The Choices are very clear for education’s future

By Craig Masters
Any one who has been exposed to the news and comments about the campers in New York who have named themselves Occupy Wall Street, must certainly understand the basic reasons these folks are there. They are frustrated, uneducated, and vulnerable to smooth talking ‘community organizers’ who will promise them everything they demand. Their sickness is spreading rapidly to other cities. Ignorance is a serious desease in America. It is too often spread by teachers who let their leftist, socialist union views supersede their implied obligation to teach the truth about America and our great heritage built on individual liberty and responsibility. Instead, our students are being taught that someone else will take care of them. They are learning, as the OWS campers are crying, it will be someone else’s fault if they can’t earn a living as a philosopher or saw blade artist. Government must take from the rich and give to the poor…

For those who are not familiar with Marxism as a term for a political program, it means the same as Democratic party policy as defined by Obama and his unelected, secrete society of Czars currently spending money and buying power in spite of congressional efforts to slow the destruction of the Constitution

But the cure for this national desease key is education, not indoctrination. Personal responsibility can not be funded by government. We must begin at the “grassroots” level and reform education. We do this by cleaning our own house first. Examine the following candidates and understand which direction they would encourage teachers to lead our young people: toward socialism and an all powerful central government, or toward freedom and individual responsibility in a pursuit of success.

In this review, the candidates are divided into three categories: (1) for personal freedoms and the Constitutional government America originally formed, (2) against personal freedoms and for a socialist government as is suggested by national education unions’ leadership and the President, (3) simply unqualified by reason of dishonesty or conflict of financial interest. There is potentially a fourth category based of the unfortunate situation of the intentional lies recently published by the Greeley Tribune. In this case, since the Tribune intended to lie about Geoff Broughton, every candidate they endorse should most probably be listed as suspect and placed in either category 2, or 3 as described above. Isn’t it sad that the Tribune represents so much that is wrong today with the once honored profession of news reporter.

Editorial or not, there is no excuse for intentionally lying to achieve your goal. I only wish the “truth in advertising” laws applied to political candidates’ ads. But remember, they do not. A candidate does not have to tell the truth in campaigning.

With those things in mind, here are this writer’s review of candidates for District 6 school board.
In Category (1): Those who stand against federal takeover of local schools.
Support responsible spending before asking for higher taxes
Support accountability review of classroom teachers and lesson plans

  • Geoff Broughton
    Bret Elliot
    Tim Pike
    Logan Richardson
    James “Scott” Rankin

In Category (2): Those supporting handing over local control to centralized government and national union leaders.

  • Suzanne Doener
    Mark Hinz – demonstrating exceptional dishonest tendency in opposing the public’s right to examine expenditures in excess of $1000. He should never be entrusted with public money again.
    Richard Reilly – openly opposed to individual freedom and the teaching of truth in school
    Julia Richards – has demonstrated lack of leadership
    Ed Spindler – supports forcing students into schools where they do not succeed
    Tannis Bator

In category (3): simply unqualified, dishonest, or conflict of financial interest.

  • Doug Lidiak – clear conflict of financial interest, and – if it is true he is undecided on proposition 103 as he says – he isn’t informed enough to be on the school board
    Marlene Shuman – A truly disgusting individual because she shows no respect for the people who voted to impose term limits for school board members. Does she really believe she is that superior – maybe she believes she should be appointed school czar for life.
    Valerie Leal-Whitehead – personal and financial conflicts disqualify her
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