Tour de Fat returns to Ft. Collins

Festival bikers are ready to roll

Thousands of fun seekers dressed up as everything from alligators and hot dogs to tacos and zebras as they mounted their bikes and took over the streets of Ft. Collins Saturday morning for a wild street party named the Tour de Fat. The event begins as a church bell somewhere in the distance strikes 10am, and nearly two solid miles of city streets become a colorful wave moving in a parade of sorts in which it seems impossible to tell the participants from the spectators.

The goal, for the most part, is to raise funds to support local bicycle groups and their projects focusing on bicycling in and around Larimer and Weld Counties. Grills sizzle and beer flows rapidly until 4pm, when city officials hope the crowd will shrink to a more manageable size before the sun sets on the first day of the long Labor Day weekend.

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