Nebraska veteran discharged over Obama eligibility issue wants to conduct church revivals


by Jack Minor –

An Air Force enlisted man who was quickly discharged after he began questioning Obama’s eligibility to be president has said he would like to go around the country conducting revival meetings in churches regarding America’s moral decay.

SSgt Daryn Moran, an ophthalmology technician with the 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, said the series of events that led to his discharge first began after Congress repealed the Revolutionary War ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

Moran was a career veteran with over 13 years of service including four years in the Marine Corps.

Moran said he began to get frustrated when his superiors began to implement training telling preparing soldiers to openly welcome homosexuals into the ranks. Moran said military leaders kept the issue at the forefront of all training. “The topic was in front of our face all of the time. When it wasn’t there it was kind of out of sight, out of mind. But they kept putting it up there saying we needed to accept the ‘gay’ lifestyle.” Moran expressed sentiments similar to the majority of service members who are opposed to lifting the ban. “General George Washington didn’t accept it, so why should we?”

Moran became concerned with how serving in an openly homosexual culture would conflict with his biblically based beliefs. While conducting research on the issue he came across web sites that showed questions continue to remain regarding Obama’s eligibility to be president. Moran said he also began to be concerned over the military’s deferential treatment towards Muslims.

The Defense Department issued a memo instructing service members in handling the Koran. The memo says soldiers are to wear gloves when handling the Koran and to primarily use the right hand while handling it. Soldiers have also been told to take special care while conducting searches of rooms where the Koran might be present. Soldiers have not received similar instructions for handling the Bible, which Christians consider to be just as sacred as the Koran.

“I feel like I’m supporting the flag of whatever those Islamic countries are and the rainbow flag, and not the red, white, and blue.” Moran said.

Moran’s research into Obama’s eligibility prompted him to refuse to obey orders until the question was addressed. Following his decision, Moran was quickly discharged in an extremely short amount of time.

Moran said after returning from leave he was involved in a discussion involving the eligibility issue with civilians who worked with his unit. The following day he was removed from the clinic where he worked.

By the end of the week he received a letter of counseling stating that he could become violent. Moran said that was ridiculous saying that at no time did he raise his voice or show anger in the conversations regarding homosexuals, Muslims or Obama’s eligibility. “They were just normal conversations like people do at work.”

“I worked with a Muslim doctor in the clinic and the two of us never had any problems.” Moran went on to say the Air Force then told him they were going to let him out with a medical discharge. “They basically put me out to pasture.”

While on leave, he advised his superiors that he would not follow orders until Obama had proved his eligibility. “I believe those reports that say the birth certificate the President presented in April is a forgery. Obama is an enemy of this country.”

Moran posted his decision not to follow orders online saying, “I’ve identified why I will not follow orders in the military anymore. Should B. Obama provide an original birth certificate from Hawaii that professionals prove valid, it would be nice to know he was born in our country, instead of still having no rational reason to believe he was. He cannot change the fact that his dad was never an American citizen, and I won’t be addressing the natural born citizen clause at this moment, except to say, of course, I believe, as an American, that the founders meant two citizen parents and that our history of court rulings etc. fully validate this.”

Moran continued,”The crux now lies in what will B. Obama do. If B. Obama learns not to lie, and indeed tells the truth, he deserves credit for his change of heart. My personal primary concern is to be as solid as a rock in my battle against his known lying and forgery, for this I will die. However, all other issues and circumstances can be worked out and there is no need for such rock solid standing.”

Following his statement, the Air Force issued a statement saying he was not AWOL but was “currently outprocessing for discharge from the Air Force, which was previously approved by his commander on August 4th.”

Moran said the reason for the discrepancy in his status was that after he posted online that he was AWOL,  he received a phone call from the Air Force advising him they had placed him on leave.

Moran received a phone call on Aug. 17 asking him to come back to the base because they had the discharge orders  ready. Moran said he went in around 11:00 a.m. and drove around with an escort to three or four stops including dental, and obtained a new id card. The Air Force flew Moran and his family out of Germany the following morning.

Moran says his discharge proves the military is afraid to tackle the eligibility issue. “Instead of arresting and court martialing me when I called for the arrest of the President, they simply discharged me saying I couldn’t get along with anybody.”

Moran’s case is similar to that of Greeley resident, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. Following a decision by Lakin to not follow orders until Obama proved his eligibility, the Army subsequently court martialed him. Following Lakin’s conviction, he was sentenced to six months in prison at Ft. Leavenworth.

Moran told the Gazette that, now that he is out of the service, he wants to go around to churches and conduct revival meetings. “I realize we are in a spiritual battle. While it is important for Christians to win souls to Christ, we also need to fight against the corruption in our government and society.”

“The attempt to allow transgenders in the military is a complete degradation of our society and our morals.” Moran said he believed Christians were to blame for not taking a stronger stand for biblical principles.

“I point the finger at us Christians; I have been out of church and politics for many years because things were going well in my life and I didn’t think I needed God. Anybody who knows the Lord needs to wake up and do what’s right and try to fix these problems. The lost person is not responsible for destroying this country, as they are just doing what comes naturally.”

In April, following widespread pressure, President Obama released a supposed copy of his long form birth certificate. Prior to its release, the state of Hawaii had declared multiple times they could not release copies of a person’s long form birth certificates to anybody, including the President. Hawaiian officials said that even if the President travelled in person to Hawaii he would be permitted to view his birth certificate but would not be allowed to copy it.

Since the certificate’s release, multiple people have claimed the document is a forgery. The certificate released by the White House does not match the description given by officials. Hawaii Department of Health Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, said she had personally inspected the document and it was half-typewritten and half-handwritten. The document released by the White House does not show any handwriting, but is entirely typed. This has caused some to ask how it can be a true copy of the document Fukino said she saw.

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14 Responses to Nebraska veteran discharged over Obama eligibility issue wants to conduct church revivals

  1. Daryn Moran says:

    The AF must be happy I’m out now, and I’m happy to be out under honorable conditions, indeed grateful to God. However, what I dispute is the ‘personality disorder’ on my DD214. If calling the sin of homosexuality as sin and wanting forged birth certificates held accountable, as well as pointing out the dangers of terrorism in Islam and mosques qualifies as personality disorder, then I guess I have it. But it’s a lie that it’s a disorder.

    Thanks to the author for relating my events and for telling Americans it’s time we all wake up, repent of our sins, and seek God together.

    B. Obama should still be arrested for his fraudulent SSN, selective service number, and fake birth certificate. Of course, many liberals out there can’t seem to understand the facts. Further, his unconstitutional Obamacare, ceasing deporting of illegals and possible hand in the gun-running all show he is an incompetent President and look how our economy has gone under him. Plus, more poor taking free money. His love of everything Islam is beyond alarming. Islamists want to destroy American exceptionalism, our flag, our freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Obama is a traitor to real Americans.

  2. exteacher says:

    Another traitor comes forward. We execute traitors in this country. Do it.

  3. Chili Dawg says:

    Who cares what this moran thinks? Seriously, he’s a nut case. I’m sure the military thought “Good Riddance” when they discharged him.

  4. HistorianDude says:

    Daryn Moran was not “discharged over Obama eligibility issue.” That claim is a lie, and Moran is complicit in his failure to correct. it.

  5. JanetC says:

    I’m a Christian (ex-fundamentalist and ex-conservative). This gentleman is facing the same treatment experienced by non-christian and homosexual folks. How does it feel, Sir? Now you know what your supposed enemy has to face in your world. You were discharged for refusing to follow orders. Period. Your fear is holding you hostage. We pray for you that you will find peace in a messy world.

  6. tpm44 says:

    well another patriot takes a stand and all the nut cases come out in droves. these nut cases are a big part of the problem, they have no clue as to how this country was built and the founding fathers, many who died for this country making it what it was before obama.The constitution, (the same one that allows freedom of speech) meaning these nut cases it even works for them, but if you put all of them together they don’t amount to even 1/4 of one of our forefathers and sadly they will never get it! i doubt any of these nuts ever served in the military, or know our country’s history (or care!) and i would suspect very un-informed and mostly lacking in education, and did i mention that they will be the first to cry if this country heads south and their rights are revoked! they certianly can’t spell….does that tell you something???

  7. AprilL says:

    It seems to me that Daryn Moran is delusional. And by delusional, I mean the dictionary definition of the word: maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness. He didn’t believe the President was a citizen when he published his birth certificate. A birth certificate format that is acceptable for all things in the US, including enlistment in the military. Even when the President published his original, long form birth certificate, he was steadfast in his disbelief with no logical reason for his delusion. When all logic says that document is certainly valid, he refused to believe. Further statements from him indicate a delusion to prefer belief in other ridiculous matters, in spite of available facts to the contrary. Considering his sedition from inside the military and in time of war, he certainly should have been charged with treason. It should be noted that the current “medical discharge” he received used to be referred to as a “Section 8.” It is a sad, sad day for America when such delusional individuals are allowed to run loose in society, spreading their poison as if it were real. I think history will look back at these incidents with the same shame we reserve for slavery and the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.

  8. sabo Pike says:

    Is this intended to be a news story? Balanced? Unbiased? I wouldn’t relay on this writer and medium to say the sun had risen if it were in my eyes. Cite quote from alleged health director, for example.

  9. USAF Ret. says:

    I think the following quote from Mr. Moran illustrates why the Air Force discharged him, “My personal primary concern is to be as solid as a rock in my battle against his (Obama) known lying and forgery, for this I will die.” I don’t know what circumstances he envisions dying for his belief that President Obama is lying, but it is worrying. If he made a similar statement in the workplace, some coworkers may have considered him potentially violent and felt unsafe. We have seen other instances where people have committed violent acts to validate their beliefs. Timothy McVeigh and Nidal Hassan both allegedly murdered people because of their beliefs. He goes on to qualify this statement, “However, all other issues and circumstances can be worked out and there is no need for such rock solid standing.” I don’t know if his personality disorder diagnosis was valid or a politically expedient reason to quietly get rid of him. Either way he is now free, as a civilian, to behave in a manner that does not affect the good order and discipline of his unit.

  10. sally says:

    Moran needs to check out our forefathers; I have forgotten how many were NOT born to
    two natural born parents. Do you get it? Several of our first presidents were NOT born
    to two U.S. Citizens. One in fact was born to two Dutch citizens, and spoke only Dutch
    in the home. English was a second language to him. LOOK IT UP …. Duhhhhhhhh

  11. Daryn Moran says:

    Just to clear it up. I’m willing to die for the Flag and in defense of the Constitution. The current military doesn’t honor their oaths to defend against enemies both foreign and domestic.

    I spent hours in a number of offices about the homosexuality issue, the Islam issue, and the birth certificate. All of it is part of why I left.

    In the past, I did not address dissenters, but since I am now in the States, and actively seeking to hold the President accountable for his actions, it kind of goes without saying that his supporters may well be setting themselves up as enemies of both the US Constitution and our country.

    I am no more mentally ill than any of you and have no more personality disorder than any of you. The truth is that the military now condones the sin of LGBT lifestyle choices. Does society? God rained fire on Sodom and Gomorrah for it.

    The proof exists for anyone who can read intelligently that Obama is a criminal. Just propaganda holds some of you in belief he is in innocent.

    Now, that could well be delusional.

    Like school kids, you have grown Americans calling each other names. I indeed am willing to die for my beliefs, not as some suicide bomber or threat to society but if defense of my family or country or Constitution requires it.

    But, the current military is not the place to be dying for a fraudulent Commander in Chief. Soon, all military personnel will be aware of their predicament, as well as everyday Americans. And, some at the top may be held responsible when Obama is convicted of his crimes.

    Truth always wins out. Someone should let Obama and his supporters know this fact, although I’m sure that again, like school children, their version of the truth is something entirely different.

    Hence, we must pray and seek God. We do need revival.

  12. HistorianDude says:


    What does you DD-214 say in field 11c?

  13. USAF Ret. says:

    Mr. Moran, I advise you not to divulge your personal info, especially on the internet. Do not give your separation code or any other info. Contact a veteran;’s service organization (DAV, VFW, etc.) for assistance with the VA.

  14. Bob says:


    You is one screwy fruit-loop.

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