Will Donald Trump give the election to Obama?



With polls consistently showing Obama’s support evaporating among all groups including liberals, the President may be given a lifeline.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump consistently polled at the top of the list of Republican candidates. Many attributed Trump’s rise to his hard-hitting statements regarding the President’s eligibility and economic policies.

Following Obama’s release of what was supposedly his birth certificate; Trump apparently lost interest and announced he would not run for president. In announcing his decision, Trump said he felt he could win, but, “Business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.”

Pundits speculated on various reasons for the announcement. Some said Trump would have to give up hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Others speculated that the administration had pressured him not to run by threatening him in some way, such as audits of Trump’s business and members of his family.

Now, Trump’s office appears to be sending signals that indicate he could end up being Obama’s greatest weapon, by running as an Independent.

Trump first indicated this possibility back in April, saying he would “probably” run as an Independent if he lost the GOP primary.

Appearing on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren show in June, Trump said he would probably run as an Independent, “If I don’t see the right person running for the Republicans.”

Joeseph Farah, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily, speculated that Trump may help throw the election to Obama by running as an Independent in order to further his business empire. Farah said, “Personally, I think he will do it if Obama gives him an offer he can’t refuse.”

This week Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald Trump, has sent out another sign that the Donald could enter the race as a third party candidate.

In an editorial in the Daily Caller, Cohen said millions of people continue to go to the website – ShouldTrumpRun.com. According to Cohen, “These same people continue to urge Mr. Trump to run; if not as a Republican then as an Independent. Recent polls show that most Americans have lost all faith in both parties and are desperately looking for a replacement.”

If Trump were to enter the presidential race as an Independent, there is a slim possibility he could actually win, but in a close election, Trump’s entry would siphon enough votes from the Republican candidate to give victory to Obama.

Trump’s conservatism appears to be a fairly recent event. Trump’s previous positions on the issues indicated that he was pro-abortion, but announced this year that he was pro-life. In 1999 he supported universal health care, but while running for the Republican nomination, Trump decided he was opposed to Obamacare. Trump was also a Democrat until Obama was elected. In 2009, he changed his affiliation to Republican.

Trump is no friend of conservatives, and, if he runs as an Idependent, he could throw the election to Obama, just as Perot gave Bill Clinton the presidency.

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6 Responses to Will Donald Trump give the election to Obama?

  1. Susan Daniels says:

    There is no doubt that Trump is a “ringer” for the Democrats. He “forced” the Obama birth certificate release to try to distract from Jerry Corsi’s “Where is the Birth Certificate” book release and once the forged BC appeared Trump disappeared. Now he reappears as Obama’s numbers are tanking. Hmmm. Coincidence, I think not. Anyone who is foolish enough to vote for Trump, if he runs, deserves another four years of Obama. And wait until they see exactly how bad “Hope and Change” can really get.

  2. Lonni says:

    As far as I am concerned, Donald Trump lost his credibility when he backed down from the Birth Certificate issue and dummied up when Obama belittled and scorned him in a “joking” manner at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He not only backed down from that but he also backed down from running as an Independent knowing that it will split votes. If he pulls a Ross Perot, he’ll end up where Ross Perot did……back to his regular life. People are getting tired of being played and are not as stupid as some Politicians, or wannabes, think they are. I would never vote for Trump now and I was rooting for him when he first started talking up a run, especially when he talked about not letting China or anyone else run all over us. Now, he’s just ho-hum, another yap yap for publicity sake.

  3. Charlie says:

    GO FOR IT DON !!!

  4. R.G. Frano, A-EMT-4-Paramedic, ACLS, (Ret.) says:

    I have to (cynically) laugh!
    The ONLY way any ‘official’ republicans, (declared-running, or teasing), re ‘2012’, will EVER see the inside of the White House is:
    1.) They’re summoned for a ‘divy-up-the-spoils’ conference by Barack O’Bama, who, frankly, is what a republican used to be, before republicans fell into bed with the late Osama Bin Ladin, (“Freedom Fighter”: Ronald, “…I’m a contra-murderer too” W. Reagan, describing Bin Ladin, mid-1980’s), and all the other religious crazy’s (H. Camping, J. Farah, Christine ‘Don’t-touch-yerself’ McDonnald, M. ‘Pray the gay away’ Bachman, etc.), we’re presently embarrassed by…
    2.) For Michelle Bachman, she might get lucky…She MIGHT win a ticket to an (under-booked) white house tourist excursion!

    I DIDN’T vote for O’Bama because I DON’T vote for (‘closeted republican’) first timers, having voted for Carter, (“Rezi Pahlavi, followed by the ayatollahs…”), and Clinton, (‘N.A.F.T.A./C.A.F.T.A,’ with it’s millions of (promised, but-never-materilized) jobs!!

    Being one of the ‘Keating-5’ senators purchased by jesus-freak-financier-con-man, Charles “The Lord is with…ME, L.O.L.!” Keating, (during the S&L Scandal) & a criminal participant in a previous U.S Pillage-Effort, (Vietnam), I didn’t even consider John McCain…
    And…Sarah, (“I crib my answers on my palm-am I in trouble with Christine ‘No touching yerself’ O’Donnald?”), Palin? Mrs. Palin is so far beneath contempt she can look up to count rivets on the Titanic’s bottom-hull!

  5. badley says:

    Donald Trump must first prove himself by exposing Hussein’s latest forged birth certificate. If the Donald can trigger a congressional hearing on BO’s fraud, he’ll get my vote.

  6. David Gurney says:

    Perhaps it’s better for the GOP to lose in a three way race in this fashion-provided they continue to increase their margins in the House and Senate.When their superstars are ready to run in 2016,they could have FDR type majorities in both chambers.

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