Veterans organization to hold meeting calling for Obama impeachment

by Jack Minor –

A Veterans group is planning to hold a rally on Nov. 11th in Washington D.C. calling for President Obama’s impeachment for “treasonous” activities.

Veteran Defenders of America, which features members such as Maj. Gen Paul Vallely, and its parent organization have organized a Veterans Day rally around issues contained in a Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

The events are scheduled to begin at the Washington Monument at 6 a.m. and continue throughout the day at various points in the city.

The group is a “members only” organization, however , it does not disclose its membership list. Illustrating the difference between Occupy Wall Street, where members have defecated on the American flag and a police car, the organization has published a strict code of conduct.

The code of conduct lists fundamental principles of the organization including personal freedom, individual liberty, color blind justice and the rule of law, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution as written and ratified.

The document goes on to say, “We call for peaceful actions, with the law and Constitution on our side. The group  says it“always intends to finish what we start” and that, “we want to have our say, but will defend the right of others, to have their say as well.”

While the original Declaration of Independence called for a severance of relations with Great Britian, this document simply calls for the resignation of Obama and his entire cabinet.

“It is not our intent to separate from any foreign King, nor to abolish or alter our Constitutional Representative Republic, but rather to restore it as the Supreme Law of this land, under which both the government and the governed must live.”


The Declaration then goes on to list specific abuses perpetuated by Obama including his ineligibility to be President under the Constitution.


Among the list of offenses they believe Obama has committed against the country are that:

  • “Obama is a National Security threat since he definitely has questionable allegiance to the United States, not to mention his refusal to complete and release full, frank and truthful answers as to who he is. Obama has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the public safety and security;
  • “Obama and his handlers released an obviously forged birth certificate after release of at least two fraudulent COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth);
  • “Obama and his incompetent advisers have wreaked economic tyranny on the American people, all the while calling for the rest of us to endure economic sacrifice;
  • “Obama has destroyed accepted administrative process by creating 32 czars who only report to him, bypassing the Congress and Cabinet;
  • “In one year, Obama and his minions doubled our national debt, which took 200 years to accumulate.
  • “Obama and his Justice Department sided with a foreign government (Mexico) when they sued the state of Arizona in order to force the continuation of illegal immigration;
  • “Obama passed ‘Dream Act’ by executive order which aids illegal aliens through ‘prosecutorial discretion’ all to garner votes for his election. The Heritage Foundation has provided extensive proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud;
  • and over 50 more offenses.


According to the Declaration,  “the actions of the Obama Administration in total, rise to the level of treason against the United States and its people.”

While the various Occupy Wall Street protests have received massive amounts of media coverage, the Veterans rally has received scant coverage.  The Canada Free Press stated in a column by Judi McLeod,  “We can read daily all about the Nazi/Communist-endorsed Occupy Wall Street (OWS) members’ public sexual depravities and their unbelievable grumbling greed about being tired of sharing gourmet food with the homeless, but nothing about a group whose noble aim it is to restore the constitutional republic.”

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15 Responses to Veterans organization to hold meeting calling for Obama impeachment

  1. Gus says:

    Waste of time. Election is fewer than 365 days away.

  2. Luke Patrino says:

    Thank you posting our Muster and Rally. I marched with almost 2 million on 9-12-09 The Media coverage was blatant lies about our numbers and our message. FOX news reported that we numbered 75,000 when they knew the truth. We expect nothing less from the lying media for this Declaration To Restore The Constitutional Republic on 11-11-11. The WSO will be able to eat off the sidewalks when we leave, but they most likely crap on them. That is as far as I can see their only real message, they are full of CRAP.

  3. HistorianDude says:

    Hmmmm… no permit. Meeting near the Washington Monument which is closed for repairs since the earthquake. And on a day when Congress is out of town, and the President is at APEC.

    I think these “vets” need a new S-1 and S-3.

  4. CAEI says:

    Barack Obama is an illegal alien.

  5. Peanut says:

    @ HistorianDude

    Where does the article say they have no permit?

    They are not planning on meeting IN the Washington Monument, but on the grounds AROUND the WM so what is the problem?

    11-11-11 is VETERANS DAY, hence the day chosen. Most rallies are scheduled for Saturday when no one is in DC. Trying to pick a day that Barry is in town would be an effort in futility. Who cares where he will be anyway? He was supposed to be in town on 9-12-09, but chose to flee at the last minute, flying over us while claiming we were not there. Demonrat SOP.

  6. Peanut says:

    Thank you to the Greeley Gazette for writing about this important event.

    @ Luke Patrino
    Thank you as well for your comment. I too was at the 9-12-09 March on DC and concur with your numbers and lack of reporting and/or lies.

  7. Peanut says:

    @ Gus

    11-11-11 has nothing whatsoever at all to do with the upcoming election. Did you bother to read the article?

  8. Peanut says:

    @ Jeff Chiacchieri who said: “I think the march on Washington this friday is the perfect time for the remaining few people in OUR govt that still represent the people to publicly state the following…”

    I agree with you! I would be most interested in what LTC Congressman Allen West has to say.

  9. Paul Harmon says:

    Permits are in place. the word will get out. Congress leaves every time there are protest against them. We are not stupid “dude”. we can only do what the permits call for. you need to do your homework. If we wanted to, we could act like your buddies of Occupy. However, being Law keepers, we do only what is demanded of us. We won’t knock down older ladies, crap on police cars, nor will we destroy other peoples property, nor our monuments. We will not act out in the ways that occupiers have acted, in which, the American people are tired of, and do not support, like this current administration, does.
    If we wanted to, sense there are roughly 25 MILLION Veterans, we could take over Washington. We won’t, as we are calling for a return (peacefully) of the Consitutional Republic, which we were founded on, and the rule of law. Those in the current administation want the country to become a marxist state. They know that they can not do it at the ballot box, so, they sneak thru our back door, to do what they want. This is That war criminal, George Soros doing. He will not do it on our watch….

  10. Gus says:

    Any effort to impeach President Obama would be fruitless, and anyone with half a brain or an ounce of honesty would recognize this. And, we get to replace him by election in less than a year. Why not report on my standing on a street corner with a sign demanding that the Broncos replace Tebow with Brady Quinn? Equally frivolous and un-newsworthy activities.

  11. Deb in Texas says:

    Paul Harmon and the rest of those going… THANK YOU! Have fun, and thank you for once again taking time out of your own life to fight for MY freedom! God bless all of you. I would be there if I could go but the situation at home doesn’t permit me to attend!

  12. Pauli says:

    Good for these Vets

    “HistorianDude” is a windbag.

  13. Daniel says:

    Kudos to these patriots for demanding what is obviously needed. Shame to GOP for their timidity and refusal to act.

  14. HistorianDude says:

    @ Paul Harmon

    “If we wanted to, sense there are roughly 25 MILLION Veterans, we could take over Washington. ”

    Ignoring the fact that I am among those 25 million veterans, why have less than 100 showed up this morning for the big event?

  15. Karen says:

    I went. It was,a beautiful day and very ah inspiring for all of us. I am only disapointed that so many said they would go and did’nt. There has to be more than 30-40 patriots left.

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