Tebow, Broncos criticized for promoting wrong anti-bullying group

by Jack Minor –

The Denver Broncos has told “gay” groups that the team supports an anti-bullying campaign that applies to all groups of people.That’s not good enough for the members of the LGBT community and their supporters, who want the team to come out in support of the LGBT movement to the apparent exclusion of others who are affected by bullying.

Denver resident, Andy Szekeres, has started an online petition asking the Denver Broncos to be the first NFL team to produce a video for “It Gets Better.” The “It Gets Better” campaign began last fall and was founded by Dan Savage, a “gay” sex columnist, following a string of highly publicized “gay” teen suicides in 2009.

The project features videos of people encouraging LGBT teens to hang in there.

Savage is known for his vulgar and raunchy columns. He was also responsible for “bullying” Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum by creating a “Google bomb” that attached a vile sex term to the candidate’s name.

Savage has engaged in other hateful comments such as saying on Bill Maher’s television show, “I wish all Republicans were f***ing dead.” Savage has also said on HBO that he wanted to rape Santorum.

During an interview with the Washington Post earlier this year, Tebow’s publicist would not permit a question to be asked about same-sex marriage. Tebow has not came out one way or the other on the issue, but pro-gay groups appear to want him to affirm their lifestyle.

Responding to the petition to make a video for Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign, Broncos spokesman, Patrick Smyth, told the Huffington Post that the NFL does combat intolerance and prejudice.

“The Denver Broncos are committed to tolerance, acceptance and respect for all in the community. The National Football League is currently working with USA Network on its ‘Characters Unite’ campaign combating prejudice and intolerance, and our organization is in full support of that movement to help raise awareness for this very important cause.”

Characters Unite says its mission is to create a “multiplatform campaign designed to help form a more perfect union by combating intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate, and promoting greater acceptance, understanding and mutual respect of all people.”

LGBT members would, presumably, qualify as part of the “all people” mentioned in the statement.

Szekeres told the Huffington Post that the Broncos’ standing against all forms of bullying is “not enough.”  He wants the team to specifically stand up against LGBT bullying. Michael Jones, senior organizer at change.org, said, “While any effort to confront discrimination should be celebrated, the nearly 8,000 people who’ve signed this petition are hoping the Broncos will stand up and condemn a particular type of discrimination: anti-LGBT bullying.”

The website queerty.com also complained about the Broncos support for Characters Unite because they do not single out the LGBT community for special recognition. “Apparently the team (or its management) felt they already do enough by supporting USA Network’s “Character’s Unite” campaign which doesn’t even mention any specific support for the LGBT community.”

Queerty also has said that it is a fact that the LGBT community wants to recruit children to become part of the “gay” lifestyle. Daniel Villarreal wrote for the publication that he was frustrated that “gay” leaders were not willing to admit they wanted to recruit children into the lifestyle.

Responding to an ad by the National Organization for Marriage that opposed New York’s marriage equality bill, Villarreal lamented the “gay” movement’s reaction to the ads.

“They accuse us of exploiting children and in response we say, “‘NOOO! We’re not gonna make kids learn about homosexuality… we swear! It’s not like we’re trying to recruit your children or anything.’”

Villareal then proceeds to say that is precisely what they want to do. “But let’s face it—that’s a lie. We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.”

He continued, “I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.” He was even more explicit in his goals for children, saying, “I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start f****** men.” Villarreal also said he would like for “young ladies to develop” into lesbians.

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  • izzo says:

    you know what jack, you clearly don’t know jack. the whole part of your article about Daniel Villarreal and Queerty saying that LGBT community wants to recruit children to become part of the “gay” lifestyle. Is completely irresponsible and wrong, Anyone who read the ENTIRE article knows that it was JOKE and Tongue and Cheek. I will always call a spade a spade but you are completely miss leading your readers by not revealing that it was a joke. Disgusting. At least report all the facts and not just the part that makes it sensational or the part YOU like the best to promote your own agenda. Which was quite obvious by the entire tone of your article.

    Print the FACTS and the TRUTH. Do not taint it to accommodate your own agenda…

  • JG says:

    It is all right there above. It has been so effective as to surpass their wildest dreams. Who would have ever thought?

  • JG says:

    Why attack Jack? If legislation currently pending in California to be instituted in 2012 is any indicator, homosexuals do recruit. But their recruitment if not open, is at least subtle and persistent. A rose by any other name is yet a rose.

    The point is, homosexuals seek to create enough confusion, young minds may be easily manipulated to accept that which for ages past has been understood aberrant. The homosexual intuitively knows in their heart they shall never be accepted as normal, and the behavior as natural. Truth told, were a careful examination be made of literature they disseminate among themselves, it would be seen they acknowledge the very dangers that others warn them of.

    “For to include others in the picture would unwisely raise disturbing questions about the complexities of gay social relations, which these commercials could not explain.”

    Excerpt from “The Overhauling of Straight America”

    Just what is it “Joe Sixpack” would not understand about the “complexities” of gay social relations? Are these the complexities that Rosie O’Donnell faced head on in the failure of her unique relationship with Kelli Carpenter. How about her newest flame, Michelle Rounds? Have they thought this thing through and thoroughly discussed the “complexities” that befuddle Joe? What about the 4 children involved in the relationship with Carpenter, whom O’Donnell “married”? Are they part of this round table discussion?

    Maybe, just maybe, the “frowzy straight mom” from “Overhauling” could put in a word of advice?

    I personally am tired of the “playing the victim role” of a subset of people who have perpetrated more injury among themselves than any other class of people, and not only that, but have contributed to disease and death of persons not even old enough to spell the word homosexual.

    Just exactly what is the meaning of “First let the camel get his nose inside the tent–only later his unsightly derriere!”, spoken of in “Overhauling”? If not recruitment, is it alluding to the fraud of relationships that Rosie O’Donnell and others pushing for what truly are “unequal rights”(it requires 3 persons to produce children for purposes of homosexual procreation in case you didn’t know). Or is the camels nose referring to something else involving children? Regardless, it is a debasement of marriage in its most profound sense and childhood without question.


    I think Jack Minor is on to something. Folks should follow his lead and not be quite so shy about speaking up.

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