UN Security Council continues to debate full membership for PA

by Jack Minor –

The Security Council is still attempting to reach a consensus on whether to grant the Palestinian Authority full membership in the United Nations.

The PA is currently awaiting a decision by the Security Council for full membership in the body. Agence France Presse says it has obtained a draft report by the UN membership committee indicating the council cannot reach agreement on the statehood issue. “The committee was unable to make a unanimous recommendation to the Security Council,” the report said.

A final vote for full membership would require nine votes from the full Security Council, with no vetoes from any of the permanent members. The United States has repeatedly said it would veto any attempt at statehood absent a peace agreement with Israel.

The committee is scheduled to meet on Friday when it will then decide what action will be taken on the Palestinian demand for membership.

The debate regarding membership for the PA has at times been heated. Recently, PA President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly threatened to resign and disband his entire government if the UN continues to refuse to seize Jerusalem from Israel.

The PA has insisted that it be allowed to have Jerusalem for its capital. Muslim scholars claim Jews have no historical claim to the land and that the temple of Solomon and David’s kingdom never existed.

Haaretz.com reports that Robert Sperry, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, has warned that if Abbas carries through on his threat it could spell trouble for the region.

“The Palestinians could cause violence to erupt in the West Bank, and the rest of the world will not bail out Israel if that happens,” Perry said. “Israel must take heed of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ threats to resign and dismantle the PA.”

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