Group wants “affirmative action” for gays in military


by Jack Minor  —

Not being content with the military allowing homosexuals to serve, activists are now pushing for the government to actively recruit “gays” and open the service to bi-sexual and transgendered individuals.

OutServe, which bills itself as an organization comprised of LGBT members of the military has planned a “coming out” party in October where it hopes to help build an LGBT professional network to help formulate strategies to promote further acceptance of their lifestyle by service members.

Sponsors of the event include the CIA, and the Log Cabin Republicans.

Active duty officer “J.D. Smith”, who founded OutServe says now that the ban on homosexuals has been lifted, the military needs to actively recruit members of the LGBT community. “J.D. Smith” is an alias since the military ban is still in effect.

In an e-mail with the Washington Times, Smith said “Absolutely, we endorse the DoD advertising recruiting for the gay community. The DoD regularly attends public events to recruit, and we believe they should be at Pride events next year around the country to let the gay community know the opportunities to serve their nation.”

Elaine Donnelly, head of the Center for Military Readiness said allowing transgenders into the military was always the goal of “gay” advocates.

“The first thing that the Palm Center called for after the repeal was certified, was to allow marriage benefits for same-sex couples and allowing transgenders to serve as well.” Donnelly said “It is not the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it is the implementation of LGBT law and its full effect has yet to be outlined. Regulations have not been presented for the review of Congress.” The Palm Center states its research on sexual minorities in the military was instrumental in repealing DADT.

The Pentagon has not made it clear how uniform regulations will apply to transgendered individuals. For instance, will a man be permitted to wear a skirt for uniforms that permit it based on his sexual orientation at the time?

During the debate on the repeal of the Revolutionary War ban on homosexuals serving, lawmakers were assured that the repeal would not apply to transgenders and that the Defense of Marriage Act would prevent the government from granting benefits to same-sex couples.

Donnelly said the military is not designed to have special advocacy groups. ‘It’s like setting up a labor union. It would be totally improper to have any special interest group making demands to the institution to which they belong.” Donnelly continued, “When you set up separate factions to make demands to the Department of Defense that is totally divisive and contrary to unit cohesion.”

According to Donnelly the new recruitment demands by homosexuals  amount to “affirmative action” for the military.

Admiral Mike Mullen certified to Congress that repeal of DADT would not affect readiness on July 22. The repeal will take effect 60 days later, on Sept. 20.

The Gazette previously reported that the survey used to support the repeal was skewed to show support for repealing the ban by manipulating the data.

A memo dated October 7, 2010 reporting on statistics in the troop survey stated that “53.6 percent of Service members said repeal would have a neutral impact … 16. 7 percent said repeal would have a positive impact. In other words, just over 70 percent of Service members believe repeal either has a neutral or positive impact on unit cohesion, readiness, effectiveness and morale.” 

While it was clear that only 16.7 percent of troops were supportive of repealing the ban, this memo apparently became part of the basis for the 70 percent support that was quoted in the media and during the Senate debate on the repeal. 

To arrive at the 70 percent figure one had to combine the results from four different categories, very positively, positively, mixed and no effect. One could just as easily have concluded that 82 percent of respondents said the effect of repealing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don”t Tell’ policy would be negative, mixed or no effect.

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