Khruschev was right

I remember Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev’s promise, “We will bury you.”  As we look at America today we see how right he was. By far the most business illiterate group in America is college students – who arguably spend the majority of their time exposed to the mentality espoused by teachers unions. 


The majority of college students have lived off the largesse of their parents, government subsidy, and taxpayer loan guarantees, and therefore cite ‘social justice’ as the formulae for dividing the harvest. 


“To each according to his need, and from each according to his ability”, right Mr. Marx?  SEIU’s ex-president Andy Stern, Obama’s most frequent guest in the White House, said it last I think.


Ignorance of the human nature to compete (capitalism’s core!) is economic doom.  Unionized Wisconsin teachers apoplectic over miniscule benefit cuts don’t know and apparently don’t care if the state can afford it.  They have the same mentality as those in Greece, where unchecked unions now threaten the collapse of Europe’s economy and build nationalistic fuel for class warfare between nations; which was a key cause of World War I and World War II.


Unionized teachers, like their ignorant students fawning for Obama’s class warfare (or spoofing Ron Paul when ACORN co-opts his crowd) eschew human competition, ignore economic reality, and play poster child for the myopic liberals in media, academia and Hollywood. 


Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” and let capitalism and freedom back into Russia. However like a healthy person working in a leper colony who contracts the disease himself, the infusion of capitalistic principles into the Soviet Union also let the disease of communism out to infect our capitalistic system. 


We have now come full circle. America is buried under Khrushchev-style debt, which is invisible to business-illiterate unions, Democrats, teachers, and their students, who are little more than communist wolves in Independent’s clothing (knowingly?), chanting “Paul for president!” 


Forsaking every death in the Middle East not that is not Muslim, Obama is Mohammed’s ‘winged horse’ bringing forth the Twelfth Imam. Our president is Putin’s USSR-era ally, burying American business in proletariat debt, deceit and sloth.  Khrushchev’s ghost smiles as he looks at the headstone “America 1776-2012” which has a familiar image on top – Obama’s campaign logo.

Kurt Overturf

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One Response to Khruschev was right

  1. bob jackson says:

    What is “Khrushchev-style debt” ? Debt from an over bloated military trying to maintain world power?

    and when you say unionized teachers are you referring to public school or post secondary aka college teachers?

    Most of the college students i know work 30-40 hours a week trying to get through school, no largesse there.

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