Circulation decline prompts new charges for Greeley Tribune

Denver television station KDVR reported Tuesday, that faced with a shrinking number of print subscriptions, The Tribune, Greeley’s largest daily newspaper, has announced it will begin charging customers for much of its online content starting in November.

Tribune Publisher, Bart Smith, in an article posted on this week, stated the paper has made the decision to charge for its content both online and in print. Smith said, “We believe we will be successful with online subscriptions for the same reasons that most local community newspapers continue to be successful.”

Mr. Smith seems to ignore the fact that nationally, local community newspapers are failing in ever increasing numbers. More popular than trying to charge fewer readers more money, is the model of combining several locals under one umbrella management and consolidating sales and reporting staff personal. Such programs are easily found by searching for ‘community media’ online.

As an example, Smith points to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel which erected a paywall last October and says it has seen a steady increase in subscriptions since then. However, Grand Junction is a community not well covered by the neighborhood sections on the FOX network’s website free of charge. Greeley is not only well covered, the FOX channel is often ahead of The Tribune in breaking stories online.

The Tribune’s current plans are to charge daily print subscribers $1 a month to access all of its online content. Customers who only want the online version will pay $8.95 a month.

Greeley residents have been discovering an alternative for local and important state and national issues in the free online Greeley Gazette. Greeley Gazette publisher, Brett Reese, explains that, unlike the historic model of charging readers, as The Tribune has chosen to follow, the Greely Gazette online is updated throughout the day, carries breaking news, and is made available free to readers since it employs a modern business model developed in the internet era.

A quick internet search reveals several stories broken by the Gazette went national in the past year, while in that same time period The Tribune seemed to have missed national attention entirely.

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8 Responses to Circulation decline prompts new charges for Greeley Tribune

  1. C CCCCCCCCobler says:

    The Trib’s in trouble. It doesnt really do a good job of covering local news, certainly not real news. Do I really need to know about a over priced log cabin being sold in Glenmere? Where’s the hard news?

    There are better alternatives to the Trib the Denver Post being one and soon the Coloradoan as it starts its expansion.

    I pay 20.00 a month for the NY Times and get the online free. It takes me an hour to read the paper. The Trib takes 5 min.

  2. Gus says:

    Funny guy, that Reese. Breaking stories like discounted subs and frivolous lawsuits.

  3. exteacher says:

    What, pray tell, is the reason your “newspaper” went from printing once a week to the current once every two weeks?

    Not enough new advertisers? Not enough paying customers?

    How you can claim that a “newspaper” that prints once every two weeks can bring “breaking news” to the discussion is beyond me. Seems to me that you are patting yourself on the back while trying to make sure you don’t break your arm.

  4. I know of no newspaper with shread of significance that refuses to allow comments on its website–when posed with this question at a recient Kiwanis meeting the Tribune’s editor said–but failed to give an example–that there were such papers–I think they are ostriching. I also think they are wildly out of touch with their community–when posed this question the editor again ostriched. When I travel I often seek out the local news paper–for instance reciently in Rapid City–and am astonished at just how much better job they are doing than the Greeley Tribune. A huge case in point is the total melt down of NCMC with scarcely a disparaging word on the part of the Tribune. Probably the single lesson they most need to learn is “What is good for Greeley is good for the Tribune”. Then the need to realize that somebody out there has the solution to every problem they face–if they can just get them to tell them. But what does the Tribune do?–they erect every concievable barrier to communication with those who pay their bills. The “co” in communication comes from the Latin meaning “Two way sharinig”–certainly not practied by the Tribune. The idea of using money to create yet another barrier is the newest example of their ostrich mentality.

  5. Disgusted says:

    It seems friendlier here on the Gazette compared to the Trib. Could be allowing comments here whereas the Trib and other local online “news” don’t allow it anymore but have been promising to bring comment section back for months which never happened that made me take to blogging instead.
    Mainstream media is scared of it’s own shadow when it comes to telling important stories regarding protests in America. But they can show us thousands of protest that WE help pay for in other countries.
    There was a protest in front of W.H., peaceful regarding the huge pipeline that will come from Canada through the USA to the the Gulf to send it to China? Are you kidding me? But the biggest worry is where they want to put it, over an aquafier that gives water to many states. So what if an accident or an “event” happened to cause an accident and pollute all that water? And the Wall Street protest going on, no coverage from MSM. Wall Street deserves to be protested as those peeps are the ones who destroyed our pensions/retirements etc. but not very many have been held accountable for destroying people’s lives, they just keep on doing it over and over.
    I feel like I’m living in China these days. Laws upon laws telling people what they can use for pain and other nanny laws that many people don’t even know exist!
    So many people here in northern CO being told that the medicine they use will be voted out because it’s too scary. That is ignorance. These people haven’t shook off their brainwashing of big pharma that kills so many every year, even aspirin.
    I don’t go around petitioning alcohol or big pharmacy’s out and I really am against them. I have read the stats on death these products create along with cigarettes but I have never seen a petition to drive them out. Why is that? Because tequila makes you think you can sing and dance? Well, that’s debatable.
    I just find it sad and very invasive that a group of ignorant stubborn too busy to research people can tell anyone what they can put into their own bodies as long as they harm no one else.

  6. Gus says:

    Total meltdown of NCMC? On the basis of what objective information? NCMC is a first-class hospital that does great work, as measured by national and objective metrics, with a very challenging population.

  7. Not My Name says:

    When this second crash hits just after Christmas when people are at their poorest, you will see both “papers” go under. The Denver post online edition has far more real Greeley news than the Tribune does in a month. the Gazzette is just somewhere to complain about the Tribune. There is no news here, just Brett warming up his concession speech. Actually, he’ll probably just run out of the room crying. Hopefully, Reese and the “Bangert” will leave town holding hands singing “Kumbaya”.

  8. Disgusted says:

    NotMyName you just made a good point. The Gazette lets all or at least most comments, even yours beating up on Reese through.
    If I were the Gazette, I would change the format a bit and put a little more news on here, keep comments and I would bet the traffic would increase rapidly.
    Put up a few links of top national stories, political stories and the recession.
    If a person only reads their local news or news from any paper, they are not getting the entire picture.
    It should be interesting how the Trib goes now. Maybe all of those subsidized peeps from other countries will pay as they’re the ones getting written about. Or maybe the Tribuna will pick up customers?
    Many people are watching every dime they spend these days, trying to pay off ugly debt and keeping a roof over their children’s heads and a full belly of crap foods to keep them from crying, “mommy I’m hungry!”
    And it is during these hard times that the Trib finally feels the need to charge? That is just downright ugly.

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