Was Lakin conviction influenced by radical Obama supporter?

Frank Arduini's Facebook photo


By Jack Minor

An Obama supporter, who is a frequent commenter on “birther” stories and other forums, may have unduly influenced the general who approved Lt. Col. Lakin’s sentence following his court-martial.

Radical Obama supporters known as OBOTS, actively monitor the internet for stories on President Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility and often post comments on websites, including the anti-birther site TheFogbow.com.

One OBOT named Frank Arduini, a prolific commenter on Obama eligibility issues, reportedly uses the screen name “HistorianDude” when posting comments on the Gazette website and the screen name “Epectitus” at TheFogbow.  “HistorianDude” has been an especially harsh critic of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the Army surgeon who refused to deploy until President Obama publically proved his eligibility.

Arduini has also been commenting on the eligibility issue using his real name at WorldNetDaily.com, the internet’s largest independent news site.  In a recent comment Arduini states he works for a company named CareFusion.

Arduini’s LinkedIn page states he is the IT Business Partner Director with CareFusion, a multi-national health care corporation that has numerous contracts with the federal government. CareFusion bills itself as “serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve patient care.”

CareFusion has done remarkably well in the health care industry recently. In May, company earnings reversed from a $9 million loss in the previous quarter to a $45 million profit. The company recently signed a five-year agreement with ResMed granting CareFusion the exclusive right to distribute the Stellar 100 and 150 non-invasive ventilators and accessories to the U.S. healthcare industry.

CareFusion also has multiple contracts with Federal Government agencies; including the Department of Defense, The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Health & Human Services, and Homeland Security.

The Gazette contacted CareFusion, and asked them if they endorsed Arduini’s statements and if the company had a policy regarding employees using the company name in internet postings.

Suzanne Hatcher, Public Relations Director at CareFusion responded by e-mail saying, “The company takes no position on personal views that employees may choose to express outside the workplace.”

Following the inquiry, Arduini sent an e-mail to Dr. Jerome Corsi, senior staff writer with WorldNetDaily, claiming the reference to CareFusion in his postings was due to WND’s Facebook widget automatically using his employer’s name. Arduini then went on to say, “I want to clarify, now, that my comments and my opinions are mine and mine alone, and not those of my company or my company’s management.” Arduini has since removed the reference to CareFusion in his postings.

Questions have arisen regarding what role Arduini may have played in the court-martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin last year. Arduini has stated that he was a classmate and close friend of Major General Karl Horst, Lakin’s commanding general at Ft. Meade, Maryland and the General that signed off on Lakin’s prison sentence.

Lakin first expressed doubts about the President’s eligibility in 2008. However, after Lakin made  inquiries about Obama’s eligibility to several legislators, he was transferred to the Pentagon in July of 2009 and placed under Horst’s command.

In October of 2009, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, recommended Horst for promotion to Major General. That same month, Lakin submitted an article 138 request against Army chief of Staff, Gen. Casey.

On December 16, 2010, Lakin was convicted of missing a movement and disobeying a lawful order. He was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison at Ft. Leavenworth.

Following Lakin’s sentencing, it was Horst’s responsibility to sign off and approve the sentence. As commanding general, Horst had the option to approve the sentence, reduce it and even grant clemency. Horst did not sign off on the sentence until April, four months into Lakin’s six-month sentence.

Shortly after signing off on Lakin’s sentence, Horst was again promoted this time to Chief of Staff, U.S. Central Command.

A video posted at  LiveLeak.com, by an individual who goes by the name “Tracy” and “KenyanBornObamAcorn” suggests that Horst’s promotions may have been quid pro quo for his role in the Lakin affair

In an e-mail sent to retired Navy Commander Charles Kerchner that was posted on Fogbow, Arduini said, “I am a 1978 graduate of USMA, but did not make a military a full career. Ironically, MG Karl Horst (to whom many letters have recently been written regarding LTC Lakin) is a classmate and dear friend of mine.” Arduini graduated from West Point in 1978, the same year as Horst. The e-mail was dated Dec. 29, 2010, shortly after Lakin’s sentencing.

It remains unclear what correspondence, if any, Arduini may have had with Horst during the time of Lakin’s court martial. 

 If Horst was under pressure or used his authority to ensure Lakin’s conviction, it could have represented what the military refers to as “Undue Command Influence.”

“Undue Command Influence” (UCI) is frequently referred to as the mortal enemy of military justice. UCI occurs whenever senior personnel wittingly or unwittingly have acted to influence court members, witnesses or others participating in military justice cases.

Lt Col.  Col. John Eidsmoe, a retired Air Force JAG officer, who currently works with the Foundation for Moral Law, said if Arduini influenced General Horst’s decisions it could be problematic. “It is unclear whether Arduini’s relationship with Major General Horst may have caused him to exert ‘undue command influence’ during the court martial proceedings, but it is certainly something that should be looked into.”

Major General Horst and Frank Arduini both declined requests for comment.


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43 Responses to Was Lakin conviction influenced by radical Obama supporter?

  1. What a bunch of VILE THUGS those Obots are.

    Meet the Hacker.Hating Obots, that attack you for wanting the truth on Obama’s eligibility

    EDITED 6/9/2011 ~ Who’s Who of Blog Talk Radio and The Fogbow Obots aka Obama’s Brown Shirts

  2. Frank Arduini says:

    This article, rife already with falsehoods and innuendo (such as the claim that I am a “radical Obama supporter”), ends with a blatant and absolute lie.

    Jack Minor claims that “Major General Horst and Frank Arduini both declined requests for comment.”

    While I cannot speak for my classmate Karl, I can assert that Minor made no effort at all to contact me for comment on this story. I received no phone calls, no emails, no Facebook messages… no request from Minor or anybody representing the Greeley Gazette for comment. Jack minor never even tried to get in touch with me… a trivial exercise had he actually wanted to.

    What is even worse, the collaboration between Jack Minor and WND propagandist Jerome Corsi (proven here by Minor’s publication of my email to Corsi) should have included knowledge that Corsi and I have spoken about this and I absolutely did comment when requested.

    Since Minor’s journalistic integrity is proven nonexistent, I will voluntarily provide my comments here.

    I have never spoken with Major General Horst about anything having to do with Terry Lakin, with Birthism, with President Obama or with politics in general. The last time I had any opportunity to speak with Karl was at our 30th Class Reunion in April of 2008… before there was any such thing as “Birthers.” If we even spoke at all I do not recall, but if we did it would have been about the sad state of Army football, and not politics.

    I have had no contact of any kind with Karl Horst for more than three years.

    One additional point must be made regarding the despicable collusion between Jack Minor and Jerome Corsi represented by this article. Jack is also lying when he claims that in a recent comment I named my employer. In point of fact, I have never once mentioned the company I work for in any comment on any issue I have ever posted on-line. The fact that Facebook makes such information available when its widget is used by third parties is unfortunate…. but it does not constitute any “mention” on my part.

    My comments and opinions have always been mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of my company or its leadership.

    And yet Corsi and Minor have used that connection in what appears to be nothing less than an attempt to silence Constitutionally protected free speech on the part of somebody who has proven inconvenient to them. The calls to my company are nothing less than a barely concealed effort to get an ordinary American citizen fired from from his livelihood as retribution for understanding the law and defending the eligibility of our President.

    Most of us can reflect back on history and recognize other times when political propagandists used the power of their pen to intimidate and punish ordinary people who spoke out for truth. Jack Minor should be ashamed.

    I demand a retraction of the lies and an apology from the Greeley Gazette for participation in the attempted politically motivated punishment of an ordinary American citizen for practicing their rights to free speech. Anything less exposes the Gazette to far more severe judgment than they attempted to inflict on me.

  3. Paige Matthews says:

    There sure are a lot of weasel words in this blog post parading as journalism. “May” and “unclear”? What you have is the unsupported dot-connecting of sometime pool lifeguard and full time conspiracy theorist Tracy Dorsey Fiat, who took it had when Lakin pleaded guilty to several of the charges and was convicted on the remaining two. That Lakin conceded the legality of the orders is what sealed his fate, and Gen. Horst had no choice but to sign off on the ultralight sentence that the panel graciously handed to the Blue Falcon. Only a diehard birther sees a boogeymen in classmate friendships.

  4. Arthur B. says:

    There have been a lot of rumors and conflicting stories about the Lakin trial. Fortunately, many of the answers are now easy to come by.

    For example, Judge Lind never said that discovery might embarrass the President. Another example — not only did Lakin admit that the orders he disobeyed were valid, legal orders, he admitted that he knew they were such at the time he disobeyed them — and he admitted it under oath.

    These facts and many others should no longer be in dispute because the full transcript of the court-martial is now available.

  5. chick says:

    why oh why did Barry knowingly conceal his “LBC” while Lakin was on trial when Barry could have pulled it out of his hat to settle the matter. he let a military man dither, then JOKED about his “LBC” and suddenly pulled it out in late April?

    what a sick man Barry is to do this.

  6. Mary Adams says:


    Quite some libel you go goin’ here Jack.

    BTW, it is only RWNJs that don’t believe in the first (or many other) amendment(s).

  7. Arthur B. says:

    @chick —

    I’m not sure what you mean by “settle the matter.” As you point out, he produced it in April, but as far as the diehard birthers are concerned that hasn’t settled anything. I think it’s disingenuous to suggest that it would have had a different effect had it been produced during the court-martial.

    But, more to the point, no birth certificate could have settled anything with regard to the Lakin trial, because the only issue was whether or not he was guilty of disobeying lawful orders and missing movement. As the judge ruled, the question of the President’s birth was irrelevant to those charges, so there’s no way that any of his documentation could have had any effect on the outcome. He entered guilty pleas to the charges of disobeying orders and was convicted by a jury of missing movement.

    The transcript is here:


  8. fort bragg knows says:

    In answer to ‘chick’ above, Lakin disobeyed orders. It wouldn’t have mattered if ‘Barry’ had shown his birth certificate. Lakin and his bloated attorney, Jensen, lied that “this would all go away if Obama would only show his birth certificate. Once Lakin decided to disobey orders, his fate was sealed.

    If you’re in the military, you do not question orders – period. You can be assured that Lakin has no support for what he did from any military personel, other than perhaps some sympathy for being duped into the birther mantra.

  9. Horst and Arduini you are worse than traitors.

    Horst I have met scum generals like yourself in the past that only care about power and not the soldiers or you oath. You should have all of your rank pulled and your retirement and should be sitting in a jail cell for what you did to Terry Lakin.

    Arduini you are a disgusting tic. This has nothing to do with whether you are guilty of undue influence. Your character and actions have already proven who you both are.

  10. No One says:

    I guess if one uses the magically word “may” it makes it OK to make any outrageous claims about an individual. Like the first sentence of this story says “An Obama supporter, who is a frequent commenter on “birther” stories and other forums, MAY have unduly influenced the general who approved Lt. Col. Lakin’s sentence following his court-martial.” Does it make it true? Not without some credible evidence to back it up.

    Based on this “standard”, I guess it is acceptable to say that Jack Minor, Jerry Corsi or KenyanBornObamAcorn MAY be child molesters. I guess in Jack Minor or the birthers world, truth and facts are meaningless. The only important thing to remember is to say the word “MAY”.

  11. No One says:

    Chick, The reason Lakin was court martialed had nothing to do with Obama’s B/C. It had everything to do with the fact that Lakin made the decision to willingly disobey a number of lawful orders. No one force Lakin to disobey these orders, it was his own choice. If Obama showed up in the courtroom and presented the judge with a copy of his B/C, Lakin would still have been found quilty because Lakin himself admitted in court that he had in fact disobeyed lawful orders. Do you think that Lakin is the only birther in the military? We know from other court cases that he is not. Lakin was however the only one foolish enough to disobey orders. Frankly, I, as a retired military member, wonder if his decision had more to do with his deployment to Afghanistan than Obama. One has to ask if Lakin was simply a coward. Why else did he wait until he had orders oversea to disobey orders? He had plenty of opportunity to do it long before he had these orders.

  12. Paige Matthews says:

    We were wondering when phantom dot-connector Tracy would show up to pimp her video. Like Pavlov’s dog she shows up whenever the name “Lakin” sets off her Google alert.

  13. CJ says:

    If I was Frank Arduini, I would sue the Greely Gazette for slander. If so, I would gladly contribute money to help pay for his lawyer. I have seen tabloid newspapers/magazines that had more integrity than this article. It is a dam shame there are members of the Birtha movement, whose level of intelligence is low enough to believe that the so call facts this article are true.

  14. Edward says:

    “If Horst was under pressure or used his authority to ensure Lakin’s conviction, it could have represented what the military refers to as “Undue Command Influence.”

    Mighty big if there, considering Blue Falcon Lakin pled guilty to 3 of the 4 charges and was then convicted on the 4th. Of course, Lakin was directly told by his superiors that if he missed movement, he would be court-martialed. Heck he invited it live on Youtube. He asked his questions of his superiors, he decided he did not like those answers and sadly ended what had been a promising career for the sake of a conspiracy theory. He put American lives in danger, those wounded in action in Afghanistan he was supposed to be caring for when he pulled his stunt and a real hero, Major Dobson went into danger with less than adequate preparation.

    Nah, none of it is Lakin’s fault. He’s not personally responsible for his actions. It has to be a conspiracy because the outcome was, like all birther idiocy masquerading as legal proceedings, accurately predicted by non-birthers from the beginning. It’s gotta be that Frank guy’s fault because, um, well, it has to be. I know, let’s harass his employer because he outrageously exercises his free speech on the subject of the President being eligible to hold office.

    And @chick, yeah because the birthers didn’t immediately declare the long form released by Obama a forgery made in Photoshop even though the metadata indicates that the PDF was made by OS X, there was a valid chain of custody from the State of Hawaii to the White House and the State of Hawaii vouches for said document on its own website. Plus Lakin you know, released that statement saying he was sorry and he accepts the President as eligible. Oh wait, no he didn’t say that now did he? Say, if the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama pardoned Lakin, would Terry accept such a thing from a fraudulent usurper?

  15. Jack's Back says:

    Don’t let that Frank guy intimidate you, Jack. All this never called or checked or confirmed b.s., we know the truth. The truth is LTC Lakin was forced to plead guily by a military slavishly following orders from the great Sotero. Retraction? Come on, so what is your article about Frank is wrong, that’s not the point here. Who cares if you got a few facts mixed up. Typical whining OBOT, make a few mistakes in print and they want you to ignore Lakin entirely. The Army has done far worse to the American people. I say, I’ve got your back, Jack

  16. Frank Arduini says:

    I wish to make a retraction. It appears that Jack Minor did send an e-mail to an obscure email account of mine that I almost never use… and the spam filter sent it right into trash. It is fascinating that while Minor was repeatedly in touch with Jerome Corsi on this issue and knew that Corsi has first spoken with me several weeks ago by phone, he never bothered to try and call me… even though Corsi possessed both my work and cellphone # .

    See Jack? I can correct my errors. When will you retract your lie that I declined to comment?

  17. Richard says:


    It wouldn’t have mattered when the birth certificate was published (the second one, the first one was fully sufficient). ex-con Lakin was punished for not following legal commands given to him. That Lakin didn’t like the prior replies he received from his chain of command was his personal problem. Lakin was stupid enough to throw away a career and his pension over the issue.

  18. Loren says:

    “he never bothered to try and call me… even though Corsi possessed both my work and cellphone # .”

    He also, as you noted above, didn’t attempt to contact you through Facebook. Even though, as the photo in the article above demonstrates, he was familiar with your Facebook account.

  19. Reality Check says:


    “The truth is LTC Lakin was forced to plead guily by a military slavishly following orders from the great Sotero.”

    What did they do? Threaten to court martial him unless he confessed? :)

    @Pambly Barnett

    How is your case against Damon Dunn going? You are disgrace to black female service personnel everywhere.

  20. Arthur B. says:

    @Jack’s Back — “The truth is LTC Lakin was forced to plead guily by a military slavishly following orders from the great Sotero.”

    LOL, that’s the truth, is it? Have you read the transcript? Lakin swore, under oath, that his guilty pleas were totally voluntary:

    Judge: Are you pleading guilty voluntarily and of your own free will?
    Lakin: Yes, ma’am.
    Judge: Has anyone made any threat, or in any way tried to force you to plead guilty?
    Lakin: No, ma’am.

    (p. 162)

    Are you suggesting that he is also guilty of perjury?

  21. GreatGrey says:

    CPT Pamela Barnett, Ret., if you can tear yourself from writing briefs for Orly Taitz, you might take an afternoon and read the transcript from Lakin’s Court Martial.

    It’s clear who failed their sworn obligation, and it wasn’t Mr. Arduini or General Horst.

  22. jtmunkus says:

    Mr. Arduini exemplifies the type of stand-up American patriot that frequents The Fogbow: committed to the Constitution (all of it), passionate about his freedoms and willing to stand up for them against arbitrary and baseless attacks, like those of the birthers and of the Greeley Gazette.

    And like everybody I’ve come across in the reality-based world, he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong.

  23. SueDB says:

    Are you suggesting that he is also guilty of perjury?

    He IS a convicted criminal after all.

    Someone didn’t read the trial transcript…shame shame…

  24. heyjude says:

    Jack Minor went to the trial personaly. how can you say he has it wrong about what went on at the trial. were you there? did’t think so. all you supporters of obama had better. read the facts. and who said mr minor was a child molester? that is pretty low.

  25. Dwgiht Sullivan says:

    This article contains obvious factual errors. Major General Horst didn’t act on the case on April 22, 2011, which would have been past the 120-day post-trial processing standard for convening authority actions. He acted on April 7, 2011.

    Additionally, switching from the position of Commander of the U.S. Army Military District of Washington and Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region to the position of Chief of Staff, U.S. Central Command isn’t a promotion. It’s a transfer or PCS.

    The article’s inclusion of two such obvious factual errors is probably indicative of the care with which the rest of the article was prepared.

  26. Reality Check says:

    @ heyjude

    “Jack Minor went to the trial personaly. [sic] how can you say he has it wrong about what went on at the trial. were you there? did’t [sic] think so. all you supporters of obama had better. read the facts. and who said mr minor was a child molester? that is pretty low.”

    Easy, we have other eye witness accounts from folks who know military justice like COL Sullivan and COL Cave and we have the transcript now. Do you think the transcript is inaccurate?

    No one said Jack Minor was a child molester. Someone only said he might be. That statement is technical true and proper according to the same journalistic principles applied in this article.

  27. Arthur B. says:

    Another tidbit that no one has mentioned here yet: Lakin was entitled to an automatic appeal of his conviction. If he or his attorneys believed there were irregularities in his court-martial, that appeal was their opportunity to expose and rectify them. If they really believed, for example, that Judge Lind erred in her rulings on the legality of his orders, or on the admissibility of evidence, here was the chance to have those rulings revisited. If there was evidence of undue command influence, this was the time to bring it forward.

    But just as he waived his Article 32 hearing and forfeited some of his earlier appeal rights, he has now also withdrawn his case from review by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals.

    It seems to me that his supporters like the idea of whining about the injustices they perceive to have occurred in his prosecution and conviction, but shrink into the woodwork when confronted with an actual opportunity to have their grievances aired through legal channels. It gives the unmistakable impression that they are interested in shedding heat rather than light.

  28. ColoradoLady says:

    Gee, that Frank Arduini is HOT! Looks like he’s keeping that body in top shape! AND he’s a West Point graduate AND has a successful career? AND he won’t be bullied by bloggers? WOW, my dream guy!!!!!

  29. heyjude says:


  30. JB says:

    Frank is a Fag troll…who lives under Obama’s desk!

  31. i’ve been doing battle with wong kim ark for three months on politicalforum.com

    apparently frank has many aka’s, on many forums, as “defender of the president’s eligibilty”.

    however he may represent himself here, i can tell you that he is condescending and treats any people who don’t believe in obama, like crap.

    while i respect his education at west point, and his service to our country, i knew immediately that he was in the tank for obama, and is willing to say anything to humiliate or belittle anyone who would dare to question the presidents past. i’ve even asked him, over and over, if he was working for obama, the whitehouse, the dnc, even the cia.

    frank is brilliant, there is no doubt, but his arrogance and snotty overture speak to his character, in my mind, i am glad that he is being exposed in this new spot, after all… sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    i hope this moves us closer to the big story, which is the abject corruption of the “president” of the united states, and the main stream media, who are desperate to kill the forged birth certificate story.

    obama is a fake and it stinks, and i hope this country gets it’s act together very soon, to move through this most dreadful period of american history.

    if you don’t believe me, please go to politicalforum.com and read anything by the egotisital and impudent wong kim ark, there’s your frank arduini, i believe a man’s character is held within the way he treats people. read some of his posts for yourself, then you’ll see what kind of people are defending the great fraudulent messiah that’s destroying our country.

    political forum.com frank arduini is wong kim ark

    scott erlandson founder/editor WashingtonAmerica.com

  32. Reality Check says:

    @ Arthur B. who said:

    “It seems to me that his supporters like the idea of whining about the injustices they perceive to have occurred in his prosecution and conviction, but shrink into the woodwork when confronted with an actual opportunity to have their grievances aired through legal channels. It gives the unmistakable impression that they are interested in shedding heat rather than light.”

    Very good point Arthur. I am reminded of another time a Birther ran away from an opportunity to bring their evidence to court. In the Hollister v Soetoro case. Phil Berg petitioned to be admitted pro hoc vice (the legal term for temporary admission to practice in a different court) to represent Greg Hollister in DC District court. Judge James Robertson told Berg to first bring bring his “proof” that Obama was not a natural born citizen to his court. Berg declined and never went to DC rather than be humiliated.

  33. Paige Matthews says:

    Aww, Scottie — you’ve been getting your butt kicked on another forum, by someone armed with facts, better knowledge, and superior debate skills.

    BTW, I agree that Frank is smokin’ HOT. If’ I weren’t married ………………

  34. jtmunkus says:

    @ heyjude: Typical birther double standard; it’s okay to say Mr. Arduini “may” have influenced Lakin’s trial (guilty plea) which on its face is clearly preposterous, with nothing more than speculation to back it up. ” TO SAY MR MINOR MIGHT BE A CHILD MOLESTER IS NO DIFFERENT THAN SAYING THAT HE IS.”

    Of course, let’s not forget how the birthers love to take things out of context. [NoOne] did not accuse anyone of anything, except people like heyjude (whose very existence slanders our esteemed Fab Four) of manipulating words by taking them out of context to benefit and conform to this nonsensical birther agenda.

  35. AmjInTheUK says:

    Convict Lakin deserves a swift boot from the Army after his failure to accompany his unit to a war zone, where his absence, as a doctor, may have caused deaths to those on the battlefield. He is a coward and guilty of sedition, IMO. He pled guilty to his crimes and got off lightly, as deserters used to face a more appropriate punishment in times of war.

  36. jh4freedom says:

    Lieutenant Colonel Lakin pleaded guilty to two of the three specifications against him. He was convicted on the third specification by a jury composed of 8 Colonels. Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s Commanding Officer, one of three active duty winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor testified against him at sentencing.
    Just this past week, Lieutenant Colonel Lakin withdrew his appeal of his convictions.
    Any action of General Horst is moot in light of the facts in evidence listed above.

  37. Arthur B. says:

    @R/C — “I am reminded of another time a Birther ran away from an opportunity…”

    It’s the same question regarding why Ankeny wasn’t appealed to SCOTUS. For all their whining about how a state court’s holdings aren’t binding in the federal arena, and how nothing short of a SCOTUS ruling would satisfy them, for some reason the opportunity to file the appeal just sort of slipped by. And I haven’t heard a peep out of the plaintiffs since.

    Odd thing, isn’t it? It was the perfect opportunity to have the Supreme Court uphold Vattel. No need for nonsense over birth certificates — he’s frog-marched outa there.

    I can’t imagine what went wrong.

  38. Wow Jack, you brought some of the Big Guns out attacking, with this article. You got Obama’s butt buddy Sullivan and ya even brought out Professor Rockwell aka Relaity Check, you are obviously hitting a nerve!

    Bet they can’t wait for their Exposes to come out!

    I CAN’T!

  39. Patrick says:

    This is disgusting! This is Corsi-esque innuendo without a single shred of evidence. You produce no evidence of influence on the part of Major General Horst by Frank Arduini, only the coincidence of them being classmates. Nor do you produce a single shred of evidence of Horst exerting undue influence over the proceedings against Terry Lakin, an open-and-shut case if there ever was one.

    This is nothing more than a transparent attempt to harm someone who merely chooses to exercise his free speech and criticize the birther movement, a movement that deserves criticism for its appalling dishonesty and campaign of misinformation.

  40. Patrick says:

    Arthur B., regarding Arkeny and Kruse, the pro se litigants who exposed their embarrassing ignorance for all to see by suggesting that Obama and McCain were running for “chief electors,” the Indiana Court of Appeals ruling IS binding on the Federal level. Their ruling stands as final unless they reverse themselves or a higher court overrules them. If the SCOTUS denies cert, as they should on every one of these stupid things, then Indiana Court of Appeals stands as final.

  41. paige are you an obot too ?? meet with the fogbow guys in the mall garage at three in the morning ??.

    you guys are busted, deal with it. by the way, frank disappeared when i asked him the tough question about recreating the forgery as a scan. six times… who’s the debater now ?? meh…

    dogbow is washedbow now.

  42. effe jack says:

    Jack Minor is minor indeed. At least you can wrap fish with the trib.

  43. LibertyGrace says:

    Thanks I will keep an eye out for “HistorianDude” or “DirtBag” by any other name.

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