“Gay” marriage supporters abandon attempts to repeal ban in Colorado


by Jack Minor –

College students who attempted to place an amendment on next year’s ballot have abandoned the attempt after failing to get support for “gay” and lesbian organizations.

One of the students, Mark Olmstead of Arvada, said he was giving up his attempt to get the 86,000 signatures needed to get the initiative on the ballot.

Activists have been attempting to get the signatures since July. The initiative would have repealed a 2006 amendment to the Colorado Constitution that limited marriage to a man and woman. A similar attempt in 2010 to repeal the amendment failed.

Olmstead said he was inspired to get the initiative on the ballot after New York legalized same-sex marriage.

The Gazette previously reported how New York’s attorney general filed a brief advocating the court’s rule that the federal Defense of Marriage Act be declared unconstitutional. In the brief, New York Attorney, General Scheneiderman, claimed New York had a right to define marriage under the 10th amendment while claiming the 14th amendment prevented Colorado from doing the same with its Constitutional amendment.

“Gay” organizations refused to support Olmstead’s efforts. One Colorado, an advocacy organization for LGBT Coloradoans, released a statement saying the organization could not support the initiative because, while it would repeal the existing amendment, it would not simultaneously allow “gays” to marry because of Colorado’s one issue per ballot question rule.

One Colorado said it is focusing its efforts on getting the legislature to pass a civil union bill.

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