Records show how outside groups conspire against Personhood movement

by Jack Minor —

Planned Parenthood’s attempt to stop Colorado from allowing a personhood amendment on the ballot in 2012 is part of a coordinated attack on similar initiatives across the country.

Following the defeat of Amendment 26 in Mississippi, Planned Parenthood issued a statement crediting Mississippians for Healthy Families as being key to defeating the amendment. “Victory still belongs to the grassroots group, Mississippians for Healthy Families. This grassroots organization, formed in response to Amendment 26, included people from all walks of life – parents, teens, clergy and medical professionals. Based on recent polling, they were actually able to close a 31-point gap in just 10 days. It was something the bill’s authors never expected.”

However, financial statements reveal that Mississippians for Healthy Families received significant amounts of money from Planned Parenthood affiliates in other states.

For instance, Planned Parenthood Action Fund in New York contributed $209,000, while Planned Parenthood Federation of America in New York donated $524,000 to defeat the personhood amendment.

Planned Parenthood affiliates in Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, Florida, Utah, Pennsylvania and Texas all contributed to defeating the initiative.

Planned Parenthood receives over $1 billion a year from abortion and abortion-related services. The organization also receives over $350 million annually from taxpayers.

While Planned Parenthood’s spending money to defeat personhood amendments is understandable, given that the legislation will result in lost revenue for the organization as fewer abortions will be performed, “gay” organizations also worked aggressively against the measure.

The day after the vote in Mississippi, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund issued an announcement admitting it sent activists to Jackson, Mississippi to help “stand in solidarity” with Planned Parenthood and other abortion opponents by manning a phone bank.

While the two groups would appear to have nothing in common, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says the two groups share a common goal of pushing moral standards and Judeo Christian aside.

“This is a group that works hand-in-hand with so-called ‘sexual freedom advocates,’ who are the guys who say basically no sex laws whatsoever, sadomasochism, [and] people should be allowed to have an adult bookstore right in your neighborhood,” LaBarbera explains, “I mean, these are the types, these sexual radicals, that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force works with.”

The Gazette previously reported how teenagers desiring to enroll in a Planned Parenthood program as “peer educators” were required to attend a “gay” pride parade in Albany, New York.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains issued a statement on Dec. 21 saying it is opposed to the Colorado’s Title Review Board’s decision to allow proponents to gather signatures for a personhood measure on the November ballot.

The organization said it “is determined to defeat Personhood” if it appears on the ballot again.

If approved, this will be the third time the issue is on the ballot. While it has been defeated twice, personhood has received more support each time it has been voted upon.

Previous personhood amendments were assailed by critics who said it would result in women being prosecuted for miscarriages and outlaw all forms of birth control. The attacks against personhood were waged by liberal groups who spent millions of dollars to defeat the amendment.

This time around, in order to prevent confusion and misinformation about the amendment, the language has been changed to be very specific.

Dennis Hoshiko, a local onion farmer who is active in the pro-life movement, said the language was changed in an attempt to learn from  past mistakes.

“In the past we tried to keep the language simple and brief.  This allowed the opposition to frame the debate and misquote it. They can’t do that as readily with what we’ve proposed this time around,” Hoshiko said.

The new proposal goes on to answer misinformation by those opposed to protecting the unborn. It simply states “the intentional killing of any innocent person is prohibited.”

Countering those who say it would outlaw all birth control, the initiative says. “Only birth control that kills a person shall be affected by this section.” This would mean that any birth control that prevents conception would remain legal.

Addressing the health of the mother and miscarriages, it says, “Medical Treatment for life threatening physical conditions intended to preserve life shall not be affected by this section” and “spontaneous miscarriages shall not be affected by this section.”

Ironically, this specific language is opposed by Planned Parenthood who says it creates greater ambiguity than the previous initiative.

“While Personhood Colorado believes it has addressed the concerns of Colorado voters and answered questions of past attempts, the new ballot language actually poses more questions and greater legal ambiguity.”

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