Protestors in search of a protest…Teachers join in

Leaderless and uneducated, these protestors will soon fall prey to Unions seeking the power the marchers so deplore

The campers calling themselves protestors against corporate greed and the unfair influence by businesses in politics around the world are having a wonderful time in New York this fall. Identified in the media as an ‘organization’ named Occupy Wall Street, the group is characterized as leaderless, frustrated and misguided students who refuse to accept fault they can’t find high paying jobs with their expensive degrees in such high demand disciplines as the philosophy of pottery spinning and socialist farming practices of the Tibetan monks. Rutgers University has reportedly given one student assurances he will get credit for classes missed if he reports back on his experiences according to one New York Post report. The taxpayers of New Jersey must be so proud.

On the web site designated by the campers as their official information site, they have released a statement they proudly proclaim they voted on in their camp meeting September 29. The statement begins by listing the titles of the three sections: their declaration of demands, their principles of solidarity, and a section on how to form your very own occupation group in your local community.

The demands list includes 23 statements for now and includes the disclaimer that it is not all inclusive and that the entire ‘constitution’ of the group is a living document that will change in the future. Clearly, the list of these demands couldn’t be too much more inclusive. They are demanding someone somewhere should fix every social problem, clean all the air, pay for their higher education because, they proclaim, it is their ‘right’ to have a free college education of whatever they want to study. And the list goes on and on.

And no protest would be complete without the demand that workers not be exploited or discriminated against. But they don’t actually address who or why someone else should pay for all of their demands. More importantly, they fail to explain who will be left to actually work once all the excessive wealth has been redistributed to those who need it more than the greedy corporations and Wall Street bankers. They want agricultural reform too, but the socialist farming success of free Tibetans might not be able to feed the populations of the world’s cities. So, of course, everyone has to disperse into smaller, sustainable communities. But when the populations move out of the cities to spread across the globe, they can’t cut any trees …

Now here is the real danger to us here in Greeley. These people are leaderless. They are not able to understand the difference between reality and emotional exploitation. If they are swarmed by chanting mobs led by “community organizers”, they could actually gain power over the rest of us. They could then actually take our food, our property, and our freedoms. The unions already smell a mob and running to offer money and leadership support. The SEIU, the IBEW, the CWA, the NEA, and more are calling on their members to support these protestors. These are the opening attacks on a weakened America. The vultures are circling our stumbling country. These outcast leaders now sense our political correctness and tolerance for immorality and terrorist ideologies has weakened us enough for the kill strike.

They may be right. The Obama job plan – if given any legitimate consideration for passage in any form – may well be that final strike. Clearly the anti-American forces are pooling unimaginable sums of money into media advertising in support of the plan. We who are the ones expected to pay for all these ‘jobs’ must double our efforts to educate our own children. Our schools are clearly on the side of the anarchists and socialist. Check the latest propaganda position of the teachers’ union as it gears up in support of the protestors.

Working to pay for all of these campers to be able to eat while they protest against the very people paying their bills is time consuming. We who work don’t have the luxury of time to camp in some school yard and protest the socialist agenda being taught therein. There are ways for us to slow the destruction of America without stopping the economy altogether. We can pay attention to the local school board candidates. We can take local control of our schools and the teachers we hire. We can make certain that the values that built America are taught in an honest manner. We must stop now, and never again allow our students to accept being wrong in order to avoid failure by a teacher with an anti-American agenda. We can reinstate discipline. A student who doesn’t want to behave and disrupts the learning for others should not be tolerated. Reestablish order in the classrooms so that every student has an opportunity to learn. And we must, above all else, take responsibility for our children learning the value of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

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3 Responses to Protestors in search of a protest…Teachers join in

  1. CWH says:

    That protestor holding a sign that says, “a job is a right” must have not spoken to any of my bosses before. All of my bosses told me that a job is a privelege. Jobs are for those that work hard at what they do and not complain. If one is lazy and does not work he doesn’t deserve a job.

  2. Disgusted says:

    At the beginning of this protest I was told that many were paid actors…I don’t know as I’m not there, wouldn’t go there for anything. We are a very large country and stuff happens all the time and we have to rely on msm to inform us or someone who was actually there and saw with their own eyes. Who are these people screaming, ‘we are a democracy’? Can they recite the pledge of allegiance? I don’t want to be part of that 99% of people who think they have the right to tell me how to live.
    It’s the government stupid! They are the ones spending us into hell and beyond. It should be interesting to see if the people vote all of those destroying our country out of office.
    This protest should have, could have, would have started in ’08 if everyone was paying a little attention when it started! I haven’t seen any crooks go to prison, have you? Madoff doesn’t count!

  3. Ron lester says:

    The ACLU’s New York state affiliate also supports this communist madness on Wall Street. The late Roger Baldwin, communist sympathizer and founder of the ACLU, would be proud of his “fellow travelers/useful idiots.” How surprising it isn’t that community agitation has become all the rage when there is a community agitator in chief occupying what used to be the people’s house on Pennsylvania Avene in D.C.

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