Liberals lying and suspicions

Color me suspicious:  A spooky Democrat operative posing as ‘campaign treasurer’ siphons lotsa cash from lotsa California Democrats just when Obama’s halo breaks, upsetting his Kool-Aid base.  It’s hard to fund ACORN when they’re outlaws, but not with mercenary bundler Kinde Durkee.  Organized crime wise guys ‘take a fall for the team’ to fund the family and keep others out of jail, did Durkee?  This is ‘Chicago politics’ on a national scale, and I suspect Durkee tithed the pilfered pennies to her religion: Democrat troublemakers.  Poor  Democrats’ loser election coming in 2012 doesn’t need acolytes for coifed California candidates, but ACORN-style electioneering and union thuggery to create the right headlines and sound bites.  “We love you Barrack!”  (‘If you love me, help me pass this bill!’…and kiss the ring.)  Why should Obama 2012 waste Liberaldom’s money in backwater California campaigns when it can ‘re-purpose’ the money to news gnat Democrat drones  – as this indicted accountant can?  Call it an ‘incarceration sabbatical’, for Obama’s communist cause.  

The liberal media lackeys have already revealed they’ll feature misdirection not debate in Obama2012, like 2008; and Ms. Durkee just bought Democrats LOTS of election air time, albeit by electioneering rabble-rousers.  Gosh, do you suppose breathless camera-toting reporters will ‘happen by’ at the instant useful union idiots ignite?  On cue!   Idiots indeed: cool-headed confidence men Redford and Newman in ‘The Sting’ collected as much from their ‘friends’ as their enemies.  So does Durkee.  Democrats love you, Kinde!  You hurt so good.  If you think the political book of Revelation was written when Obama secreted Republicans’ money to communist union bosses and ACORN agitators, wait ‘til everyday rank and file Democrats discover they’ve suffered the same blue
 collar betrayal, under Kinde’s care!  Welcome to Chicago, friend.  Oh!  Bama boom, Obama bing!  Fuggeddabouddit!   You got stung.

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  1. jack says:


  2. Not My Name says:

    It’s amazing how many “Fascist” nut baggers get elected if the media is so “Liberal”. I guess Hitler was liberal by your standards.

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