President to Boehner – security, really?

The schedule for the Republican presidential debate has been set for months. So why would even the most avid Obama supporters believe that his selection of the same evening to ask for a joint session of congress for a speech was anything other than a clever attempt to upstage his opposition candidates?

Because Jay Carney, White House spokesman, said so.

But clearly, in the aftermath of the President’s request, the obvious became so embarrassing that defending the request publicly by denying the reality appeared to make the President look even more incompetent about running his own office staff than the American economy. When Spokesman Jay Carney made his silly statement that the President’s timing was unrelated to the debate there was no one in the room – including Carney – who believed him. In fact such a ridiculous statement must have even made Obama cringe, which is saying something.

But Senate Majority Leader John Boehner’s response was only moderately less ridiculous. Although plausible, Boehner suggested the logistics of the security issues could interfere with the President’s schedule. After all, Boehner explained in a letter to Obama, that date is the first day congress is back in session and a late day vote would delay the necessary security sweep of the chamber.

There isn’t anything about Obama’s request to analyze, it was purely political. He is a politician, so that’s fine. But what about that security issue Boehner raised? Think about that for a minute. It is reported that it takes nearly two hours to conduct a security sweep of the meeting chambers of the Senate of The United States before the President can come there for a meeting. Why? What does that say about the senators? What does it say about the capitol police? What does it say about Washington, D.C., where the restrictions on personal gun ownership are the strictest in the nation? How much do these sweeps cost taxpayers? And how much did it cost taxpayers to “sweep” Martha’s Vineyard?

Boehner was mildly criticized for not being more critical in denying Obama’s request. But what if his concerns were actually based on the reality of the security issues? If so, Boehner should be severely criticized for not being forthcoming and shutting down Obama’s grandstanding effort on its own political merit!

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  1. Not My Name says:

    Dry your eyes and get off the tanning bed, you Fascist piece of Garbage. Maybe you and Graham can hold hands walking around the park.

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