Compromise by the GOP is always good – right?

by Craig Masters
The web site of the Larimer County GOP has a tab for “News and Events” where readers can find under the entry “Latest News and Events” the announcement that reads:

“New Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected and appointed board members of the Larimer GOP – Mike Fassi, chairman and Barbara Schwerin, bonus member.”

In stepping up to the podium to accept his nomination to the position of chairman of a board he wasn’t even a member of yet, Mr. Fassi made it clear that he was willing to “compromise” to get things done. Fassi, who has no significant track record in local republican activism, admitted to the audience that he had not even thought about being involved in politics at this level until earlier that very morning!

In contrast, the nominee who has been a local grass roots activist supporting candidates who stand on principles and support the ideals of conservatism, Tom Buchanan, stepped up to accept his nomination in his usual straight-talking style and simply gave a quick outline of his overwhelming credentials to head the Larimer GOP in this most critical of all years. He did not shy away from the position that the future of the great America he once knew will not survive another term of the Obama administration and the expansion of federal debt. Buchanan does not project the stereotypical GOP central committee republican image of a captain of industry in a suit and red tie.

When the votes were counted, the “compromise” candidate became a new member of the board; as its chairman.

It is late in the evening on January 25, the Colorado Republican party caucuses are scheduled for February 7. The web site says that caucus locations would be emailed the week of the 16th. That was last week. The locations were not set, the emails could not go out. Republicans who would like to participate in the Presidential nomination process in this critical year have less than two weeks to plan to attend a caucus. But Larimer County GOP has failed so far to release the information about locations for the caucuses. Much of this delay is blamed on the redistricting within the state. Understandable, considering the extent of the process. However, the state republican party knew the redistricting was required this year before they moved the caucus dates to early February.

But it gets worse. The Larimer GOP web site has a link labeled “Where to vote in person.” The link is infected. A security warning that reads:

“There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.”

For those who do not have a quality computer security program, the site may open. But that’s exactly what malware programs want to happen. This might simply be a spyware program for someone to find out who is attending republican caucuses, or it might be a more destructive virus. In either case, it indicates a setback when combined with a┬ánaive rooky as the county party chairman ready to “compromise” before he’s even had his first confrontation.

January 3, the Greeley Gazette posted an article about suspicious election activities associated with the Obama Justice department and ACORN personnel. The title of that post was, “Print the headlines – the election is already decided.” We must ask ourselves, is the malware warning on the local web site just the beginning of a very long campaign year?

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