Defense bill legalizes bestiality, sodomy

by Peter Grady –

Tucked away in the current defense authorization bill is a provision that legalizes soldiers being able to have sex with animals.

When Congress passed the law repealing the centuries old ban on homosexuals serving in the military, it meant in order to be fully implemented, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which governs all military personnel needed to be repealed as well.

Article 125 of the UCMJ criminalized sodomy as well as bestiality. In the current defense bill, rather than just change the article to remove sodomy, Congress decided to eliminate all of Article 125, thus legalizing both homosexual behavior and bestiality.

When the information was made public, the White House attempted to downplay the significance of bestiality now being legal in the armed forces.

Les Kinsolving, the second most senior White House press correspondent, asked press secretary Jay Carney the following question.    Kinsolving

“The Family Research Council and CNS News both reported a 93-to-7 U.S. Senate vote to approve a defense authorization bill that, ‘includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, but also repeals the military ban on sex with animals, or bestiality.’ Does the Commander in Chief approve or disapprove of bestiality in our armed forces?”

What was interesting, was that rather than come out and say Obama does not approve of bestiality, Carney replied, “I don’t have any comment on – I don’t have any comment on that. Let me go to another question.”

Kinsolving also asked if Obama felt the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would be concerned about the repeal, Carney simply said, “Let’s get to something more serious.”

While the White House may think permitting bestiality is nothing to be concerned about, people from both sides of the political spectrum have taken issue with the repeal.

Republican presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, issued a statement condemning the repeal saying it was, “absolutely abhorrent, reprehensible…Now we’ve embraced barbarism.”

While it would be easy to simply dismiss Bachmann’s concerns as that of a “right-wing conservative,” PETA, a group not known for supporting conservative issues, also took issue with the White House.

The organization sent a letter to the White House saying, “This is no laughing matter.”

The letter sent by Colleen O’Brien, PETA’s communications director said, “In watching last night’s news briefing, we were upset to note that you flippantly addressed the recently approved repeal of the military ban on bestiality. With respect, this is no laughing matter. Our office has been flooded with calls from Americans who are upset that this ban has been repealed – and for good reason.”

O’Brien continued, “As we outlined in the attached letter sent yesterday to the secretary of defense, animal abuse does not affect animals only – it is also a matter of public safety, as people who abuse animals very often go on to abuse human beings.”

Elaine Donnelly, with the Center for Military Readiness,said the repeal on bestiality is a direct result of Congress’ repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell last year. “When Congress voted for that repeal, they were saying homosexual sex is fine in the military. Now 12 months later we are seeing the consequence of that vote.”

Republican candidate, Ron Paul, voted twice to repeal the ban on homosexuals serving, which led to this situation where bestiality has also now been legalized.

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7 Responses to Defense bill legalizes bestiality, sodomy

  1. Rita Tanner says:

    it is hard to believe that humans are so ignorant as to want to abuse/rape…have sex with precious animals.
    I think men that can’t control their sexual urges ought to be castrated…also, as many prevention drugs and sex drugs as there are on the market where is the vaccine that controls the sexual urges while in the Military???

    To allow this to animals is to say that the ones who pass these laws have no moral or humane standards…let’s let this happen to your children or your pets…how would that feel?

    Claiming my right to freedom of speech (I believe we as Americans do still have THAT?), I have written the above comments.

    Where is the humanity and the morality of human beings????

  2. lee says: no!this should not be allowed!wt is our world coming to huh?????next thing we know an eye for an eye will be legalised and people will be able o kill people and not be convicted for no no no no no no!

  3. Disgusted says:

    Wow. So our military must be allowed to have sex with animals? Gay sex and rape just not getting the job done? Have morals been thrown away or do the people in America just not care as long as they feel safe? How could anyone feel safe here? How can any person justify this?
    The Patriot Act upon us, the HS upon us, drones being used upon us?? But this one takes the prize. How in the world are we supposed to respect our military? Who decided this was needed?? I always thought war was ugly but this puts a whole new twist on ugly. Will it also create more disease? No doubt.
    I’m glad my kid is grown and can now protect himself (I hope) and now I have to worry about my dog and other animals? Are you kidding me?
    They seem to be destroying the ‘dream’ and giving us a nightmare to live.

  4. Peter says:


  5. namesrgone says:

    Oh please!!! Honestly do you really expect our servicemen and woman to all of a sudden partake in such insane, depraved behavior just because the clause was removed? Leave it to PETA to come up with such irrational argument!! I think only a sick, twisted mind would see the repeal of homosexuality as a vote for beastiality!

  6. Conor Graham says:

    The fact that it is not illegal in army doesn’t override the fact that it would still be illegal in every country in the world.

    @Rita Tanning, I find your comments even more disturbing and sexist, implying that men are animalistic. Have women never had sex with animals? And your ideas about controlling people’s sexuality with medication is deranged and fascist-like.

  7. matty says:

    In the United States, bestiality is officially illegal in 31 states.

    17 states make beastiality a felony.

    They are: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

    Fourteen states consider it a misdemeanor, those being: Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin. BUT IT’S OK FOR MILITARY PPL TO DO IT…WTH!!!!!!!!!!!

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