Indonesia: Ministry of Health approves “guidelines” for female genital mutilation

A young girl is held while siccors are used to mutilate her

A young girl is held down while scissors are used to mutilate her

By Craig Masters
The photos are horrific. Groups of young Muslim girls gathered by their own mothers and other family members, held down and screaming in pain while the perverted followers of the political system called Islam mutilate their sex organs in a mass “ceremony” totally endorsed and practiced throughout the Muslim world. But Indonesia has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world and the government’s ability to even slow down this barbaric practice of mutilation of female genitalia has failed so miserably that the Ministry of Health finally decided to try to reduce the severity of these bloody mutilations by publishing approved “guidelines.”

According to a report published in the Jakarta Globe, guidelines on how to perform female genital mutilation/cutting issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health could cause an increase in the practice, medical experts and rights groups fear. The “guidelines” are not an approval for the practice, but the hope is, “This will give doctors a new motivation to circumcise [girls] because now they can say the Ministry of Health approves of this, and the Indonesian Council of Ulema [MUI] approves of it,” said Jurnalis Uddin, a doctor and lecturer at Yarsi University in Jakarta.

The hope is that if a doctor performs the service, there might at least be some anesthetic relief and sterile instruments; unlike used razor blades and no effort at all to avoid infection. After all, according to the teachings of the founder of Islam, an openly homosexual zoophile named Muhammad, Muslim men are expected to ensure the sexual obedience of their women by mutilating them to the point of eliminating their ability to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Experts say there has been increasing support for the practice from Muslim groups since the downfall of authoritarian Indonesian leader, Suharto, in 1998, resulting in greater religious and political freedom, known as “Reformasi.”

“Before Reformasi, female genital mutilation/circumcision [FGM/C] was mostly done on an individual basis, but since Reformasi, it has been done in mass events,” said Siti Musda Mulia, an academic specializing in Islamic studies, who initially conducted research on the process during the Suharto era, and has conducted follow-up research since 1998.

According to a report published by the Huffington Post in February of 2011, the United Nations released an estimate of 90% of women in Egypt have been subjected to sexual organ mutilation. And the numbers are expected to be as high in at least a dozen more countries among the 28 countries currently identified as having widespread female mutilation practices. But worse news will probably come from within the previously closed societies of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan where Islamic practices are compounded by centuries of in-breeding which have resulted in a population with a lower IQ than the rest of the world.

But the sexual deviancy of practicing Muslims has an economic impact as well as a mental one. Mental abuse resulting from the Islamic standard practice of sexual abuse of young boys has resulted in lack of both ambition, and the feeling of destitution. According to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency report on the economic output of the north African coastal region, the non-oil GDP of the entire region is less than the state of Georgia (2009, $395billion). This indicates that employment opportunities are non-existent. The lack of opportunity and hopelessness, combined with a genetically reduced IQ ,is the ideal breeding ground for terrorists convinced they can have more sex in their afterlife if they simply follow just one last order by an imam who may well have sexually abused then as young boys.

There is one beneficial aspect of the predictable sexual perversion of Muslim leaders. Al Qaeda leader, Abu al-Zarkawi, was attending a regularly scheduled Thursday night homosexual orgy that had become “legalized’ by the local Imam who had declared that Allah was busy on Thursdays so there would be no sin for the guy on the bottom. Remember, the man on top is not committing a sin, according to the Quran.

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8 Responses to Indonesia: Ministry of Health approves “guidelines” for female genital mutilation

  1. Lauren says:

    I spit on islam

  2. Arachnae says:

    Ah yes… a peaceful people. God would not have given women such physical attributes if they were not meant to be there. Islam is a sick and degenerate society because they are NOT a religion!!

  3. mjazz says:

    This is horrible; the word circumcision should be left out of the description, since there is no known medical benefit for females, as there is with males.
    The really sad part is that European muslims often fly the practitioners into their adopted countries to perform this mutilation. No civilized country should have any part of this.

  4. Steven says:

    Barbarians……. pure and simple…!!!

  5. mimi flatt says:

    And how many of these are being done here in Greeley? Come on, take a guess……….

  6. Charity says:

    This is very sad. I don’t understand the reasons behind this mutilation. They say it will keep women from being unfaithful due to sexual wants, but wouldn’t her husband be just as likely to be unfaithful? Why is he not mutilated to the point where he can’t feel pleasure? I’m currently writing a paper on the oppression of Islamic women. The saddest part is that what’s happening to these women now is probably exactly what Muhammad intended.

  7. Eldin says:

    This article is so fallacious, and malign. They do not give one proof this is in Islam. Please do not believe this lunacy.

  8. Maya says:

    Well it’s actually not like that, we did it not like the FGM you ever heard, we’re just taking off the preputium that’s it we done here. And you’re not have to, you can do it if want and you don’t have to if you doesn’t want it. It wasn’t like the FGM which is take a whole labia or something crazy like that. Beside we did in under anesthesia and it did by doctor. We’re not as barbarian you think. Don’t trust everything you read guys, take a look by your own eyes.. What kind of article is it,, it’s not a true at all. It’s just public deception .

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