Broughton, Elliott, Rankin, Pike – right choices for schools

 Greeley Gazette  Editorial Board

 Greeley schools are not exemplary by any stretch of the imagination.  The current SB doesn’t admit even this. City leaders and local Realtors often hear from businesses and individuals that refuse to move to Greeley because our schools perform so poorly. The Co. Dept. of Ed.  just handed another indictment to D6 on Oct 10 in their statewide academic analysis’.  Our schools’ dysfunction can be laid appropriately at the feet of the District 6 leadership. 

 The majority of the current board members spend most of their time (and a significant portion of the D6 budget) trying to convince us all that our schools are just fine and we are on the “right track”. Most of the recommendations from the Superintendent are passed by the board with almost no dissent (the exception being Director Brett Reese, who often votes against the majority, and is labeled a ‘sorehead’). This lack of dissent might be fine IF our district was headed in the right direction.

 If we want to see our schools become an example to follow instead of one to avoid then we must have a change in the leadership on the Board of Education. To that end, we at the Gazette have thoroughly studied each school board candidate to find the best people to lead our district out of the wilderness and back on the path to success.

 Two of the candidates running can be easily crossed off the list if our goal really is change and innovation. Current board members Mark Hinze and Julia Richard are both likeable people. However, both Hinze and Richard have voted in complete lockstep with Board President Trimberger and Vice President Stack, both of whom are retired teachers. We don’t need more retired teachers on the board right now. We don’t need more PhD’s in education or curriculum with the same old “in the box” and establishment thinking. We need innovative thinkers, managers… we need new blood.


Dr. Richard, remember, was a hostile leader in the controversial historic preservation district attempt, which would have forced numerous new codes and regulations on people’s homes and investments in the Cranford neighborhood. Richard fought for years leading that collectivist effort. After finally losing, and in true liberal/collectivist fashion, Dr. Richard blamed those darn investors when she stated “Greater weight was given to a handful of investment property owners.”


In a time when families are barely hanging on to their homes, Dr. Richard and Mr. Hinze, along with most of the other candidates have stated they are “absolutely in favor” of raising taxes for education, increasing the already-huge $175,000,000 budget. The entire board, minus Reese, not only signed, but helped gathered signatures for Initiative 25, a substantial income and sales tax increase that failed to make it on the November ballot. We fear both Hinze and Dr. Richard would only continue the excuse-making (need more money) and failures of D6.


We have also learned that the current board has entered three of its own candidates in this election. Presumably this is to ensure the current board maintains a majority and therefore power. At least two candidates served on the board when D6 was placed on academic watch. Several candidates are “politically” active, but in more of an obstructionist manner instead of a productive manner. One candidate recently held signs in public protests at Republican events while another is a militant homosexual activist. .


There are four candidates that stand out in a crowded field. These four are not hand-picked by the establishment/administration. Nor have they ever been employed by the very system they are tasked with fixing.


We believe the following four candidates stand alone in stark contrast, they will not only bring a breath of fresh air to the D6 leadership, but that they will actually be able to accomplish lasting change. 

The election this year is an all mail in only.  If you are a registered voter you are receiving your ballots by mail only starting today.  


Geoff Broughton

Bret Elliott


Scott Rankin


Tim Pike


Each of these men is well-respected in every way in this community. Our educational systems are almost entirely staffed with very liberal thinkers with very little “real world” experience. These men have real world experiencet. They have families and businesses here and have a vested interest in seeing our schools become the standard to which other districts aspire. They attend church weekly and favor smaller, yet more effective and efficient government. We believe they will finally open the doors of transparency, find and recognize the real problems in the district and then work together to solve those problems.

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2 Responses to Broughton, Elliott, Rankin, Pike – right choices for schools

  1. mimi says:

    YOU go Geoff, all of my family is voting for you…………….

  2. conservativemomof4 says:

    Tim Pike has my families vote. He is an outstanding member of the community, and a devoted family man. He has the right ideas about how to get the school district back on track and has our children’s futures in his best interest! Go Tim!

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