The Greeley Tribune vs. The Greeley Gazette

 Journalism, as practiced by the Greeley Tribune, is often used as a vehicle to harass and defame Greeley citizens.

 During Mayor Ed Clark’s term of office, the Tribune used the power of the poison pen to manipulate public opinion against Mayor Ed.  He ended up getting payback by tellingColorado, on more than one Denver TV station thatGreeleywould be better of if the Trib folded and went out of business. The state ofColoradolearned about the Tribune’s mode of operation as the dirt from under the Trib’s rug was revealed to Coloradoans everywhere.

 One Trib senior writer recently joined the Trib’s group of reputation-destroyers as he recently stated that Brett Reese will go the same way as former Mayor Ed Clark.  With this statement, said writer is referring to the Trib’s journalistic attempts to destroy the reputation of former Mayor Clark.

 The writer and the Trib received a response from aGreeleycitizen who said: “Isn’t it wonderful you have Brett Reese to keep up your circulation? You crucify him at every opportunity and don’t even bother to get the facts straight.

 Still another writer to a competing newspaper, the Greeley Gazette, wrote onDec 2, 2010: “I started to submit editorials for publication to the Tribune, but was always disappointed in the true lack of ideological diversity.  I was the lone conservative voice on the editorial page, while the remainder of the voices simply served as parrots to the Trib’s own liberal editorial stance.  I finally grew tired of playing the token conservative dupe to their liberal propagandizing.”   This is from within the ranks!

 In a positive “pat on the back” ‘for the Greeley Gazette Newspaper, the writer indicated that the Gazette offered, “Greeley residents a great forum to air their true feelings without fear of their words being chopped, massaged and otherwise distorted into something unrecognizable in the final edition in order to assuage the Tribs political sensibilities.”

 The same citizen gave strong positives to the Gazette newspaper organization and strong negatives to the Greeley Tribune when he wrote: (The Gazette) “is a true asset and blessing to a town once held captive by the monopolistic practices of a left-wing rag run by a massive corporate syndicate with no more interest in the lives of Greeleyites than a bald man has with a comb.”

 Most people see the staffing diminish and both the coverage and proofreading flounder at the Tribune.   Another evidence of fiscal discomfort is the Trib’s beginning to charge for online content.  Greeley Evans residents are no longer fooled, and it’s showing.  Thank God for the


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2 Responses to The Greeley Tribune vs. The Greeley Gazette

  1. anonymous says:

    And you allow anonymous posting even without being registered in the big data center called Facebook. That kind of requirement effectively shuts off debate as much as the Tribune’s no comment or response policy for some people.

  2. Jeff Wakeman says:

    “Most people see the staffing diminish and both the coverage and proofreading flounder at the Tribune” 7 missing spaces between words. An inside joke or a sad sign?

    That said, I will be here reading the Gazette online for all my Greeley news, as I will not pay any amount to read the tribune online. Born and raised with family still in Greeley I try to keep current with local happenings. The only place I can get that is here.

    1980-2003 resident

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