Who are the school board candidates?



By James Courant


The field for the upcoming Greeley/Evans school board elections is a crowded one. With fifteen candidates vying for the four open seats, the Gazette will be doing a series of articles on meeting the candidates.


In this article we will be providing some basic information on each candidate and their views on tax increases including Proposition 103, the November ballot initiative that would increase both personal income taxes and state sales taxes with the money going to “education”. Since it has been deemed terribly important by some media outlets, we are also including (where available) the names of people who signed the candidate petitions.



The candidates for the three 4 year terms are as follows:




Geoff Broughton


-Manager of Bed, Bath and Beyond


-Son of a career military officer and decorated war veteran


-Contrary to the misreporting in the Greeley Tribune, he does NOT work for the Greeley Gazette


-Colorado chapter coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center


-Engaged to be married in November


-Prop 103- No




Suzanne Doerner


-Works at The Dance Factory


-A HAM radio licensee


-Husband is a UNC Professor


-Advocate for less student testing


-Prop 103- Yes




Bret Elliott


-Regional Sales Manager for a software company


-Married with three children (Daughter Katelyn is the UNC Student Body President)


-States that the current Board is a rubber stamp for the superintendent


-Prop 103-“No, we don’t have a problem that we’re taxed too little. We have a problem that we spend too much.”




Mark Hinz


-Finishing his first four year term on the board-seeking re-election


-Voted to lower district graduation requirements


-Advocate for 3A tax increase in 2009 (defeated 66% to 33%)


-Has compared District 6 schools to “…a dumping ground for the students that won’t be accepted at the privates and charters” (Greeley Tribune August 8, 2010)


-Has publically stated that “the administration has been cutting expenses for years. It’s gotten to the point we really don’t know where to go except cut programs” (Greeley Tribune March 29, 2011)


-Has stated at more than one board meeting that “our administrators are not paid enough”


-Voted against a measure to disclose district financial transactions over $1,000


-Voted against establishing a charter school in east Greeley in 2007


-Stated at the Jan 12, 2011 board meeting that “I’m not sure these people that think we are a bunch of losers will change their minds any time soon”


-Prop 103- Says that the district needs money but this is the “wrong way to go about it”




Doug Lidiak


-Was appointed to the Board in Summer 2009


-Ran for election to the appointed seat in Fall 2009 and lost


-He stated that he “unequivocally” supported the 3A tax increase


-Petition signed by Bruce Broderius, Tom Norton, Amy Feidler, David Delgado, and Judy Kron


-Co-founded an educational software company that sold software to schools (including District 6)


Both sons attended charter schools


Stated in 2009 that he was impressed with the current board and the administration


Prop 103- Undecided



Tim Pike


Project Manager for Envirotech Services


Wife teaches at St Mary’s Catholic School


Prop 103- No




Richard Reilly


21 years old- graduate of Union Colony Charter school and UNC


Tried unsuccessfully to organize two different recall elections for the current board members


Is a self proclaimed agnostic


Petition signed by Debbie Pilch


Organized an anti-war protest in 2006


Attended the inauguration of Barak Obama in 2009 along with Bob and Mary Stack


Wrote a guest column in the Greeley Tribune in 2009 describing State Senator Scott Refroe as “part of a dying breed” for not voting to extend health care benefits to same-sex couples





Julia Richard


-Appointed to the board in the fall of 2010


-Has never voted against the current board majority


-Married to UNC professor


-Retired teacher


-Owns an apartment complex


-Prop 103- Yes




Logan Richardson


-Works for a private oil and natural gas producer


-Graduate of University High School


-Suggested reverting back to neighborhood schools


-Wants to address the problems at the middle school level


-Prop 103- No




Marlene Schuman


-Admin Assistant II Graduate school office UNC


-Board of Education member when District 6 was placed on academic watch


-Was term limited in 2007


-Approved the elimination of elementary school recesses


-Voted against Union Colony school’s charter in 2006


-Publicly supported the Gallagher Amendment tax increase


-Mary Stack, Michelle Heinz and Aden Hogan signed petition




Ed Spindler


-Former history teacher


-States that he is against school vouchers


-Quotes Al Franken on his twitter account


-Prop 130- Yes


-Petition signed by David Delgado, Kathleen Enz, Debbie PIlch, Bruce Broderius




Candidates for the single Two-Year term are as follows:



Tannis Bator


-Former teacher


-Played Eleanor Roosevelt for the Weld County Democrat’s Roosevelt Dinner


-Protested outside Rep. Cory Gardner’s office in July

– Prop 103- Yes


Jean Daviet


-Wedding planner


-Member of the Greeley Wedding Guild


-Worked for the front runner for Upstate Colorado


-Petition signed by Debbie Pilch and Mark Hinz


-Prop 103- No






-Wife of Bill Whitehead the teacher and basketball coach at Greeley West High School who is fighting to keep his job


-A former member of the board of education


-Prop 103- Yes




James “Scott” Rankin


-Owner of Leading Edge Financial- offers a variety of services such as Group health, dental and disability insurance as well as annuities and IRA’s


-Active in the Greeley 9.12 Project


-Married- wife Kristie and daughter Krystle


-Prop 103- No

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3 Responses to Who are the school board candidates?

  1. jack says:

    Are your sure Julia Richard’s husband is a current UNC professor? He doesnt show up on the faculty directory.

  2. Val Leal-Whitehead says:

    That was very interesting! Thanks for putting it together. Julia’s husband Paul is retired, I believe. He taught biological sciences for many years at University High School, which was a part of UNC during his tenure there.

  3. Dan Swanson says:

    Thank you for this simple, skeletal list of candidates. It is great to see these basic facts pulled together for quick review.

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