Salvation Army begs for help in Detroit amidst “gay” boycott

by Matt Lacy –

The Salvation Army is facing a difficult season, first homosexuals are boycotting giving to the group and now donations in Detroit are so bad the organization is issuing an “urgent plea” for help.

The Salvation Army in Detroit had set a goal of raising over $8.2 million this year to help the needy. To date the organization is over $5 million from reaching its goal.

Major Mark Anderson, general secretary and metro Detroit area commander for The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit said, “With 16.8 percent of Michigan residents living in poverty — the highest percentage in four decades — we simply can’t afford to miss making our goal of $8.2 million this year.”

Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan says the Salvation Army is the largest provider of social services in the state, making their fundraising issues that much more alarming.

The Salvation Army is also facing a boycott from “gay” groups who are upset that the organization does not offer same-sex benefits to its employees.

Jennifer Byrd, National Public Relations Director for the Salvation Army said the group helps all of those in need regardless of sexual orientation and they do not ask for proof they are straight as a condition of obtaining service.

“The Salvation Army is open and inclusive to all people. Anyone who comes through our doors will receive help based on their need and our capacity to assist. We serve around 30 million Americans in need each and every year from a variety of backgrounds – we do not pick and choose who we serve based on religion, sexual orientation or any other factor,” Byrd said “This promise to serve goes to the core of our beliefs as laid out in our organizational Mission Statement: ‘The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.’ Any instance of discrimination is in direct opposition to our core beliefs and is against all of our policy.”

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10 Responses to Salvation Army begs for help in Detroit amidst “gay” boycott

  1. Anon says:

    It’s quite simple, when you are telling gay folks that you are a second class citizen if you work for them, don’t be shocked if they don’t want to give you money.

  2. Rev.Jim says:

    What a shame their bigotry has to hurt so many people. I wonder how many people they have already hurt. Discrimination in hiring, service provision, doctrinal hate and shame and blame that leads to self loathing depression, suicide, substance abuse…yeah they get my hard earned charity dollars.

  3. LindaSDF says:

    I wonder how many of those gay boycotters would have the nerve later to ask the SA for help?

  4. Bradley says:

    This article is incorrect. First of all putting the word “gay” in quotations is a bit condescending. It reads as if these are fringe groups that are boycotting any kind of donation to charity, which simply isn’t true. But more importantly, the facts are wrong when it comes to the position of the gay and lesbian community on the Salvation Army. They aren’t boycotting over simple partner benefits for employees. Though that is important, the boycott is about the Salvation Army using DONATIONS to pay LOBBYISTS who actively campaign against things like same sex marriage and the gay and lesbian community in general. In spite of saying they don’t discriminate… there are documented cases of people who were turned away because they did not “fit the bill” to be helped. Action speaks louder than words, and the Salvation Army has a very long history of anti-gay action. There are plenty of other charities to donate your hard-earned money to, charities that don’t discriminate. THAT is the message of the boycott.

  5. R.Collins says:

    The Jesus I know taught & lived accepting people where they r, love without judgement. My lifelong support of The Salvation Army is ending due to same sex benefits discrimination.

  6. Simon says:

    Why is gay in quotes? Who uses the term ‘homosexual’ anymore–it’s almost 2012.

  7. Chris says:

    I believe gay is in quotes because it is not strictly a gay boycott; many people across the spectrum abhor the Salvation Army using funds people donated to help those in need to campaign to influence social policy. So although the policies in question may be related to gays, it is not just gays that are boycotting. I am straight and will never giver them another dime as long as they are spending money on lobbyists rather than the needy.

  8. frank says:

    They are a Christian group. Do you want them to change their belief and lie to their conscious? You say they are bigits because they don’t make room for homosexuals. Well I say the homosexuals are wrong because they can’t accept Christians for what they are and believe. Homosexuals are un-natural people according to Christianity and being hateful and not letting Christians be who they are is wrong.

  9. MrSpock says:

    It makes perfect sense to place the word “gay” in quotes or for that manner any word that is used apart from its traditional meaning.

    The word gay traditionally means “excited with merriment, lively.” This is the meaning in the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” where he says “make the yuletide gay.” He is not talking about wanting to make the holiday into a homosexual festival.

    Since that is the original meaning of gay, the current use of the term is incorrect because when a person says they are “gay” they do not mean they are happy, they mean they are attracted to the same sex.

    Homosexual is perfectly acceptable as it is a far more accurate description of their lifestyle, just as heterosexual is more accurate than “straight.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s just not only bigotry toward gays. They preach at anyone they help assuming the person other than a Christian of a denomination they approve of is helped at all. I guess the Salvation Army thinks lobbyists are needy because lobbyists they pay are merely one percenters, not dot-one of a percenters!

    Oh, the Salvation Army once got $100 million from a little old rich lady who passed away. What did they do? They squandered it on a Tak Mahal of a community center that takes money to maintain and staff!

    Speaking of needy one percenters, consider the United Way. Their CEO makes 4 million a year – double what’s needed to be a dot-one of a percenter!

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