Super Bowl to air graphic abortion ad during game

by Matt Lacy –

While the Super Bowl commercial has become a mainstream staple of the game, viewers in some markets will be shown something new, commercials featuring bloody aborted babies.

Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, is running for president. However, Terry is not running on the Republican ticket, but is running as a Democrat against Barack Obama.

Terry has already run political ads featuring graphic images of babies killed by abortion during the first and second trimester. The ads were part of a three day ad run in New Hampshire on WBIN. The ads consisted of four 30 second spots that ran in rotation that attacked Obama’s support of child killing by abortion.

Terry is also planning on purchasing similar ads in local markets during the Super Bowl.

While ads of this type have frequently been rejected by television agencies for their graphic content, Terry is using a loophole in federal election law that requires stations to run his ads.

FEC regulations require television stations to run ads by a political candidate within 45 days of an election. This means that primary states that fall within the 45 day window will have to run the graphic ads during the Super Bowl if he purchases the slots.

The campaign says they have ads ready to go in 40 markets, including Colorado. The first ad was purchased on Friday, January 6.

While Terry realizes he stands little chance of getting the Democratic nomination, he said he is running in order to give pro-life Catholics and evangelicals in the Democratic Party a choice during the primary season.

The difference between the candidates could not be more stark. Obama has 100 percent rating from militant pro-abortion group NARAL. While a state Senator in Illinois, Obama vetoed a bill that would require babies that survived an abortion be given medical treatment.

By contrast, while with Operation Rescue, Terry was arrested nearly 50 times and incarcerated nearly one full year for his defense of the unborn.

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42 Responses to Super Bowl to air graphic abortion ad during game

  1. Mikey says:

    I hope people realize abortion is evil and that they will be outraged by the lies and deceit perpetrated by the industry, governments, and the United Nations.

  2. SandyLester says:

    This does nothing to advance the pro-life cause. All it does is piss people off that their football is being interrupted. The country is already a majority pro-life. these ads are idiotic.

  3. Andy Eppink says:

    God Bless Randall Terry for displaying the horrible truth of abortion. If abortion occurred ex utero it would’ve stopped yesterday. The lies and maneuverings of the proaborts in defending this travesty, in response to Terry’s ads will be as deafening as they are disgusting.

  4. Kevin says:

    Randall Terry should be ashamed of himself. To subject children to these images, he is neither a Christian nor an American who cares about our youth. Shame on you!

  5. liz says:

    wow. just…wow.

  6. Katie says:

    yeah, that’s not what an abortion looks like at all. He should get his facts straight before he spews this load of garbage in front of millions

  7. LisaB says:

    This article, particularly the headline, is potentially misleading. Has Terry actually purchased airtime in the Super Bowl in any of these markets?

  8. Anne says:

    I have a suggestion for this whack job – why not spend some of your money on birth control ads or how about strengthening adoption laws? You are disgusting.

  9. appletree83 says:

    Why are pro-abortionists so livid that the TRUTH regarding abortions is being publicly displayed? Are they not PROUD of what they stand for, i.e., the murder of unborn children? What hypocrites! They despise it whenever the curtain is pulled back for all to see what abortion really is…murder!

  10. Bluebluesdancer says:

    No child should be born that is not wanted. To refuse a child an abortion when she has been raped by her father is inhumane, and we are only animals with an intellectual ability to reason, so why doesn’t someone run an ad showing animals being killed cruelly to balance the ad… hunters do it all the time! This world cannot support this many people. We need to encourage women to NOT have children unless they truly want them and can give them a good home otherwise you are doing nothing but promoting child abuse. Refusing women the option of having an abortion is just playing into the hands of those that want more slaves in the workforce, and to keep women ‘down’. I agree with Kevin that Randall Terry should be ashamed of himself for doing this!

  11. Brennan-Seattle says:

    I think banning abortion after the point of viability (24 weeks) is fine unless the mother’s life is in danger or there is a defect that would not allow the fetus to live once it is born. Before the age of viability .. I do not think the govt. or anyone else has the right to tell a woman what she must do with her body. All these ads are going to do is piss people off.

  12. mimi says:

    Women have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. Trimester abortions are mostly emergencies to save the life of the mother. Should she be condemned to die, even if she has other children? Pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion in that no one is forced to have an abortion but anti-choice would take away from women what might be a life-saving procedure. Religion should not be allowed to hold sway over medical advice! If your religion is against abortion under any circumstances, OK but your religion should not interfere with the right of others to determine what they might need to do.

  13. Carly says:

    I cannot believe this.
    Seriously. I am pro choice. This is nothing like abortion. People need to be more open minded and stop thinking women are baby machines.

  14. naoma says:

    Most abortions are done in the very early stages — as soon as one realizes they have missed a period and get a test. These are very well-developed babies in this ad and not sure they were abortion. They look too big for that.

  15. joe says:

    Airing these obscene adds during a family oriented football game like the Super Bowl is insulting and outrageous and and should generate some lawsuits against the network who airs them. It will absolutely backfire in the face of the prolife movement if for no other reason than it is a vulgar demonstration of a Christian point of view at the expense of other faiths. Christians forget that the Jewish faith believes life begins at the first breath not at conception. Catholics believe life begins at conception. Most other faiths fall somewhere in between. If we don’t worship at your church and we don’t embrace your taboos. Running adds that try to create moral monsters out of practitioners of other faiths that hold different beliefs will probably cost the pro life movement and republican party dearly. This republican creep can run for president as a democrat if he wants, but everybody knows his history criminal and otherwise.

  16. Cameron Luna says:

    That is not an aborted baby, that is a toddler thrown in a flaming dumpster.

    I’m pro-choice, but just because I, along with other people actually SUPPORT Abortion when necessary, it doesn’t mean that women who abort are basically just shrugging a kid over their shoulders with no remorse whatsoever.

    If you can’t raise a child, you can’t raise a child, but it doesn’t mean “what if I let him live” doesn’t cross a parent’s mind. Throwing away the possibility of a life hurts if you think about it, and that can’t be helped, but both the kid and its mother could be a lot worse off if he is born and can’t be cared for. Many pro-choice people are being REALISTIC.

    How many pro-life people have offered to to help unfortunate mothers supply food and diapers for their unplanned children? How many pro-life people have adopted kids born into this planet at the cost of their mom’s lives because their health couldn’t handle a pregnancy, which sometimes is unforeseen until it’s too late? How many pro-life people are just soapboxing to the other side how “killing babies is wrong” and not taking any action whatsoever to support their own cause and prove all babies should be born in this world because they can be cared for?

  17. MrSpock says:

    For those who take issue with the term pro-abortion. I think the term is perfectly accurate.

    The “pro” means you are in favor of abortion as opposed to those who are ant-abortion.

    Also, the industry and many (since I do not know everyone personally I will not say all) are most assuredly not “pro-choice.” This is evident whenever legislation is passed requiring aobrtion clinics to provide women with information about abortions such as in Texas, or requirements that the woman be shown an ultrasound of her baby so that she can have all of the information to make a choice.

    The “pro-choice” community raked Sarah Palin over the coals for her choice to have a baby with Down’s syndrome suggesting the baby should have been aborted instead. That is not pro-choice, that is pro-abortion.

    Also, the wording is misleading because oftentimes they are only pro-choice in regards to a woman aborting her baby. They are not pro-choice when it comes to allowing pharmacists and other healthcare workers and companies the “choice” of whether to offer or provide services they believe causes abortion. A true pro-choice would include them having the choice as well.

    I could go on about other issues such as social security, in other words pro-choice would be for allowing a person to opt out of it if that was their choice and so on but you get the idea. There have even been instances where a women in Planned Parenthood clinics were attempting to look at the picture of their baby before it was aborted and the worker turned the screen away so she could not see it. They are not pro-choice except in this area, so pro-abortion is a fitting term.

  18. Dawn says:

    I call BS. First off I am questioning rather or not this picture is a real aborted baby, which I doubt very much, where the hell would he of gotten one? I doubt any clinic is just going to let him come in and take pictures. I say the photo is faked. And most abortions take place before the child is even close to fully developed, and the one in the picture is. I know some places do allow for parital birth abortions, but I think that is rare, and I will say I don’t agree with that, but I do think that it is a woman’s choice. When people think of abortion they think of some heartless woman who uses it as a method of BC, constantly getting PG and getting repeated abortions (I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I’m sure it’s very rare) but the fact is that most women who choose to get abortions are fighting inside with their choice, they may of been raped, or molested, or for cultural reasons, there may be a medical reason for either baby or mom, and before anyone says that she should die to save the child, some conditions could kill both, or what if the mom has other children? Women who abort a lot of times have severe depression, and are deeply saddened by their choice, they are not just emotionless crats, who don’t care. It is actually the most horrible decsion a woman has to make. And women are going to continue to get abortions rather or not it is legal or not, after all it was illegal before and women still had them done, even if it cost them their lives.

  19. stacey says:

    I think every child should be born! why would you kill a baby because you were irresponsible!? if you are not ready for a child then do not have sex!…. and dont you pull the “oh what if they were raped ?” card! after a rape in the hospital they give you the morning ater pill to stop any pregnancy that may occer (unless u ask them not to give you the pill). and if you dont report the rape and end up pregnant thats your fault !! YOU should have reported it! its not the babys fault!!

  20. Kathren says:

    I’m a parent of three and Catholic so I know exactly what an abortion looks like. LIKE THIS. THIS IS TRUTH. Its evil and and does not even let the human babies voice their voice any life sparred is a life granted a chance to do somethin because otherwise they wont and thats not good because then they might not do good things enjoy the gift of god and all he has. Terry would be doing so much good for showing this to the millions who need to see it. are people really blind that babies are with us from the start. remember you cant spell good with out GOd america blessed He has my vote.

  21. Morgan says:

    I’m sick and tired of “pro-lifers” assuming that women who choose abortions aren’t already tortured by their choice. Nobody wakes up one day and says, “Gee, I’m pregnant… guess I’ll head to the clinic! La la la…” No. It’s not like that at all. It’s an agonizing, heart-wrenching, terrifying, nightmarish decision that no woman ever wants to have to make.

    Not only that, but most “pro-lifers” make absolutely no concessions to save the life of the mother, for non-viable pregnancies (such as ectopic pregnancies), or for rape or incest. It’s all-or-nothing. So if you have an abortion to save a twin, you’re a murderer and you’re going to hell. If you have an abortion because you want to save your own life, you’re a murderer and you’re going to hell. If you have an abortion because you were raped by your own father, you’re a murderer and you’re going to hell.

    I could never have an abortion for any reason other than to save my own life. I would never see it as a form of birth control. I don’t think it should be promoted as an easy way out, and I don’t think it is promoted as such. What is being promoted is terror, guilt, shame and ignorance. It’s ineffective.It’s offensive.

    But as much as I hate it, it’s protected under free speech. So I will simply not watch the Super Bowl this year.

  22. patriotgal1952 says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. I have called the Federal Election Commission and they have said it is NOT their law, but it must be the Federal Communication Commission’s law. So I called the FCC and they said even though it is their law, it’s the Supreme Court’s fault because they have said what constitutes “free speech”. I know of no such ruling by the Supreme Court that states that graphic ads like this constitute free speech. Following that logic, even child porn would then be considered free speech…but you don’t see pedophiles placing ads on TV with graphic pictures, do you? No, because it’s not free speech, and neither is this. There is a time and a place for everything and this is very inappropriate. Very un-Christian, very irresponsible, immoral, and unethical, not to mention, not very wise. A wise person would not do this, which proves that this guy is NOT Presidential material. The FEC can’t do anything, the FCC WON’T do anything – I got the distinct impression they just do not care, and I don’t know if the Supreme Court would do anything, either. The only thing we are left to do is to boycott the Super Bowl altogether…but I’ll be damned if I’ll let my family watch the game when those ads could come on at any time. Public airing of the games in any venue should be banned in those cities where the ads are slated to air. What I find most interesting is that this guy is running as a Democrat. Furthermore, I am suspicious that this isn’t in some way orchestrated by a group or groups that is trying to undermine free speech! We’ll see, but while I agree with the basic premise, I certainly do not condone this method of bringing it to the nation’s attention. It does nothing to further the cause of being “pro-life”, certainly it leaves a smudge and a bad taste for it instead. Shameful, absolutely shameful that we should be subjecting innocent children who watch the Super Bowl to something as indecent as this. Very shameful.

  23. Groo says:

    Randall Terry doesn’t believe that women have a right to medical privacy or dominion over their own bodies and will gladly lie when the truth doesn’t serve his goal. A clump of cells is not a fetus and a fetus is not a baby.

    Instead of expending all this effort to make abortion illegal, why don’t we focus on making it unecessary? Provide comprehensive sex education and access to birth control? Teach kids about healthy relationships and do what we can to erradicate rape?

  24. Marcia says:

    I wish PETA could sue the network. When they wanted to run ads about animal abuse, the network said the ads were too graphic and refused to air them. So, I guess anti-abortion ads are okay.

  25. mimi says:

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it people………This is what murder looks like……Killing an innocent baby…….ABORTION IS MURDER…………

  26. Marcia says:

    Maybe if the churches would encourage birth control there were be fewer abortions. There are already 7 billion people on this earth. We need to think about other creatures besides ourselves and the effect we have on them–hunting, slaughter houses, hoarding, abandoned animals starving and dying. If we are bothered by abortion, we should also be concerned about all suffering and death not jus ours.

  27. Christine says:

    It is sad to see the pro-aborts on this page spouting the same old, long put to rest arguments for abortion. There are no unwanted children – people are waiting 1-1/2 years for a baby to adopt.

    There are virtually NO instances of abortion being necessary to save the life of the mother.

    There is NO overpopulation problem on this planet.

    The instances of pregnancy due to rape is less than 1% of all abortions. And to throw in that the girl was raped by her father – that is just low. That statistic is probably next to nothing. And, before you go throwing around that I don’t know what I’m talking about – I and my 2 sisters were sexually molested by our step-father for years. It’s just that your statements have no bearing on the facts.

  28. Ron says:

    Any commercial or information which is controversial on TV is preceeded by a warning for viewers to take whatever action is necessary to avoid its desplay to children. While some photos are too graphic, it is sometime helpful to allow the pregnant woman to at least be able to see what abortion really is. As a sales rep to hospitals, I have seen countless “little people” in plastic bagson desks and countertops enroute to the incinerator. A few with what seems to be pleading expressions. Heart rendering experiences which I’m sure the “mother” never saw or was counselled about. 53 million people “executed” by “choice” is horrific numbers. The Holocaust involved only 10 million and Mao only caused 20 million to starve to death in China. Would some of these aborted children have grown up to be president or scientist who developed a cure for diseases or been a farm worker , carpenter, electrician, auot mechanic, all who would be paying SS and Medicare contributions. Yes, many would be criminals and some would be welfare moochers. All should have a chance at LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Non-aborted person, proud father and grandfather.

  29. Rose says:

    It’s ok to kill a baby in the womb when…

  30. Edwardo says:

    Randall, I am profoundly pro-life and have been involved in many pro-life organizations and initiatives for years. However, I cannot agree with what you are proposing in your SuperBowl ads. I feel it inappropriate, even counterproductive, and may well backfire against what you are trying to accomplish. In our experience, visuals and illustrations about the blood and butchering of abortion is vastly less effective than showing visuals of the beauty of life, images of the cute and cuddly and potentially holy infants abortion destroys.

  31. I want to meet the parent(s) who would sit in their easy chair and watch an intruder come into their home, lay hold of one of their children, choke it to death, and then cut out it’s heart. That, my brothers and sisters, is exactly what abortion is. If there is anyone out there whom would stand by and let that happen, YOU are the reason for all the abuse, molestation, kidnapping, and death, of our children. God Bless the Children, Amen.

  32. Mary says:

    I know that alot of people have mixed feelings on these adds, as a mother it is hard for me to see the pictures my self, but people need to wake up to reality, and I applaud this Gentalman for having the nerve to do what ever it takes to put an end to it,, Murder is Murder I dont care what type of wrapping you put on it, or explantion you get to commit it,, it is what it is…
    And as far as kids seeing this,, I am a christian, and we have discussed the subject at our church, I want my children to be very aware of everything around them, you can not protect them from the some times Ugly truth and reality of how this world works… And if it persuades them to take a stance against the subject when they come of age all the better…… You can not protect them always, they have to have enough information to make the right choices, even if that information isn’t pretty.

  33. susan says:

    I am Applauding, many TAX PAYERS PAY for Abortions, rather you agree or disagree, you have the RIGHT to do so. I am against the EVIL Abortion, it is my Right, I do not judge a Female/Male for killing,, it their CHOICE and will carry this to their GRAVE. God will be the ONE to judge this EVIL.
    I do disagree with MY TAX DOLLARS going to a MURDER of an innocent Child that I had no control over, or how this abortion was preformed, If you believe in the TEN Commendents, THOU SHALT not COMMITT MURDER….God Bless the Innocent Child.

  34. Denis says:

    Most every “pro-choice” comment above attests the agony and torment faced by the pregnant mom choosing abortion. But why the agony? Isn’t because something or someone inside their heads is screaming, “This is wrong!”? If it’s not murder, if it’s not wrong, why the angst? Why isn’t it comforting to think of the unborn child as a blob, a clump of cells, not a baby? Why do post-abortion women suffer from depression and the overwhelming sense of loss? Is it just because pro-lifers make them feel guilty? Guilty of what? If it’s not a crime, how can it be wrong? Are you thinking about an abortion? Your conscience will not let you rest if you do what you know to a terrible sin against a human being growing inside you who knows only you as resource, provider and mom. You are not about to be a mother—you are a mother. To kill a child totally dependent on you for life itself would be killing part of your own soul.

  35. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Denis, Susan, and Mary! I am appalled at so many of these posts that think abortion is okay. These same people will go to extreme lengths to protect the euthanizing of dogs and cats and yet shrug their shoulders at killing babies. HELLO!! There is such a thing as birth control–and maybe these women having abortions should have THOUGHT of the consequences of their sexual encounters BEFORE having sex. I realize there are extenuating circumstances, but there are thousands of people willing to adopt unwanted babies-if a baby is born out of rape or incest, at least give it the gift of life and a chance to grow up in a loiving home! God help you people who are so calloused to abortion. And, Mr. “Luna” that is most likely NOT a toddler thrown into a flaming dumpster. And photos of aborted babies are not difficult to find. I like some others here DO NOT LIKE MY TAX DOLLARS USED FOR KILLING BABIES either!!!!!

  36. Jpy St. John says:

    Thank God for Randall Terry’s consistency and persistence! The ASPCA runs ads on several channels frequently showing dogs and cats who have been abused. It is gut wrenching (as it should be) and shamed to say that my husband and I always change the channel. For years many child outreach groups also used to show the sickest, starving children with flies all over their tiny bloated bodies. I couldn’t watch those either. Now finally the TRUTH about abortion is being shown on American TV! I know that many will have to turn away and not look but they will KNOW that this is what abortion looks like.

    My sister is an RN and she crudely told me that she had delivered many aborted babies who “squeaked and wiggled” when she was carrying them to the pathology disposal area. There was a book by an abortion doctor, Magda Denes, called In necessity and sorrow. It was a clear testimony of the physical horror of abortion and the crude jokes the staff made about “fetus stew” and more. The book very quickly disappeared from library shelves only to almost be impossible to find nowadays. Tell me who was suppressing the truth then? Many abortionist take pictures of their work. One worker at a Planned Parenthood Aboritoreum recently watched an abortion live on ultrasound (“good” abortionists use them so they don’t harm the uterus of the mother). When I worked in a Pregnancy Resource Center I had the privilege of seeing a tiny baby moving inside its mother. At 18 days the heartbeat is audible, at 10 weeks the tiny footprints can be seen, at 41 days, brainwaves can be detected, between 13 and 16 weeks is when gender can be effected and is the time that many transgendered folks say is when their gender was mixed up! Yet every transgendered person I have known supported abortion as part of a whole liberal agenda!
    And speaking about the Pregnancy Resource Center: they collect baby clothes, diapers, maternity clothes, baby furniture and more for the women who come to them for help. They help the mothers find housing and medical care and if they want it, adoptive families! To the one who said she/ he had never heard of prolifers offering any material things to the poor women who “need” abortions; I say, “look in your local yellow pages under abortion alternatives and you will find at least one facility that does that very thing.”

    To those who say it is unChristian to show these pictures on a family show, I say, what if our soldiers in WW2 hadn’t reached the concentrations camps in time hadn’t taken pictures and films so that no one could ever forget the horrors of those death camps? I think we “protect” our children a little too much in this society. People are afraid to talk about death in front of children. Children now grow up with some fantasy ideas about death and heaven. I remember when a little boy was killed in our church (farm accident) the therapist who worked with his little brother who had witnessed the event told his mother that he shouldn’t be encouraged to pray, “now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take.” because it frightened him. Now maybe in that situation it made sense but I have heard now from many therapists that this prayer is harmful to children!! Keeping our children in the dark about the reality of death only ends up creating neurotic adults with terror of dying who come to my counseling office because of their free floating anxiety. Those same adults write responses here telling us that Randall Terry is unChristian for scaring little kids! Are you sure it is the children who are scared?

  37. Anne Tyler says:

    January 10, 2012 • 9:33 pm

    Randall Terry should be ashamed of himself. To subject children to these images, he is neither a Christian nor an American who cares about our youth. Shame on you!

    No Shame on YOU.

    What hypocrisy. You have no problem with people causing these pictures to exist. You just don’t want to be forced to acknowledge it.

    You can’t stand someone actually causing people to see the truth behind the rhetoric FREE CHOICE. These babies have had NO CHOICE – another round of hypocrisy for you and yours.

  38. Anne Tyler says:

    To subject children to these images, he is neither a Christian nor an American who cares about our youth.

    Does anyone but me see the total absurdity of this? This person obviously doesn’t care for one minute what is happening to these precious babies unloved by anyone yet he accuses Randall Terry of exploiting them by daring to show the carnage inflicted on them by Homo Sapiens (Wise Man? – maybe not)

    YOU certainly demonstrate quite well YOUR LACK of compassion. You truly are amazing in your self-righteous hypocritical mind you believe yourself a hero.

  39. Andy Rogers Sr. says:

    I pray that these ads are aired!!!

  40. Bronco fan says:

    According to Denver, Colorado stations will NOT air Randall Terry”s ads durinmg the Super Bowl because according to the Colorado Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, he is NOT a “legitimate” Democratic candidate. He has not done what regulations require you to do to become one, so he ‘s just using the rule to air his ads. He’s going about his crusade in a dishonest manner. I do not approve of his methods, even though it makes him like most politicians. I also do NOT agree with him wanting to air the ads during the Super Bowl where there might be children watching and since in most households the Super Bowl is watched as a family, it’s NOT appropriate during that time. Why didn’t he become a Republican candidate, since he was a very strong Republican in the past? My advice is that if his ads are so important, why doesn’t he show them on a network thats more for adults and teens and at a time when most children are in bed. MTV comes to mind or during commercials when Jersey Shore is on. It would be too traumatic for younger viewers to see something the do NOT comprehend.

  41. Fred says:

    Pro-life people are all mentally retarded and should’ve been swallowed.

    Next time one of you nerds tries to preach pro-life, make sure to mention how many kids you have adopted. Because a lot of these kids aren’t ever adopted.

  42. Deborah says:

    I am pro-choice, and I say go ahead and air them, but with a disclaimer first. I look forward to the public’s reaction to the ads. Sarah Palin? Hope she has just as many children as she wants – it is her CHOICE. Randall Terry? An absolute idiot.

    What am I doing about children that no one wants? Not ranting with the anti-choice people. My husband and I adopted two special-needs chidren – siblings, aged 6 and 10 (19 and 23 now). What is everyone else doing?

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