Transit Center Will Replace Transfer Center

At the City Council Worksession on July 19th, a number of Greeley citizens addressed the council to express  dislike of a proposal to change the transfer center from Lincoln Park Library to the Depot. In particular, they were concerned about their own and others’; particularly disabled individuals’, ability to cross 8th Avenue safely.

After hearing from additional citizens with similar concerns, Brad Patterson, Transit Services Manager for the City of Greeley, and the Traffic Services Manager Fred Jones, investigated the pedestrian crossing of 8th Avenue. Mr. Patterson and  Mr. Jones timed the crossing with citizens who were afraid they would be in danger. The pedestrian crossing times are adequate right now. Should any problems be experienced, the Traffic Services Manager will adjust the traffic lights and lengthen the time available to cross the street.

The Greeley City Council approved further development of a plan to create a transit center at the Depot. Currently, bus customers transfer busses at Lincoln Library. Roughly three blocks away is the Depot, which will become an actual transit center, connecting more than just the buses in Greeley. According to Patterson, the improvements will be very positive for transportation ease and growth in the city. The facilities at the Depot are excellent and include public restrooms. Currently, people waiting for the bus use the restrooms at the library.
One of the primary benefits of the proposed transit center is that there is much more space for buses at the Depot, and more parking available for cars. The train tracks are connected to the Depot, and should Amtrak renew services to Greeley, the train would likely stop at the depot. Additionally, the Greyhound station is just one block from the Depot, but Greyhound could possibly change that to the Depot, as the company did in Fort Collins. Furthermore, future planning of mass transit to Denver from Greeley could also use that corridor, and thus the transit center. Of course this would probably not occur for at least a decade or longer, re-locating the transfer center – and actually creating a transit center – will help to better provide transportation in and around Greeley and better connect Greeley’s bus system with regional and nation-wide transportation systems, according to Patterson.

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