themes that are distinctly American. If one loves America, they will find a welcome reception at Fritzler Family Farms.

The Fritzler Maze, located at 20861 County Road 33 in LaSalle Colorado has many of the same attractions such as the u-pick pumpkin patch, live pig races, paintball buses, pillow jumps, pedal go-carts, and pumpkin cannons. Of course, in addition to the maze, after dark there is always Scream Acres, an outdoor prop filled haunted house that comes to life…or death with its Zombie themed line-up. And let’s not forget about the Zombie Slayer Paintball Bus.

America has always been a forward looking nation, including going back to President Thomas Jefferson when he made the Louisiana Purchase, which gave the United States the land that would include one day include northeaster Colorado and Weld County. The Fritzler’s keep this vision and tradition alive by always having new attractions each year. This time around they have Escape from Al-corn-traz, which features a pair of cutting edge escape rooms. Inside, participants have an opportunity to solve clues and puzzles in order to find a way to escape the rooms within an allotted time frame.

While some may ask what does a tiger have to do with American values, our nation has long had a love affair with animals. In years gone by, many remember the adventures of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, or even Sgt. Preston and his wonder dog King. Of course, who can forget other memorable animal stars such as Trigger, Silver, and Gene Autry’s horse Champion. Then of course, there is Clarence, the cross-eyed lion.

As a nation founded on Christian values, it is no surprise to find this same concern in the pages of scripture. In the Garden of Eden, the bible records how God brought all the animals to Adam “to see what he would call them.” In addition, the book of Proverbs states “a righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.” Those raised on farms have a special relationship with animals, whether it be livestock, service animals or pets.

This unique relationship America has with pets and other animals has been noted by Eric Wowoh, a Liberian refugee who as a young boy survived the nation’s civil war in the 1990s. After hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Wowoh eventually resettled to America as part of the refugee program. Eric, the founder of Change Action Network, a non-profit to help build schools and provide other assistance to those in Liberia loves America and says he believes we are the greatest country on earth, and that America was created by God to be a light to the world.

In his upcoming book, “Saving America’s Stepchild,” Wowoh noted one of the indicators of how blessed America is can be found in how they treat animals, compared to the rest of the world.

“In the entire human history of our world, I believe there has never, ever been a nation as rich and prosperous as the American people. America is definitely the beacon of hope for the world,” Wowoh said.”

He went on to say that one of the things that inspired him after the horrors he experienced was that “every living creature in America has hope, including pets. In the entire human history of our world, I believe there has never, ever been a nation as rich and prosperous as the American people. America is definitely the beacon of hope for the world!”

“The birds of the air are being fed every year and American pets have their own hospitals, supermarkets, adoption programs, special bakeries and even a government protection agency to keep them safe from cruelty. You can appreciate the fact this was a shocking experience for me after arriving from a refugee camp where we spent years with little or no food to eat, let alone being able to have the amenity of a pet.”

The Fritzler Maze will open this Saturday, September 19 through October 31. The opening hours are   11am – 5pm Saturday and noon- 5pm on Sunday.  Starting September 25th, hours are Saturdays 11am – 10pm, Sundays noon- 5pm, and Fridays 5pm – 10pm, closed Monday through Thursday.  Beginning October 14th, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm – 9pm, Fridays 5pm-10pm, Saturdays 11am – 10pm and Sundays noon- 5pm, closed Monday and Tuesday.  The haunted attractions and Scream Acres open Friday September 25th at dusk.  Haunting takes place every day the maze is open except Sundays.  Daytime tickets are $10 for ages 3 to 10 or $13 for 11 and over for a combo ticket that includes the maze and the courtyard activities make it a Super Combo for $18 – $20 and you can include the paintball adventure!  Haunted tickets are $20 for all ages and $35 with the Zombie Paintball Slayer.  There is no charge for parking and individual courtyard activities can be purchased for as little as $1.00 each.


For more information about the Wild Animal Sanctuary visit

For more information about the maze visit

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President Clinton: “She is not a crook?”

First let me make this “public service announcement.” The online company review site “yelp” only post negative reviews for free – darn if they don’t try to extort a “fee” from businesses if a positive review happens to be available. I couldn’t believe that until I checked with a favorite local business and was assured this was true. Consider this “fee” policy when on this site.

Don’t you wish you could live above the Law too?

Judicial Watch has released details from newly obtained documents forced out of the grasp of the Obama Department of State through yet another in the never ending series of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. ( Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1: 15-cv-00687))

These fresh documents reveal terribly disturbing gaps in the emails Hillary Clinton chose to return to the State Department last year. What makes these gaps most critical are the dates. The gaps parallel critical dates in Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

For reference: She was appointed and began duty as Secretary January 21, 2009

The first gap period of received messages ran: Jan 21 to March 17, 2009

The first gap period of sent messages ran: Jan 21 to April 12, 2009

For reference: Her appointment at State was terminated February 1, 2013

A gap in the sent messages runs : December 30, 2012 to February 1, 2013

These newly acquired documents also show that Hillary’s lawyers turned over to the State Department a chart of details which contains the non-government email address of staffer Cheryl Mills who “evidently” used this unsecured email address to conduct government business involving Hillary Clinton. By rule these records belong to the government and can not be taken from the government without authorization of the records officer after review.

There is additional evidence that Clinton most assuredly committed perjury when she declared under penalty of perjury that she had directed all her emails (in her custody) involving, or even potentially involving, federal business to be provided to the Dept of State. We know of course from news last month that she was trying to outwit the court and avoid perjury charges by including the words “in my custody” since we learned that she was using a server in Colorado and thereby could claim the emails on that remote location server were “not in her custody.”

State Department rules do not allow a departing employee to remove any emails, personal or otherwise, from the government until the State Dept. records officer approves the removal. From early on in this scandal Clinton claimed she was “the official” allowed to decide which emails she could remove. She was not, and additional records reveal she was aware that she was not the “records officer” designated to make those determinations.

To summarize, this latest release of State Department records ordered by the court provide stand alone evidence of several laws being broken by Clinton and others in her staff at the State Department. These crimes include the felony crime of perjury as well as a host of violations of State Department rules for which she should be declared ineligible for government service by the government’s own standards for employment rules and regulations.

Why is she still a candidate for the one office which would allow her to literally erase this entire episode? With apologies to Richard Nixon, “She is not a crook!”

Other Judicial Watch law suits have forced the Obama Department of Justice to release records that document the release from custody 165,900 convicted criminal aliens nationwide. The Justice Department forced local and state officials to release aliens convicted of murders, sexual assualt, kidnapping, and aggravated assualt, and more. Many of those persons Obama ordered released were convicted multiple times of violent crimes, such was the case of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the illegal alien who was seen murdering Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

Don’t you wish you could live above the law too?

Craig Masters

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Civil War Encampment to be held at Centennial Village

GREELEY, CO—  Centennial Village, 1475 A St., is hosting a Civil War Living History event on Saturday, Sept. 19 and Sunday, Sept. 20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Museum visitors will observe the same daily offerings typical to the museum, but will also witness a day in the life of a Civil War soldier.

Costumed reenactors will have their tents set up on the southeastern corner of the facility and are living that weekend as they would have during the Civil War—many using historic wares true to the time period. Visitors are encouraged to visit and interact with soldiers in the encampment.

Admission to the museum is $18 for a family of five. For more information about Centennial Village, visit

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Rule by Court order

Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg recently wrote,

Our nation’s founders knew this balance of power was absolutely essential to restrain the perpetual tendency of government to become the despotic ruler of the people. It is critical that we defend the proper jurisdictional authority of all levels and all branches of government, and resist when they step out of their jurisdictional limits.”

The senator was addressing recent court actions which have taken legislative authority away from not only the people but also their representatives in congress.

The “balance of power” the senator was referring to is the Constitutional principle of balancing power between all branches of government – often described as co-equal branches of government or separation of powers. But over the decades, as professional politicians have confused the language, laws became too complicated for ordinary people to interpret the meaning or even the intent. Courts were trusted to interpret for us. But professional politicians have been able to stock the courts with judges who use a dictionary of political ideology terms for interpretation. The result is that the people have allowed their traditional respect for law to become a tool for courts to become more and more autocratic. (By the way of example, the word autocratic is a gentle sounding word for dictatorial or despotic.)

Over the past sixty years professional politicians have grown more dependent on politically appointed judges to – as Senator Lundberg described it – govern by “rule of the court” in place of the “rule of law.”

Dr. Annette Bosworth, a former conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in South Dakota probably had no idea just how ruthless the revenge would be to her when she announced her candidacy with the statement:

A career politician is someone who’s learned how to use their role in government to make money: a LOT of money.

Bosworth was disqualified from running after being “convicted” of the felony of purgery for signing her name as a witness to some petition papers she “technically” should not have signed. She didn’t lie to congress and no national security was at risk, but she did intend to expose

“corrupt career politicians… … (who) aren’t beholden to the citizens or the Constitution. They are hooked on the money. … … We are losing our country while career politicians get rich.”

Senator Lundberg’s letter continued in detail to address the case of the county clerk in Kentucky who was jailed by federal judge order for following Kentucky state law instead of an “opinion” of the highly political judges of the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a very clear case of the political opinion of judges being accepted as “law.” But this is not true. Judges were never given the power to write law. This power was reserved for the people and their representatives in congress. In Kentucky as well as some 33 other states, the people, by an overwhelming majority, wrote a law defining “marriage.” With no higher law yet to be passed, the clerk could have been punished for issuing illegal marriage licenses the law of the people of Kentucky clearly defines. Instead, she was jailed by federal agents with weapons following a dictate of some judges. The charge was contempt of court. This is the “law” judges use to force people to obey them or simply show them respect. What Davis was really guilty of was not surrendering her lawful authority to unelected judges.

Senator Lundberg’s letter continues:

The Supreme Court … … ignored the jurisdiction of their authority, ignored the First and Tenth Amendments, ignored and then trashed parts of 34 state constitutions, and twisted the Fourteenth Amendment out of recognition. Their decision did not create any law which they actually (don’t) have the constitutional authority to create or enforce. I am aware that they have been doing this for a long time, but their bad habits will never make it constitutionally right.

If the courts continue to do the bidding of the politicians, and the most powerful politician is the President, the logical progression of the rule of law being replaced by the rule of courts is the further expansion of the same system of government the colonists originally refused to continue to accept as just – a dictatorial monarchy.

So the question becomes this: When the people begin to revolt against judicial despotism, will “law enforcement officers” follow the orders of the judges or the laws of the people? If the Kim Davis case is any indication, the bloodshed we will experience is going to be something the founding fathers anticipated and accounted for in the Second Amendment.

Craig Masters

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Washington has reason to Celebrate 9-11

After logging on to post a new article, my attention was drawn to the television news. The picture was of a large, rather formal, formation of people standing in two very divided groups behind Barack and Michelle Obama. The news voice explained the picture was of the “celebration” on the White House lawn.

I thought I was going to to be sick! But then the reality of the news person’s words rang true. If any two people in the United States would have reason to “celebrate” the great victory of the Islamic state in their attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001, it would certainly be the Obamas and the Washington political class.

“Celebration” is certainly the right word to describe this event on the White House lawn. A man who was able to capitalize on the greed for power and money by a congress already emboldened by years of rapidly expanding central government and a woman who dedicated her life to organize groups dedicated to protesting and weakening the U.S. armed forces. A man who has successfully transformed America to a nation where the political class are not subject to the same laws as the people who pay the costs. A woman who gladly admitted she was never proud of America until she and her husband were chosen to lead the total transformation.

Obama would never have been successful without the help of those in positions of political power who put their interests above the rule of law and the Constitution.

These people certainly have something to celebrate. They have successfully destroyed the Constitution. They have erased the concept of representative government, they have transferred all responsibility of governing to the president. Obama has even been successful at ignoring the rulings of the Supreme Court when it suited his agenda of expanding socialism and erasing freedoms.

It is true that the battle on 9-11 was fought by only a few warriors under the battle cry of Islam. But it grew from a small victory in a few isolated locations to become a major victory over the United States as well as the rest of the free world. Freedom, as Americans had known it, was killed that day along with those thousands of Americans.

Yes, that news reader was right, Obama and the political class behind him there on the lawn of the “people’s house” certainly have reason to celebrate.

Craig Masters

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Cutting trees for public health and safety.

A bear bones commentary on life in the wild.

Byline: S.T. Bear

Why did the Evergreen man who shot two bear cubs to death recently live in Evergreen in the first place? Why shouldn’t he have been restricted to living in a building in downtown Denver? Some would argue he should never have been living in a forest setting neighborhood like Evergreen in the first place. Others would argue he certainly had the right to “protect his dog” and kill the cubs. But others counter, why didn’t he have control of his dog? Why wasn’t the dog on a leash? These are all good points. But they really don’t address the root of the problem: trees.

This is the United States dag namit! People should have the right to be as stupid as they want to be. If a city slicker can afford those toll lane commutes then he has the right to move far away from the maddening crowds. He pays a lot of taxes to live away from the city. The bears should not be allowed to invade his space and endanger him or his dog or whoever he wants to invite out from the city for a visit.

Bears have been sighted in several urban locations recently. Schools have had to be placed on lock down. People have to be safe. Killing all the bears – like we did those terrible bison when they got in the way of the railroads – seems unlikely. A plan like that would cost a lot more than it would reap.

But there is a better plan. A plan that would actually be profitable and create safe zones around all the neighborhoods and homes where people who want to live far away from the crowded cities can live without the fear of bear cubs impacting their remote home sites. We have to harvest all the trees. We have to clear away all of the potential habitat of the bears. No trees – no bears. We can use the wood for all kinds of purposes from more paper for recording more covenants and by-laws, to homes and lawn furniture which would no longer be at risk of being damaged by invading bears.

Everybody would be safer. Domestic animals would be safer. There would be no forest fires threatening homes. The cost of eradicating beetles would be eliminated. Stress would be reduced so healthcare costs would be reduced – stress increases belly fat, belly fat causes health problems… To save the bears, and be safer and healthier, we need to cut the trees; all of them.

Craig Masters

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Judge jails Christian clerk for exercising religious freedom

A federal court judge who previously has sided with arguments for partial birth abortion and homosexual clubs in public schools on Thursday ordered a county clerk from Kentucky who refused to violate her faith and issue “same-sex marriage” licenses to go to jail.

The ruling came from Judge David Bunning, who said fines were not enough punishment for the Christian, Kim Davis.

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which has been representing her, said, “Everyone is stunned at this development. Kim Davis is being treated as a criminal because she cannot violate her conscience. While she may be behind bars for now, Kim Davis is a free woman. Her conscience remains unshackled.”

He continued, “Kim Davis is a woman of strong faith. She never sought to be in this position. She would rather not be in this predicament. But here she is. All she asks is to be true to God and her conscience. And the tragedy is that there are simple ways to accommodate her convictions. Just remove her name from the marriage licenses. That’s all she has asked from the beginning. Today’s events will escalate this debate to a new level. This is not the kind of America the Founders envisioned or that most Americans want.”

The judge also told deputy clerks, according to, they would start issuing those licenses immediately or join Davis in jail.

Read more:


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Senator Bennett challenged to Debate

Northern Colorado has only a small population of Jews. And they have almost no media access on a regular basis. We have a much larger population of Muslims, and they are more often represented in the media pages than the Jews. Somewhere in between is a population almost completely kept silent and blanked out of the media pages here. These are the veterans and families of veterans who have experienced first hand the war Islam and Iran have financed for Islamic soldiers fighting against America and the very idea of freedom. They fight under the banners, “Death to America,” “Pigs in a Blanket,” and others.

As of this day. Colorado’s senator, Bennett, a loyal supporter of Barack Obama, has not publicly admitted how he will vote on the agreement to further increase America’s devastating trillions of dollars of debt by borrowing billions more and giving that money to Iran for nuclear proliferation.

I have little doubt that Bennett will continue to support the Obama agenda to transform the United States away from a nation governed by the Constitution into a nation divided whose population is forced to either follow Sheria or be enslaved to those who do. Is there really any other way to understand the ACTIONS of Obama and Bennett and the others in the adminstration?

Maybe there is something I don’t understand. But as usual there is a lot of difference between the text (which becomes the law to be selectively enforced) and the “truth” as reported in the Obama Media.

I am therefore today challenging Senator Bennett to debate the “Iran Agreement” on the pages of this newspaper.

The rules of this debate are very simple for everyone to understand. Senator Bennett can have all the help he wants. His staff, the President, the Ayatollah, some Isis leader – anyone he wants. And he can take a reasonable amount of time he and his collaborators need to prepare an answer for any question we publish. I will leave it to you the readers to decide how much time is reasonable. When you reach the end of your patience, demand an answer.

Each answer must be limited to 1500 words and each rebuttal will be limited to 500 words. I will do no editing so that readers will know exactly what the senator’s responces are. Quatations from the text of the “Agreement” used to directly support the position of the answer will not be counted against the word limit.

I and I alone will submit answers to the same questions as the senator. I have no staff and will not collaborate in composing my position statements. I will also be subject to the same word limits as the senator and his staff. However, I will commit to submit my positions and rebuttals within one week of each of the senator’s remarks.

Let us all now wait for Senator Bennett to come forward and agree to tell those who he claims he represents how or why he justifies his position – whatever that may be – on the “Agreement” between Obama and Iran.

Craig Masters

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Supremes show religious freedom assurance in “Gay” marriage ruling smoke and mirrors

by Jack Minor


When the United States Supreme Court issued its radical decision overturning millennia of beliefs regarding the nature of marriage, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion claimed that those who had religious objections and concerns over the ruling need not worry, because they still had constitutional protections under the First Amendment. However, yesterday the court revealed that Kennedy’s assurances were worthless.


Kennedy wrote:


“Many who deem same-sex marriage to be wrong reach that conclusion based on decent and honorable religious or philosophical premises, and neither they nor their beliefs are disparaged here. But when that sincere, personal opposition becomes enacted law and public policy, the necessary consequence is to put the imprimatur of the State itself on an exclusion that soon demeans or stigmatizes those whose own liberty is then denied. Under the Constitution, same-sex couples seek in marriage the same legal treatment as opposite-sex couples, and it would disparage their choices and diminish their personhood to deny them this right.”


He then went on to say that those who had religious convictions against same-sex marriage would be free to hold those beliefs.


“Finally, it must be emphasized that religions, and those who adhere to religious doctrines, may continue to advocate with utmost, sincere conviction that, by divine precepts, same-sex marriage should not be condoned. The First Amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper protection as they seek to teach the principles that are so fulfilling and so central to their lives and faiths, and to their own deep aspirations to continue the family structure they have long revered.”


At face value, his decision appears to be reasonable and accommodating of both sides of the issue. However, in just a little over two months, the court has indicated that it has no intention of honoring its claims of religious freedom.


In Kentucky, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis stated that based on her sincerely held Christian beliefs she could not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Not wanting to discriminate, Davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses, even to traditional opposite-sex couples.


However, “gay” activists said that she was discriminating against them and sued to force her to issue the licenses. When Davis reached out to the state to find some way of providing her a religious accommodation that would still allow the county to issue licenses, the “gay” community said that was not good enough and she had to issue the licenses herself.


On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear her case, letting a previous ruling stand that said she must issue the licenses. The following day, those on both sides waited to see what she would do. No doubt, “gays” were waiting with anticipation to see if she would back down. If Davis were to have done so then she would be open to criticism by these same activists with charges of hypocrisy for compromising her beliefs.

To her credit, Davis showed that her beliefs really are “sincerely held” by refusing to issue the licenses despite a crowd showing up to obtain marriage licenses.


Davis issued a statement affirming that she must remain true to what the bible teaches in this area.


“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience. It is not a light issue for me. It is a Heaven or Hell decision. I was elected by the people to serve as the County Clerk. I intend to continue to serve the people of Rowan County, but I cannot violate my conscience.”


Now, Davis and her staff have been ordered to appear before U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning where she could face contempt of court charges that result in financial penalties and jail time.


Davis has received death threats for exercising her First Amendment rights to freely exercise her religion. But it seems those who wish to punish her realize the optics of seeing a woman taken away in handcuffs for believing the Christian teaching on marriage might harm their case for tolerance. They are calling for the judge to impose financial penalties but no jail time. By doing so, they can punish Davis without it providing a visual image to illustrate their real feelings to those who disagree with them on this issue.

If the Supreme Court really meant what it said when it claimed that those with religious beliefs have their rights, they would have taken up this case in order to show that they are willing to stand for the First Amendment. That they did not do so shows that the official position of the court is now that Christians are second class citizens and must keep their beliefs to themselves.

What is amazing is the double standard being applied. Here in Colorado, Jack Phillips, a Christian cake maker was told he must make a cake supporting same-sex marriage, despite his religious objections due to sexual orientation being a protected class.


However, in the same civil rights statutes religion is also a protected class. When a Christian went to homosexual bakeries and asked them to make a cake with bible verses affirming marriage between a man and woman, they refused for the same reasons Phillips did.


Yet a judge ruled that while Phillips must make cakes that go against his beliefs, the homosexuals are perfectly within their rights to refuse to make the cake with bible verses because it goes against their beliefs about marriage.


Prior to the American Revolution, in Virginia Baptist preachers were arrested in their churches and homes and thrown in jail for not getting a license from the state to preach. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were so shocked to see these good and moral people thrown in jail for simply exercising their conscience that it inspired them to take up the cause of defending these preachers. This also caused them to so vehemently take up the cause of individual liberty.


Today, more of God’s people need to be as courageous as Davis, even if it means going to jail. By doing show, we are showing the world we truly mean that the bible is the inspired word of God. This in turn has the potential to have the same effect that happened in Virginia where those who previously supported the homosexuals will wake up and see that they are not really about tolerance, but forced advocacy.

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Republican Royals plot to limit voter choices

Although they said the right words, when republicans all across the country were elected or re-elected to stop Obama and rampant deterioration of freedom, liberty, and law and order, republican royalty simply spit on the voters’ ballots and funded even more socialist programs – including the unconstitutional activities of Obama and his Justice department.

It is painfully obvious that liberals have learned to label themselves “Republican” to get elected. The Republican party, once the party that represented conservative views about limited government and freedom, now has a professional class of leaders who put their own power interests above the ideals of what was once a great American political party.

If the royal republicans from a national PAC had not interfered with the Colorado gubernatorial primary we would most likely not be suffering through a second Hickenlooper term.

A state primary should be the opportunity for the people to have their choices without being censored or manipulated by the elitists and ‘royals’ of the party. But republican professionals are so worried about losing their power at state and national levels they are obsessed with destroying the campaign of Donald Trump. Two state organizations have already begun to create “rules” about who can participate in “their” state primaries in order to force Trump into playing by “their” rules.

The party ‘leaders’ in Virginia and North Carolina have reportedly said they are considering state-level party rules requiring any candidate who wants to be on “their” ballot to sign a pledge to at least not interfere with whoever wins their party nomination. What they really want to say and certainly what they mean is that if Donald Trump wants to be listed on the republican primary ballot in “their” states, he has to promise not to run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t become the republican nominee. This is a clear and clumsy effort by republican royalty to regain control of the voters without having to have their candidate choices honor their own campaign promises.

After the national republican PAC and its insiders spent big money to interfere in Colorado’s republican primary before the last gubernatorial election the republican party would have – by law – been downgraded to a marginal party status (under 10% of vote) and would have had to gain state-wide ballot access by petition. Of course the establishment in the legislature simply wrote a waiver and another law became another victim of elitist politicians.

Craig Masters

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Transforming continues

The government continues to say we are in an economic recovery. China has devalued its currency. Home foreclosures are up over last year. J Street, the hate group and anti-Jewish organization calling itself pro-Israel receives major funding from George Soros to advertise Obama’s nuclear (bomb) deal as good for Israel. By the way, the president of J Street’s college organization is a Muslim. Hillary Clinton is cooperating fully with the the law… … … (pardon me, my fingers protested after that last comment)

The EPA is going to clean up – well, pretty much everything. Climate change happens every single day, but don’t worry, Obama says the government can prevent it before it is too late to reverse its effects. I hope his plan doesn’t include shredding dollar bills and burning them for energy. Hillary wonders how wiping her server with one of those dust free cloths could have erased any emails.

A couple of women get into a fight in a Walmart and the town mayor blames Walmart? Meanwhile the kindergartner being encouraged to kick one of the women in the head is a straight A student: so says his brawling mother. Maybe the school needs more of the mayor’s attention than Walmart.

The IRS has been hacked. Millions and millions of refund dollars were given to thieves. Banks have been hacked. Stealing credit identities is a billion dollar industry these days. Government personnel records are available on hacker sites. Investors using hackers have been cheating the stock market for months. Oh, don’t worry, e-voting is safe.

Yet in all this darkness there is a spark of hope. Hillary’s campaign rally drew 300, Donald Trump’s drew 30,000!

About China devaluing its currency. That is a really big deal. You probably didn’t hear much about it on the liberal news channels. When combined with the treasonous act of “fast tracking” the Obama Pacific Sell Out Treaty ( that super secret trade agreement Cory Gardner voted to support then apologized when he realized how many jobs would be lost by Coloradans) this event could signal the beginning of the end for the US dollar as the world’s standard currency. I could explain some of the impacts it will have on each of us here in the U.S., but I would need several more column inches and even I would get bored trying to proof read it. So we will all have to watch together as America’s transformation continues.

Craig Masters

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I’ m from EPA and I’m here to help Colorado

In the footsteps of the great poitical satirists of our time, the next great comedian will undoubtedly bring audiences to their feet with applause for the use of the phrase,” EPA Expertise. ”

The reality is that IF an engineer or a scientist was really an expert in any field, they would be able to find a real job doing real work and earning their way through life without feeding at the public trough. Bureaucrats in the alphabet agencies have been told by politicians on the dole that they can go anywhere and tell everyone how to do anything – so long as the money keeps flowing.

Weld County oil men know all too well the famed expertise of the DOE. Does anyone out there think for one minute that anybody on the DOE payroll could drill an oil well with enough success to produce enough oil to be of any use to the public. Perhaps you would be interested in a coal mine I own near Key West. If there was one single oil well expert working inside one of the government’s bureaus/agencies, how is it that the feds did absolutely everything wrong (and illegal for the private sector) in their effort to prove “scientifically” that fracking caused water faucets to explode: ie the infamous faked video that inspired anti-fracking demonstrations across the country.

Now we are supposed to watch as EPA chief Gina McCarthy says the agency will use the full “expertise” of the same government agency whose “experts” didn’t have the sense to find out what was on the other side of an earthen dam before they blew it up with dynamite. But we shouldn’t worry, she says the agency will take full responsibility for the release of the millions of gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River. Who the hell else should take responsibility?

But get this: McCarthy also assured us the river was “restoring itself!” Well if it was the case that nature could restore itself after such an environmental disaster as this, why do we need the EPA in the first place?

There is one expert in our midst. It’s the guy who cleaned Hillary’s server – completely blanked that thing out! And as I feared in a recent piece, the FBI must not have gotten to the thumb drive before Hillary! There really are people who are beyond the reach of the law – when the law is no longer “for the people.”

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2015 Lexus ES-300e Hybrid Sedan by Stu Wright

20150615_153629On a recent long weekend I was able to test a new Lexus for a trip to Nebraska.Itwas the ES series hybrid model that has been available since early 2012.  The car was painted Atomic Silver and had black leather five-passenger seating.  Inside it was black perforated “Semi-Aniline” (a dying process) leather throughout, courtesy of the Ultra Luxury package that was included on this ES.   This added $2,435.00 to the base price of the Lexus ($40,430.00) and included power memory heated/air conditioned front buckets, ambient lighting, bamboo trim, power tilt/telescope steering column, rear sunshades, and driver’s seat power cushion extender.

Additionally, the car had a blind spot monitor ($500.00), lane departure alert with intelligent high-beam headlamps ($1,015.00), navigation package with 8″  screen ($1,795.00), power trunk closer ($400.00), intuitive parking assist ($500.00), rain-sensing wipers with de-icer ($155.00),  and heated leather trimmed/bamboo steering wheel ($450.00).  Thus the base price and freight of $925.00 pushed the total M.S.R.P. to $48,605.00.

My father and I bought a brand new 1965 Corsair Corsa for about $46,000.00 less than that figure in Grant, Nebraska fifty years ago.  I bring that up because my 50th class reunion in that town was the reason for the road trip in the Lexus.  I tooled around Grant in the ES300h, a sedan considerably more accomplished than the old Chevy was, and although the Lexus is more expensive, the Corvair was over $20,000.00 if adjusted for inflation.  The Lexus’ current price adjusted back to 1965 dollars comes to $6,500.00, and it may be that Bullock Chevy/Cadillac there in Grant sold a Caddy for about that amount.  I don’t really know, but I do know that Dad and I didn’t bother to look at such a car.20150615_153920

As a popular Lexus hybrid, the ES has an Atkinson-cycle, 2.5 liter, four cylinder gasoline engine at its heart, and two electric motor/generators to contribute power.  An Englishman named Atkinson obtained an American patent on the Atkinson-cycle engine over 120 years ago, but the design wasn’t favored until recently because its efficient fuel consumption aspect was more than offset by its lack of torque.  Well, electric motors provide instant torque, so in the hybrid automobile the Atkinson engine goes with an electric motor like love and marriage.  And in the ES300h, the total package provides 200 horsepower and runs that through a continuously-variable automatic transmission. Reportedly, top speed is 112 mph and zero to sixty acceleration takes 8.1 seconds.

Size-wise, this ES is a luxo-Camry with 111” wheelbase and a 16-foot overall length.  It’s heavier than a Camry, though, at 3,700 lbs. with its big battery.  That battery restricts the trunk to 12.1 cubic feet, and on this ES the lid powers up and down.  No restriction is evident in the back seat, however, with seating for three and a big armrest in the middle.  Riding anywhere in the ES300h is a pleasure, and I felt the ride was superb while motoring up through northeastern Colorado and into Perkins County, Nebraska.  Lexus ES300h styling is suitable for me and me and Ruth really liked the Atomic silver tone.  The front-end styling is fine and so is the rear with the exhaust tips concealed, hybrid-style.

EPA ratings for the ES300h are 40-city, 39-highway, and 40-combined miles per gallon – electric power allows drivers to save fuel in the city.  My average, driving around Greeley as well as the road trip to Nebraska, was 41.1 mpg.  It’s hard to say how much driving is necessary to make a hybrid Lexus pay off; there are other factors involved in the calculations.  With resale value and pride of ownership factored in, this hybrid Lexus looks like a pretty good deal to me.

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Greeley is Vulnerable

Will Greeley once again be the epicenter of terrorist activities? Those who read the Northern Colorado Gazette are aware of the history connecting Al Queda Islamic terrorism to Greeley and Weld County. Now northern Colorado faces a new threat. According to the FBI, law enforcement agencies in northern Colorado have been warned that “Arab” men are suspected of contacting family members of the American armed forces.

Why would “Arab” men be openly confronting the families of our service men and women? To intimidate them perhaps? Maybe they are simply compiling a database of where these people live or shop or work? Why is Weld County so vulnerable?

Under the sympathetic Obama administration, manuals and directives of our domestic security agencies have been rewritten to purge terms that identify terrorists as who or what they are. So it is that this most recent warning simply refers to these men now known to be intimidating and perhaps terrorizing our neighbors as possibly “Arab” looking. And even more intriguing is the fact that families contacted about these intimidating activities were instructed to keep the information secret. Why? Wouldn’t we all be safer if we were all looking out for our neighbors?

Emails of public record now connect Hillary Clinton to the weapons that were used in the attack and murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. Other emails she openly transmitted in violation of the law have been shown to contain the location of the ambassador as well as such critical strategic information as the approach patterns of French aircraft and no-fly zones over Libya. This information would certainly have made enemy force movement more easily undetected. Was Ambassador Stevens about to release information connecting Clinton and Obama to arms sales to forces who have now been shown to be enemies of the United States? Is that why he was killed? Is that why she has worked so hard to destroy emails illegally sent and received on open server systems?

Which brings up the final question today. Isn’t it just too much of a coincidence that Hillary suddenly shows up in Denver pretending to be campaigning at the same time the FBI has found that a Denver area company may have a thumb drive with many of the emails she thought she had destroyed?  Who got to that thumb drive first, the FBI or Clinton operatives?

Given representative Buck’s recent education into how one must be punished for not “going along to get along” in Washington politics, Weld County should probably brace ourselves for some serious federal bureaucratic attacks; including more legally admitted Muslims (a.k.a. “Arab” looking men) with federal benefit cards in hand and those very valuable “go-to-the-front-of-the-line” transportable section 8 housing passes.

Craig Masters

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2015 Buick Regal GS AWD Turbo Sedan by Stu Wright

SAM_3945The Buick Regal, a mid-sized sedan, has been offered off and on (mostly on) since 1973.  The model is situated in the middle of the Buick model lineup, below the LaCrosse and above the compact Verano.  It is a re-branded version of the European Opel Insignia.

Buick automobiles are in the middle, as well, of the General Motors lineup, above the mainstream Chevrolet and below the luxury Cadillac nameplate.  It is the oldest active American automobile marque, existing since 1908, as is the case with Weld County Garage in Greeley, CO.  Weld SAM_3951County Garage is the sole Buick franchised dealer in Colorado’s biggest county.  Nationally, Buick sold over 1,150,000 automobiles in 2014, an all-time record performance.

Perched atop Buick’s Regal sedan lineup is the GS (Gran Sport), the subject of my most recent test/review.  The one I was loaned was painted White Diamond Tricoat and featured an Ebony (black) leather five-passenger interior.  Its M.S.R.P. came in at $46,025.00, including $925.00 for freight charges.  The base price of $39,810.00 had as additions two driver confidence packages ($2,235.00), moon roof ($1,000.00), the upgraded paint ($995.00), 20″ alloy wheels ($700.00), and cargo tray/floor mat package ($360.00).  The equipment associated with the driver’s confidence were adaptive (radar) cruise control, auto-collision preparation system, following-distance sensor, forward collision alert, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, and blind spot warning with lane change alert.  That last item warns the driver of fast-approaching vehicles in the next lane that are up to 230 feet behind the Regal.SAM_3948

Safety aside, what made a week driving the Regal GS fun was the performance oomph that Buick has engineered into this car.  It, along with the Cadillac ATS/CTS and Corvette, provides GM with a large measure of hot rod cachet for car nuts like me.  Starting under the hood of the GS is a four-cylinder, 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with 259 horsepower (@ 5,300 rpm) and 295 ( !! ) lb. ft. of torque (@ 2,500 rpm).  A Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmits power to the Haldex all-wheel-drive system.  Zero to sixty acceleration is reportedly 6 to 7 seconds, depending on altitude.  Speaking of altitude, the twin-scroll turbocharger on the GS helps mitigate power loss associated with gasoline engines at high altitude, enabling the car to perform well in the Rockies.SAM_3950

GS underpinnings include HiPer strut front suspension and control-arm rear suspension exclusive to the AWD Regal.  The interactive Drive Control system allows the driver to select different drive modes – normal, Sport, and GS for maximum handling performance.  My favorite was the Sport mode, which firms up the dampers, sharpens steering and throttle response, and maximizes the shift programming.  All this fun and excitement does not serve to invite sounds into the driver’s (and passenger’s) environment, as I found road noise to be at a minimum.

The GS styling is different than that of the standard Regal, most notably up front where the front fascia incorporates prominent, vertical air intake slots.  The rear fascia features a pair of integrated, satin-metallic trapezoidal exhaust outlets and additionally, rocker panel extensions and a rear spoiler extension are also part of the package.  The five-forked, polished alloy 20″ wheels really set off the look of the GS, and they are surrounded by Pirelli 255/35R20 P Zero summer radial tires.

Overall length of the test car was 190.2″, the wheelbase was 107.8″, and the weight was 3,981 lbs., soaking wet.   And wet is was, because while testing the GS, our town received about 2″ of much-desired rain.  The trunk of this car held 14.2 cubic feet of cargo and rear legroom came in at 37.3″.  Fuel economy ratings for the hopped-up Buick were 19-city, 27-highway, and 22-combined miles per gallon.  My observation of mileage during the wet week was 21.5 mpg, and the tank can hold 18 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline.  That last item was a surprise to me at refueling time, as I expected a requirement of premium grade.

Henceforth, when friends and associates ask what my favorite tested vehicle is, this 2015 Buick Regal GS will be on the tip of my tongue.


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Who decides what’s in a Word

Why did Barack and Michelle Obama both surrender their law licenses?

Much like the saga of Hillary Clinton’s testimony and her refusal to “swear” to tell the truth to congress, it is confusing, it is disgusting, but most of all it is frightening to try to understand what happened to morality in America. I am referring to the acceptance of the practice of breaking down sentences into individual words in order to reconstitute the meaning of statements to confuse and distract. For example; a statement such as “no public record exist…” can be explained to say that some accusation is not true because there is no “public” record to prove the accusation. “Public” is the qualifier word that excuses the user from being brought to justice in a court of law. Sadly, “justice” no longer has much to do with outcome in today’s “public” courts. And what if the record is not allowed to be made public, such as in the secret courts created to deal with matters of homeland security in which even the judges are not permitted paper and pen for notes about anything taking place in these courts?

Some twenty years ago Florida lawmakers and banking regulators were faced with a growing trend of bank employees repeatedly stealing from banks where they worked. This is white-collar crime in which so-called revolving doors were allowing criminals to get away with enough money to fill a lot of buckets. Unlike an armed robbery where the criminals seldom get away with more than a few thousand dollars and usually get caught in just a few hours, the white-collar heists are often big dollars and embarrassing for a bank. It was accepted that if the public learned of these kinds of insider thefts it was thought the confidence in the bank would be severely damaged. It was common practice to allow the suspected employee to resign and since there was no court action, his employment record would not mention he was suspected of theft. No “public” record; and the “innocent” employee keeps most if not all the money!

Only five years after graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle Obama had become the executive director of a taxpayer funded organization then called Public Allies. The organization paid people to organize and direct community-based protests of almost any aspect of personal responsibility, capitalism, and especially the United States armed forces. Among the benefits these community organizers received was taxpayer funded health and child care. Not too unlike what we now call Obamacare and Michelle’s school lunches.

Falsifying claims to receive public assistance for health care and child care are activities investigated as insurance fraud. At the organization level it is a big white-collar crime. When investigators are getting close to filing criminal charges against a taxpayer funded organization such as Public Allies, it is not be unusual for “deals” to be arranged for changes in the operation and senior staff in order to avoid the negative publicity of a public trial. This is the widely understood situation to have occurred in 1993 involving Michelle Obama and Public Allies. This was the year Michelle submitted her paperwork to voluntarily surrender her license to practice law.

Since any sort of face-saving deal and a voluntary surrender of a license would not be considered cause for hearings by the disciplinary arm of the Illinois bar, no investigation ever took place. Officially, Michelle Obama simply decided not to continue holding on to the license she had spent many years and much fortune earning from Harvard.

Did a crime get committed? If you accept the logic of popular “fact” checking websites, no public record equals no crime. Nothing to see here.

As for Barack’s choosing to retire his law license in 2008, it seems the background checks of the press during his presidential campaign became the probable key factor here. It was discovered that he had listed on his application for a license that he was a “constitutional law professor.” This was proven to be a false statement. In fact, he was only a part-time staff lecturer. But the ongoing vetting was building pressure as the election grew closer and Obama decided to voluntarily surrender his license and retire.

Is there a public record of any official investigation by the disciplinary arm of the Illinois bar? No. Did he in fact make a false statement on his application? Yes.

Did the public give a darn in either case? Most choose to accept the “facts” as reflected by “public” records. Will the truth ever be known? Certainly, right after we learn all the truth about Vince Foster, Whitewater, Benghazi, and the names of the aliens captured at Area 51.

Craig Masters


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A timely reminder about Hillary Clinton’s “honesty”

The single democratic party candidate currently running for nomination for President has been described as a liar by more than a few major journalists. But with a long history of contempt for truth, Hillary Clinton has become one of the most accomplished prevaricators in American history. Recent events such as her disgusting effort to erase the events in Benghazi notwithstanding, here is a brief list of events in which this woman has so far skirted very close to prison gates.

In the interest of being brief, the time line begins as the evidence began to surface that the Clintons and McDougals had engaged in dishonest practices involving their Whitewater Development Corporation. Whitewater was a 220 acre land tract in Arkansas the McDougals and Clintons had purchased using about $220,000 in borrowed funds. McDougal later acquied Madison Savings and Loan which became a sort of money tree for the Clintons until bank investigators closed in on illegal practices. Both Jim McDougal and his wife Susan were eventually sentenced to prison for crimes related to their partnership activities with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Witnesses from the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary worked,  report Hillary Clinton requested the destruction of land contract files involving Madison Savings and Loan. Madison was under investigation by federal regulators for “improper practices” including “improper” withdrawing (stealing) of depositors funds to pay off campaign debts for Bill Clinton. Madison S & L is owned by the Clinton’s financial partner James McDougal.

As federal investigators gather details, Hillary request McDougal give her Power of Attorney to sell off Whitewater lots to clear up Madison’s obligations. The following year Madison S & L collapses (goes bankrupt) and the federal government shuts it down; in the process taxpayers are forced to spend $60 million to bail it out of debt.


The Federal Resolution Trust Corporation, investigating the causes of the Madison S & L failure, send a referral to the U.S. Department of Justice naming the Clintons as “potential beneficiaries” of the illegal activities of Madison S & L.


Before an FBI investigation into the probable illegal hiring of Clinton’s friends for White House positions is concluded, Deputy WH Counsel Vincent Foster files three years of delinquent tax returns for the Clinton’s Whitewater Development Corporation. Shortly afterward Foster is found dead. White House employees gain access to his office and federal investigators determine files were either removed or destroyed before they could secure the office. It is also about this time that hundreds of FBI records are “illegally” secured by WH Director of Personnel Security Craig Livingstone. Those records went missing for many months and were later discovered to be illegally in the possession of Hillary Clinton. Lawsuits surrounding these files continued to 2010 and beyond. No one except perhaps Hillary and possible victims of some sort of extortion know which copies of those files are still in use to this day. Craig Livingstone eventually took the fall for the files being obtained.


After years of investigations Clintons’ partners, the McDougals, along with the Arkansas governor Jim Guy Tucker are convicted of multiple fraud and conspiracy charges involving Whitewater Development Corporation and Madison S & L. Tucker resigns as governor.

The Clintons (the White House) finally confess to having stolen FBI files (“wrongfully collected”) on the backgrounds of leading political adversaries.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation inspector general reports that Hillary Clinton had created a false real estate evaluation document that Madison Savings and Loan later used to “deceive” federal regulators.


Bill Clinton is found in contempt of court for “intentionally false” testimony in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Clinton is fined $90,000 and the case was referred to the Arkansas Supreme Court for review of Clinton’s law license in Arkansas. The court suspended Clinton’s license for 5 years and fined him $25,000. Finally, in November of 2001 Clinton opted to surrender his license rather than face additional penalties related to disbarment.


Surrendering a law license is a practice used to avoid disbarment and the public release of information which resulted in the action being brought before the bar and the courts. It is just another mystery that both of the Obamas have previously surrendered their law licenses without having to reveal why. Considering the effort necessary to obtain a Harvard Law School degree, whatever it was they didn’t want public must have been more valuable than their law licenses. That may be an interesting story for another day.

Craig Masters

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The Survey says… U.S. #2 – in Ignorance

Since 2009 nearly every indicator of a nation’s health has shown the U.S. is in decline compared to other major nations. It seems the “change” that was promised in the great campaign of 2008 has come about. But is unimaginable debt passed on to a generation less able to compete in the world economy the change the world’s second most ignorant voters were expecting?

The third largest market research firm in the world, IPSOS, says the U.S. is ranked the second most ignorant country in the world in our population’s understanding of two areas that should be a free market democracy’s strong points, voting patterns and unemployment rates. Meanwhile the organization that ranks educational systems among 65 developed nations has once again reported further decline in rank for U.S. student performance. The most recent results now place our high school students out of the top 20 in all three areas tested; math, science, and reading. Math is about to fall out of the top 30 as it now stands at 29th. The 4 point drop in math since 2009 is pale compared to the 10 point drop in reading.

While it is the popular cry of the teachers’ organizationn, lack of money is proven as not the problem since the U.S. spends more per student than most of the countries scoring higher. If that were not proof enough, consider the horrific performance of New York Schools where the spending per student is among the highest in the world. Mark Naison of the Fordham University Urban Studies Program presents a case that the “culture of testing” in the U.S. is fueling an emphasis on rote memorization instead of critical thinking. That opinion is evidenced by the recent sentencing to prison of several Georgia teachers and administrators for changing tests scores to reflect better performance of students and teachers.

This year begins a widening of the infamous Common Core Curriculum and PARC testing. More emphasis on testing to evaluate teacher performance – not student knowledge. It might be said that Common Core should be named “Communist” Core, but since the U.S. ranks lower than Russia and even the Slovak Republic, that title might be confused as a compliment.

We are now at the start of the race for the next president. According to Google, the people searching for background information about Hillary Clinton aren’t looking for details about her long history of escaping criminal prosecution for activities from the Rose Law Firm to the FBI files mysteriously found in her office. Her Benghazi cover-up wasn’t even making the grade for background information.

It seems that even at #2, IPSOS may be underestimating voter ignorance. Maybe we can be ranked #1 yet.

Craig Masters

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Banning Almonds could save Colorado ranches

Are hedge funds managers betting on the Almond Earthquake?

Their economic value is second only to milk, but unlike the ‘happy ‘ cows , almond trees are demanding more than their fair share of resources of California. As an entrepreneur I strongly believe in a free market. But when the government gives special advantages to one group or business, freedom and opportunity are replaced by bureaucrats and regulations that too often put politics above public interest.

Colorado farmers, ranchers and oilmen are suffering from the effects of investors betting on profits from water in California’s drought stricken central valley. The fight to preserve our western land and lifestyle is expected to get much worse as local and federal governments reach deeper and deeper onto private property.

It seems for now, at least, the political support by the almond growers has more influence than the lives and property the of untold millions of citizens who are beginning to pay the real cost of subsidizing the almond crop. According to the United States Geological Survey, the valley between the mountains along the eastern border of California and the coastal mountains, commonly known as the central valley, has been sinking for several years now at a rate of about 11 inches per year! The cause is proving to be the underground water levels beneath the valley which are dropping as more and more water is pumped to the surface for agriculture. Meanwhile hedge fund investors are financing multi-million dollar water well projects to irrigate the hundreds of thousands of acres of almond trees now producing 300% more almonds than in 2000.

The 400 mile long swath of central California produces more than 80% of the entire world’s almonds. According to the growers’ association, 70% of the nearly 2 billion pounds annual harvest is exported, with the largest portion of that volume going to China. The value of the almond crop is expected to reach $5.8 billion dollars this year. But the 1.1 gallons of water for every single almond may increase the cost to Californians to an unimaginable level. Understand, that’s every single almond, not a pound of the water gulping nuts.

While the $5.8 billion dollars the almond industry generates might seem like a big number to those of us who dream of having a few hundred thousands, the impact of the industry measured within the $2,050,000,000,000 ($2.05 trillion) dollar California economy in total is virtually insignificant compared to the damage already being seen in the central valley infrastructure – roads, bridges, utilities above and below ground and, of course, the depletion of the underground sea of fresh water. But make no mistake, the occasional house-swallowing sinkhole we read about in Florida will be forgotten altogether when sections the central valley collapse into the vast caverns left vacant by consumption of millions of cubic yards of water.

For those of us here in Colorado who have been told that the underground water and the rivers and streams are “public” and must be allocated among all users across various states, the system of water regulations in California might seem – well, stupid, if not totally upside down. The State there feels that any water that rains down on your property is the State’s to regulate and tax. You might say the State believes God is only willing to deal directly with government; so rain water belongs to the State. But if you can afford to drill a well you are welcome to as much water from underground as you want? That explains why investors are supporting the multi-million dollar well projects for water gulping almonds in the central valley while citizens in the cities face $500 per day fines for using too much water. To be fair, “too much” doesn’t yet seem to have been defined in the law.

How does the economics of almonds in the California central valley have a negative impact on Colorado ranchers, farmers, and oilmen?

The answer to that question would easily fill an economics book or a thick thesis about population migration. Immigrants always bring changes in lifestyles to both the area they left and the area where they settle. To the many of us who understand that socialism always fails when ‘other people’s money’ runs out, the obvious problem is immigration of the socialist ideology arriving with liberal Californians fleeing drought, high taxes, and big government.

Laimer and Weld Counties are seeing a dramatic influx of Californians. Unfortunately thay are bringing with them their dependence on big government. Ironically, the lack of water for the cities, the impending “almond earthquake,” the burdensome taxes, and business regulations are all the result of people voting to grow government and support their liberal/leftist ideology. Many of those same voters are now fleeing to Larimer and Weld Counties and once again voting for liberal politicians who enact the very government and lifestyle environment they came here to escape.

Perhaps Fort Collins’ city council is as good an example of new liberal government as could be cited anywhere in America – outside of maybe San Francisco itself. Ft Collins’ council – elected mostly with support of liberal immigrants – hasn’t yet officially allowed people to walk around naked and relieve themselves against storefronts along the public sidewalks, but since this sort of behavior is accepted in San Francisco, it is only a matter of time before this too is forced into the lifestyle of Larimer County. Meanwhile, regulations governing, taxing or banning everything from oil wells to grocery sacks are forcing out the lifestyle of freedom and personal responsibility traditionally found among ranchers and farmers in Colorado.

Perhaps if enough honest, logical minded people realize – in time – the agricultural waste of thirsty almond trees in a semi-arid valley and recognize the enormous disaster risk the coastal population is facing to satisfy the taste of diners in Asia, hedge fund managers won’t soon be trying to recover their losses in the valley by buying up “lakefront property” in Harry Reid’s back yard. More importantly, maybe the migration of the California lifestyle into northern Colorado will slow enough to preserve a little of what was the Colorado lifestyle.

This situation is much like the story of the folks who loved the forest so much they decided to build their homes there. But after cutting the trees to build their houses, roads and defensible spaces, they looked around and wondered what happened to the forest.

Craig Masters

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2015 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4WD

SAM_0614Jeep has produced its Patriot since the introduction of the compact crossover SUV nine years ago this spring at the New York Auto Show.  It, along with the Jeep Compass, is manufactured on what is called the MK platform.  The Compass is designed to appeal to female motorists with the Patriot as a designated favorite of males.  The Patriot, in its Latitude model offering, is the subject of this week’s review, one which was loaned to me by Rocky Mountain Redline in Dacono, CO.

My Patriot test car (crossover?) was painted Granite Crystal metallic with Light Pebble beige leather interior.  The Latitude is stationed at the middle of the Patriot lineup, with a Limited model available for additional cost.  The Latitude carries a base price of $24,395.00, and freight adds $995.00 to that figure.  My Patriot had as options a preferred package (moon roof, power leather seating, etc.) for $1,095.00, a security package (security system, tonneau cover, etc.) for 695.00, a navigation package for $1,385.00, and a U-Connect/XM radio/Bluetooth technology package for $495.00.  Total M.S.R.P., therefore, was $29,060.00.SAM_3891

Styling of the Latitude has been around for nearly a decade, but has aged well and looks good.  “Patriot” and “High Altitude” badging on the car as well as the functional luggage rack gave it a “Jeep” look, as did the giant round headlamps.  Firestone P215/60R 17 Touring mud and snow tires were mounted on five-spoke gunmetal gray alloy wheels.

Inside, comfortable leather buckets and a bench back seat provide five passenger seating, and a tonneau cover can conceal guns or golf clubs in the 23 cubic foot luggage compartment (which expands to 53.5 when the second-row seating is folded flat).  Features included Bluetooth, air conditioning, power windows, liftgate speakers, keyless entry, remote start, a touch-screen audio system, the navigation, Uconnect Web with a Wi-Fi hot spot, satellite radio and a USB port.  A lever-type hand brake is on hand, and the shift tower is mounted neither on the console, nor on the dashboard; kind of in-between, like a Prius.  It worked fine with its duties to shift the six-speed automatic transmission, and an additional benefit of the interior is the space for odds and ends above the glove box in front of the passenger seat.  I liked it for my stuff while making rounds in the Patriot for a week.  A Jeep is the one brand of vehicle that I can name when entering blindfolded – that being a result of the husky, bold steering wheel grip.

The Latitude engine was a 2.4 liter, four cylinder with 172 horsepower (@ 6,000 rpm) and 165 lb. ft. of torque (@ 4,400 rpm).  EPA fuel economy is rated at 21 city-mpg, 27 highway-mpg, and 23 combined-mpg.  My observance was of 23.8 mpg for the week of driving the Latitude.  The fuel tank holds 13.5 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline.

Ruth, my wife, made mention of the visibility of the Patriot, which was good.  Driving the Jeep is pleasurable, with ride, guidance, and interior noise within tolerances.  It’s not a hot rod, but with 9.1″ of ground clearance and four-wheel drive, highway driving is not its forte.  All around utility is, and in that department I think the Jeep gets the job done, and for under $30,000.00, no less.

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2015 Volkswagen Jetta SE FWD Sedan


The number one selling Volkswagen is the Jetta, produced since 1979.  It is currently in its sixth generation form, this new design having been introduced in June of 2010 as a 2011 model.  For 2015 the Jetta received a mid-cycle update in the front/rear styling and in standard equipment offerings.  A Platinum Gray metallic Jetta SE four-door sedan was brought to my home on a recent Monday morning, and I immediately got inside to check out the optional equipment.  Heated leatherette seats, heated mirrors, and Sirius satellite radio: check.  Power lumbar “V-tech” Titan black leatherette bolstered buckets  and leather wheel: check.  Touchscreen radio/CD changer and Bluetooth and IPod connection: check.  Pushbutton start (on the console along with the emergency brake) and five-speed manual transmission: check.  Although most of the buzz with Volkswagen has recently been about the new masculine (supposedly) Beetle introduction, this Jetta is almost the newest VW in the lineup and, as mentioned earlier, the most popular.  It’s easy to see and feel why, because this is a real nice car.

I jumped in and took off for Interstate 25 for a test drive and a chance to do some mall shopping somewhere along the way.  A real firm ride is in store for the operator; a feeling of quality (and quietness).  The steering wheel is rather thick with many controls, and the five-speed transmission quite manageable.  The turbocharged four cylinder (EA888), 1.8 liter, 170 hp (6,200 rpm) engine provides an ample amount of power.  More, in fact, than would seem available with that horsepower rating.  Torque is 184 lb. ft. (1,500 – 4,750 rpm), and the highway fuel economy rating is 37 mpg on the highway, 25 mpg in the city, and a combined mpg figure is 29.  The fuel tank holds 14.5 gallons.

Guiding the Jetta up the Interstate is pleasurable.  Once again, the ride is firm, but handles the aging Interstate quite well. I had plenty of punch for changing lanes and running by service trucks and seniors.  At the mall parking lot I stepped outside to view the styling of the VW.  It’s good, if not spectacular, and looks particularly nice from the front with the new 2015 grill treatment.  The mirrors have lighting stripes on them and up front are good-looking fog lights.  The Jetta has a wheelbase of 104.4″, overall length of 183.3″, and the car weighs 3,047 lbs.  Backseat legroom is suitable for a big human being, and the trunk is the biggest in its class, at 15.5 cubic feet.  In the center of the back seat is a flop-down armrest/cup holder, and this VW had no power moonroof

This is the best-looking Jetta to date, and has 16”, Sedona ten-spoke alloy wheels to dress it up.  Tires mounted on them are 205/55R 16” mud and snow radials.  Base price for the SE was $18,995.00 and a lighting package ($995.00) and freight ($820.00) were added, bringing the M.S.R.P. to $20,810.00.  Bottom line; I could see myself owning a car like this.  The styling, roominess, drivability, and value puts the car high on the list of its segment competition.

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2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV FWD Sedan by Stu Wright

SAM_0224Two years ago I wrote of Al Hirt, famed New Orleans trumpeter and bandleader, owning a bar on Bourbon Street in the 60’s, and that I was sure that I had been in it at some point while serving in the Air Force nearby.  My favorite watering hole, however, was Larry & Katz (pictured), an establishment a few blocks away from the French Quarter, where only white patrons were allowed inside.  Everyone else had to drink outside on the sidewalk in front of the bar.  That wasn’t my attraction to the place; that’s just the way it was all over Louisiana in 1967. L & K

Al Hirt closed his Bourbon Street Club in 1983 because, as he said, the area had become “too dirty and dangerous”.  His career, on the other hand, was illustrious, and included production of such hits as “Java” and the theme song to TV’s “The Green Hornet”.  Java, and its accompanying album “Honey in the Horn”, sold a million copies.

What does all this have to do with my latest test car, the 2014 Nissan Altima?  Not much, really, except that the color was called “Java”, and I had never seen that name associated with factory paint.  The car, as you can see, looked a little like black coffee and this Altima had the charcoal cloth interior.  It was the SV model, next the top of the Altima lineup.  Their SL, perched at the top, has leather seating and a Bose stereo.

Power for the front-wheel-drive Altima SV is supplied by a 2.5 liter, four cylinder engine with 182 horsepower (6,000 rpm) and 180 lb. ft. of torque (4,000 rpm).  Nissan gave in to the 4-cylinder trend with this car, and my week was pleasurable, even though two years ago I drove the V-6.  A continuously variable automatic transmission is mated to the four cylinder engine, and acceleration was acceptable.  EPA mileage figures are 27/38 mpg for city and highway (18 gallon tank), and during the week with the car, I averaged 32.4 miles per gallon.SAM_0227

SAM_0232  The Altima SV I tested had as options a convenience package ($1,350.00), carpeting floor and trunk mats ($185.00), and technology package ($1,090.00).  Total M.S.R.P., counting the $810.00 for freight, came to $27,615.00.  With rear backup camera, moon roof, navigation system, keeping this sedan under twenty-eight  grand is an accomplishment.  Of course it had key-in-your-pocket ignition, tilt/telescope, power locks and windows, cruise control, satellite radio/CD, Bluetooth, and UBS connection.  Seating was for five, and the trunk held 15.4 cubic feet of cargo.

Styling for the new Altima, introduced in July of 2012, is an improvement over prior Altimas.  It looks bigger than it actually is, which is 191.5 “ in length and 3,177 lbs. in weight.  Chrome door handles are attached to the Nissan, and dual fog lights are up front along with a bold grill.  Ride is great, and it’s quiet in the cabin (71 decibels).  Ten-spoke, 17” alloy wheels are surrounded by P215/55R17 Michelin Primacy MXV4 all season radials.

Nissan’s best seller, this Altima, should hold up well in the sales wars with Honda’s Accord and Toyota’s Camry, as it doesn’t offer a person many opportunities to complain.  I spent a long day condo-hunting in Denver with it, and the driving didn’t “Hirt” too bad because I had a “Honey” of a car to accomplish the task.

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2015 Nissan Versa Note by Stu Wright

SAM_0491A Versa Note SR was delivered to me last week for reviewing, and the first thing I noticed was that it was a model I had never tested (nor seen) before.  It was more attractive than prior Notes in that it had interesting ten-spoke black-accented wheels and lower-body sporty fascia on both ends of and on the sides of the car.  This Note is 11.7” shorter (at 163.7”) than the Versa sedan that Nissan sells while resting on the same wheelbase of 102.4”.  Thus, maneuverability is enhanced in this car without a reduction in interior space.  My test Note was painted Metallic Peacock (blue-green) and inside it was equipped with charcoal sport synthetic suede seating for five.  Not only does it seat five, it does it quite comfortably and has a large 18.8 cubic foot cargo compartment behind the back seats.  Two buckets are up front and in the rear is a 60/40 split fold down bench seat with plenty of legroom for back seat passengers.

The cloth front buckets have a console in between, a single armrest attached to the driver’s seat, and also a hand brake that I always prefer.  Four cup holders are included as are power windows and locks, cruise control, steering wheel audio controls, intermittent wipers, Bluetooth phone setup, Ipod interface, remote keyless entry, power mirrors, and MP3 playback stereo.  As an SR, the car is also equipped with a rear vision camera and satellite radio.  The car has five doors counting the hatchback, 16” alloy wheels with P195/55R16 Bridgestone Ecopia Grand Touring EP422 low rolling resistance, all-season radials, chrome-trimmed fog lights, and chrome accented mesh grill.  Under the hood rests a 1.6 liter, four cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve engine that puts out 109 hp with 107 lb. ft. of torque.  Redline is 6000 rpm, and reportedly 0 to 60 time is 9.8 seconds.  Fuel economy ratings are 31 city and 40 highway, 35 combined (10.8 gallon tank), and I observed 35.9 mpg during my week at the wheel.  That is pretty darn good for running around, mostly in town.  As usual, I took a trip to Denver on the Interstate, and found that the ride and handling were compliant, and wind noise was minimal.

Base M.S.R.P. for the Note SR is $17,530.00, as my test car was equipped with the CVT automatic transmission, SR convenience equipment package ($660.00), carpeted cargo and floor mats ($180.00), and freight ($825.00).  The total came to $19,195.00.   CVT stands for continuous variable transmission, part of the PureDrive system on this 2015 Nissan Versa Note, enabling the car to exceed next year’s Cafe fuel economy and CO2 emission standards.  In addition to the transmission, this PureDrive Versa Note has aerodynamic body styling, friction-reducing micro-finished engine components and variable valve timing.  I earlier bragged about the fuel economy, and these features are the reason why.

My week in possession of the Versa Note was pleasing, both to the senses and the pocketbook.  I would like a different color, but seven alternates are available, as are 3 other models that are less expensive.  The Versa Note SR is a little car I could see myself owning.

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The difference between refusing services for “Gay” and inter-racial weddings

By Jack Minor —


Much has been made by the left over the refusal of Christian florists and cake makers who have refused to provide services for same-sex weddings, claiming that it is no different than refusing to provide services for an inter-racial wedding but a logical examination of the facts show there is a vast difference between the two.

A Christian florist is now being forced with the possibility of losing her home and all her personal assets because she refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding. The courts have ruled that her refusal was based on the couple’s sexual orientation which is a protected class in the state along with religion and race. However, the reality is the couple was long-term customers and the florist was well-aware of their sexual orientation. She certainly had many previous situations where she could have refused to serve them based on their orientation but she did not. It was only when they asked for flowers for their wedding that she refused.

Those on the left and the radical “gay” movement ignore this distinction, claiming that it is no different than a person serving whites and blacks individually to refuse to provide services for an inter-racial wedding. However there is a simple way to determine if this is the case or not.

First, in states where same-sex marriage is legal the question is do they have any requirement that those engaging in said marriage actually be “gay?” The same could be asked of heterosexual marriages. In both cases the answer is no. Now, the judge in the case of a Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony told him it didn’t matter that he would make birthday cakes or any other cake for the couple; it was still discrimination because only “gays” engage in same-sex marriages.

However, this premise if faulty because to be accurate he would have to personally ask the sexual orientation of every person engaged in a same-sex marriage or civil union to be able to affirm this statement as an absolute fact. In the matter of opposite-sex weddings there have been many instances of a gay or lesbian marrying a member of the opposite sex. There is no reason to suppose the same either has not or could not happen in the case of same-sex commitments.

There have been many cases where a couple gets married for reasons that have nothing to do with love. I knew a Marine back in the 1980s who married a girl in Las Vegas solely so he could get extra money for a housing allowance and COMRATS then he split the money with her even though he lived in El Toro, California and stayed in the barracks. It is not unrealistic to see how two young men could get married to obtain benefits. For that matter could a father marry his adopted son in order to avoid paying the death tax? Why wouldn’t this make sense and since there is nothing sexual involved and they cannot reproduce what is the logical reason for refusing this type of commitment, but I digress.

The point is a same-sex wedding under the law can have either homosexual or heterosexual partners participating. This is why nowhere on the marriage application does it require an affirmation that the couple actually love each other.

In the case of an inter-racial heterosexual marriage the question to ask someone who would refuse service to said ceremony is would they perform services to a heterosexual marriage if the couple were of the same race. If the business owner says yes then the refusal is obviously based on the individual’s race rather than the ceremony itself and hence against current civil rights laws.

Likewise, the question to ask those who refuse to perform services for a same-sex wedding is, would they refuse to participate even if they learned that the two were straight. If they answer yes, then it is evident the refusal has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the couple but rather based on the message the ceremony contains, which is exactly what they have said.

Using the argument by the left if a “gay” cake maker were to ever make a cake with a bible verse such as John 3:16 then they could not refuse to make a cake with verses from Romans 1 or Leviticus on it since religion is not only a right guaranteed in the Constitution, it is also a protected class under civil rights laws.

Thus we are faced with two choices, in each instance is the refusal based on the individual’s protected status or is it because of the message? I submit that judge’s rulings notwithstanding, the evidence is clear that the refusal is based on the message and therefore no discrimination has occurred in either case. The left cannot have it both ways.


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2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Sedan by Stu Wright

SAM_0579The 2015 Toyota Avalon, currently available in hybrid and non-hybrid configurations, is now in its fourth-generation iteration.  I recently was loaned one of them by Rocky Mountain Redline, and the car delivered was painted Celestial Silver metallic and featured premium black leather seating.  With all Avalon production taking place in Georgetown, Kentucky, the first unit rolled off of that assembly line eleven years ago as a 1995 model.  They are full-size, front-wheel drive sedans and represent Toyota’s biggest such offering.

At my age (the Beatles hit U. S. shores while I was in high school), the Avalon represented a nice car to be seen in, and drive around in, for the period of my evaluation.  The ride on its 111″ wheelbase is superb do to the MacPherson strut front suspension with offset coil springs and stabilizer bar and dual-link independent MacPherson strut rear suspension with offset coil springs and another stabilizer bar.  The room inside is ample for big, American motorists with 0ver 42″ of legroom is up front and over 39″ in the back seat area.  The same holds true for shoulder room in the car at nearly five feet of it, front and rear.  Overall length is 195.3″, six inches shorter than a Chevrolet Impala and 4.8″ longer than a Mazda 6.  The Avalon weighs 3,638 lbs., the same as the Chevy despite the fact it has a big hybrid battery on board.

The efficient power supply for the Avalon consisted of a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder hybrid gas/electric engine with 200 hybrid system net horsepower (149 kW) and an electronically-controlled continuously variable (CVT) transmission.  The EPA estimates for the Avalon is 40 mpg – combined and city.  Highway mileage rating is 39 mpg – my experience for the week driving the car was 38.9 mpg.  The fuel tank holds 17 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline.  SAM_3763It’s impossible for the Avalon styling to offend anyone, young or old.  There exists up front the Toyota-specific big chrome mustache grill with black background, high intensity discharge (HID) quadrabeam headlights with auto on/off feature, and LED daytime running lights (DRL) with on/off feature.  The fifteen-spoke painted aluminum alloy wheels are fitted with P215/55R17 Bridgestone Turanza EL400 mud and snow radials.  No tailpipes are visible at the rear of the car (hybrid-style), but ample chrome is and a spoiler is almost molded into the trunk lid where underneath there is 14 cubic feet of cargo space available to the five passengers.

As you might expect, the inside of the Avalon Hybrid Limited is sumptuous with its premium perforated leather-trimmed multi-stage heated and ventilated front seats, 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support and power cushion extension, and 8-way power-adjustable front passenger seat.  On hand are premium JBL stereo, navigation system, 7″ touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, power rear window sunshade, ten airbags, tilt/telescope, pushbutton starter, backup camera, smoked chrome accents, and power mirrors/windows/locks.

M.S.R.P. of the Avalon tester came in at $44,475.00, including $825.00 for freight and $1,950.00 for the technology package which included radar cruise control, automatic high beam, pre-collision safety system, and wireless charging platform for smartphones.  It’s a considerable investment, but a sound one given the comfort, beauty, and economy that the buyer gets in the bargain.

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WH Treason petition – too late for Kennedy

How Funny can Holder Be

The blackest kettle in the nation calling a pot black! Actually, after releasing his moronic condemnation of the police department of Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Holder called the shooter who ambushed two non-Ferguson officers, “disgusting” and a “punk.” Unbelievable!

So what is the answer?

The question is, why were these protests happening in the first place.? The police chief was the 6th official to resign; including a judge, the innocent officer who just did his duty, even a court clerk. A court clerk! There seems to be only one possible solution to the discontent in Ferguson: a French “no entry zone.” This would be like the Muslim reservations in France where the regular law enforcement officers allow Sheria and allow the Muslims to virtually govern themselves. Ferguson could become a model city run by black administrators, a black police chief, and blacks as department heads. We could call it a Sanctuary City. Oh wait we already have those!

How ’bout that Senate Historian?

Led by Senator Tom Cotton (R, Ark) 47 great Americans – all republican senators – wrote an open-to-the-public letter intended for the leaders of Iran. In the days since, democrats willing to erase the Constitution and allow Barrack Hussein Obama to rule as some sort of monarch have formed a parade between the capitol and the nearest television cameras to call the great and brave senators every name they can find. But the real kicker is the official word by the Office of the Senate Historian which claimed there was no precedent for such a letter.

That comment is as much an indictment of the education of those “historians” as it is dishonest. But of course to find anything you have to open your eyes and look around. The infamous negotiations which took place back in 1983 between Ted Kennedy (D, Mass) and Yuri Andropov, the communist leader of the Soviet Union, do in fact constitute “negotiations” with a foreign nation. According to the petition on the White House web site posted by an annonymous C.H., Kennedy should have been prosecuted for treason under the 1779 Logan Act. Kennedy’s letter was exposed back in 1991 when a KGB memorandum was discovered by Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times.

The extent of the Kennedy arrangement with the Soviets included a visit by the senator to help Andropov understand the weaknesses of Ronald Reagan as the two countries negotiated over nuclear arms. The Kennedy letter the senate historians couldn’t find is easily available through Forbes, the London Times, and the newsbusters website.

In defense of the senate historian’s office, it could be debated that since the great American Senators who sent an open letter to inform Iranian leaders about the Constitutional process involved when the United States enters into a binding agreement or treaty, the secret personal negotiations between Kennedy thru the KGB and the Soviets on behalf of the democrat party were really not the same.

Kennedy’s message was simple. He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.

I wonder if the C.H. on the WH petition stands for Chuckles Holder?


CM aka Craig Masters


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Nation’s Crime Wave finds Comfort in Colorado

According to the news, Colorado has become a leading center of identity theft. The impact of the sanctuary policies of Denver democrats is spreading across Colorado. Like a cancer that spreads from a single diseased cell, illegals and dopeheads are fleeing into Colorado; encouraged by the welcoming policies of democrat legislators and the famous issue-sidestepping dance of John Hickenlooper.

While Democrats across the nation circle their protective wagons around the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, their co-conspirators in Denver continue their efforts to strip law abiding citizens of Second Amendment Rights. Meanwhile convicted felons and other illegals are welcomed into Colorado with wide-open arms.

Law abiding citizens who have passed a background check, taken professionally conducted instruction and volunteered to have their finger prints recorded with law enforcement are begrudgingly granted the “privilege” of carrying a concealed firearm in this state. But anyone who illegally enters the state can buy dope, get a driver’s license, receive free food, housing, health care and be granted a myriad of other special privileges up to and including taxpayer subsidized tuition in state universities.

Law abiding citizens are penalized for not signing up to receive charity health care benefits their neighbors have to pay for, but illegal aliens are given a slap on the wrist for drunk driving, while not being punished for voting to help elect the politicians who forced such laws upon us. Worse still, those convicted of felonies for dealing in illegal drugs, even those who have served extended prison sentences in other states for being drug dealers, are welcome to come to Colorado to resume their use of recreational dope.

Respect for the law has been declining for a long time. When people see how easily politicians like Hillary Clinton get away with serious crimes, they begin to ask themselves why anyone should have to obey a law they don’t particularly like? We all understand that justice has become a political term which does not really apply to the political class. Every time a judge rules against the people in favor of some malcontent cause or forces the wishes of one person onto everyone else, a little more respect for the law is lost again. As goes the rule of law, so goes America.

Craig Masters

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On Racial Protests

On this anniversary of the civil rights protest march on Selma, Alabama, it seems a little offensive to me to see Barrack Hussein Obama suddenly decide to act “black.” Here is a man, who claims to be a native born Hawaiian with a white mother, who has done more to increase tension between races in America than anyone since Robert E. Lee. Now, as the nation’s media is focused on Selma, Obama suddenly decides to bet his race card will divert some attention away from his record of failures; his record of forcing blacks into lower paying jobs, his record of increasing black unemployment, his record of increasing the income gap between blacks and whites, and his record of encouraging blacks to voluntarily segregate themselves from mainstream America and become even more dependent on the government for all their food, health care and shelter.

The man’s phony concern for “the poor” makes me sick to my stomach.

The photo above can be purchased through the Yellow Springs News (

The photo above was published on the online edition of the Yellow Springs News. It shows protesters sitting in the street in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Look closer, do you see any black people? Look on the left side of the photo, behind the cars, on the sidewalk. See them watching as the protesters sat down and locked arms to shut down US route 68 in the middle of this tiny college town. The majority of those protesters in the street were students from Antioch College.

The incident pictured took place in March of 1964. That’s right, a year before the the Selma marches. I lived down the road from where that photo was taken. I can identify some of the people in the picture – in fact I am related to some of them. I witnessed first hand this and subsequent protest in the summer of ’64. This was very possibly the opening shot for the years of civil rights riots that followed.

One thing is certain, Yellow Springs forever changed that day. Antioch College, heavily funded by folks like the Rockefellers, began a transition to extremism which eventually included refusing all government research money, which of course led to a decline in diversity and quality of both student and staff. The school finally went officially out of business some 40 years later – just weeks before graduation – leaving seniors scrambling and begging for help from nearby universities. I was there then too.

Although Antioch had very few black students in 1964, or ever for that matter, nearby Wilberforce ‘Academy’ was one of the leading mostly all black secondary schools in the country. Shortly after the Yellow Springs incident, bus loads of blacks from Wilberforce marched around the county courthouse in Greene County to protest the handling of those who had been arrested in Yellow Springs. I remember being amazed at the number of black men who formed a line so long it was virtually continuous all the way around the courthouse block. And there was silence. I don’t remember a single word, not one word, no chants, no songs; nothing but the sound of their footsteps on the sidewalk.

There was no effort to interfere with the marchers that day. The police station is still across the street from the courthouse, as it was that day. The police watched from inside. The marchers got back on their buses and returned to Wilberforce. They had not spoken a word, but their message was heard loud and clear in town. Unlike Antioch, instead of holding a “pity party” and declining into obscurity, Wilberforce grew and today has merged into the highly respected NCAA Division II, Central State University.

It was 25 years later when I next saw rioting first hand. But in the 1989 riots in Miami, the issue and the atmosphere was totally different. These rioters were clearly there to bust things and loot. They had no message or cause. Most of the those rioting were using the violence as nothing more than an excuse to steal from the neighborhood businesses and burn cars just to watch them burn. Does this sound familiar to recent protests around the country? There is no doubt in my mind that those college men (I don’t remember a single women) who marched to support those arrested in Yellow Springs in 1964, would never have marched in support of those arrested in Miami in 1989.

I wonder today if those same men would march with, or in protest of, Obama in Selma.

Craig Masters

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Who Else is reading Your Emails

Who is reading your email? That’s the opening question of a recent Jared Polis email. The poorly disguised solicitation for contributions then continues to suggest that he is concerned about the private communications of Americans being subject to warrant-less searches by government agents. But the truth as evidenced by his actions is exactly the opposite of his words.

Let me take just a moment and thank God for giving me strength to write a public article in opposition to the  kind of government-backed power and pure evil that Jared Polis represents. Let us not forget that when government fears the people there is liberty and freedom and when people fear the government there is tyranny. I do fear the government these years and it sometimes make me shake inside when submitting critical opinions.

Greeley and most of Weld County is not within the second congressional district so many of the readers of this site would not be familiar with Polis. His resume is very short. He represents the Obama party in congress. He occupies the seat assigned to the 2nd Congressional district, and his 99% vote record supporting every action of Obama proves he really doesn’t represent anyone except Obama and liberalism and the destruction of the Constitutional ideology that America is a nation of laws, not men.

Polis has repeatedly voted against any effort by congress to regain control of their duty to be the representatives of the people and slow the destruction of the Constitution. He is a disgrace to the concept of freedom and the belief expressed by Abraham Lincoln that, “this nation, under God,”shall have a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

It seems, however, that for the future the United States will be ruled by peole like Polis and Obama and unelected judges appointed for their political opinions and protected by a misplaced respect for the position instead of the law. Judges are dangerous threats to our security and freedom when they believe they are allowed to overrule the people or re-write law which is not their belief. But the laws as approved by the people are part of the constitutional process by which the people are supposed to control the government – not the other way around. If you doubt that, try not buying into Obamacare health insurance or don’t sign up for medicare – you will learn you will be punished for having the idea that you are actually allowed to take care of yourself.

What else needs to be said?

Craig Masters

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Who will Rescue America

Whether you watch ” Zombies,” deadmen walking, or old reruns of the “Lone Ranger,” you know the story. All starts out well enough. Then the tension builds and the villains gain the upper hand. But just as it looks as though there is no hope, someone steps up against the odds and defeats evil.

In a particularly memorable episode of the Lone Ranger a preacher is robbed of money needed to build a church by henchmen led by the local newspaper editor. The editor feared the church would unite the citizens and together they would stand against the lawlessness overcoming their town. Once the editor and his henchmen are defeated, with the help of a talking parrot, the Lone Ranger implores the preacher to write one last editorial before the “crooked” newspaper is shut down permanently.

The final scene includes a great line about freedom of the press being just as important as freedom of religion. At the moment, in the United States, we seem to be losing both at at an alarming rate.

Twice the United States spent lives and fortunes to save European nations from the aggression of evil leaders who had somehow rose to power. But in the decades since we ended “the war to end all wars” with the life saving, war ending power of the atomic bomb, we have refused to win any conflict. We have been unable to assimilate the will to defeat evil. Instead of being willing to commit to a conflict with a focus on victory, instead of being willing to use our power to rapidly stop the loss of life and totally defeat those who would destroy our way of life, we have been willing to accept compromise after compromise until we now face enemies who have clearly gained the upper hand against our desired way of life.

This week, we saw a hero stand before all of the intelligent members of Congress and make no excuses about his country’s will to survive and preserve its way of live.

Obama and his henchmen seem to have gained the upper hand against freedom and liberty for the moment. Those who control the newspapers and have defunded the churches by attacking those who would dare to contribute. Those who control the government are trying their best to force us to “drop our guns.” But we may have hope that tiny little Israel will come to our rescue. Prime Minister Netanyahu ended his speech with the affirmation that even if Israel has to fight and die alone, the people of Israel have the will to stand and fight to defeat the evil that Obama and his followers seem to respect so much.

Craig Masters

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