Carol’s Corner: Does Anyone Care?

by Carol Clemans –


Fifty million (50 million) babies have had their lives snuffed out through abortion that was made legal in America 39 years ago! Even though I know it’s true, the reality of this truth is unbelievable!  We Americans have allowed over 50 million living human beings to be terminated at the whim of someone who can say, “I have a right to choose what my body will go through.”  YES, you have choice and that choice is to be responsible before you choose to have sex!


This is a hot topic, but it is truth.  We’ve allowed over 50 million babies to be murdered and that is more than all service men and women that have willingly given their lives in all the wars fighting for the freedoms of America!  One of those freedoms is to have an abortion!  This is an upside down crazy world that we are living in.  (Writers are not supposed to use (!) points, but I’m not apologizing for the (!) points I’m using in this article).  These murders are outrageous!!


I cannot imagine how the heart of God feels as He sees these innocent, helpless babies in the womb of their mother killed through all different types of procedures.  The partial birth abortion is torture to the baby who is pulled into the birth canal by its feet and then the back of head is cut open with scissors and the brain is suctioned out! This thought is revolting! 


From the moment of conception, a baby is a human being that should have the right to life. Fetuses are not blobs of nothing. You do not have to be a scientist to know that humans produce humans, cows produce cows, dogs produce dogs, etc.


I’ve never heard someone who is pro-abortion say, “I wish my mother had aborted me.” I do not care what the circumstances are for the pregnancy. When God allows life to be conceived, that life should be protected. There are thousands of couples across America who desire to adopt newborn babies. There are resources available in communities across the nation to help unwed mothers.


We who believe in God should ban together nationwide and do whatever it takes lawfully to get Roe vs. Wade removed from one of the freedoms of our country.  Abortion is not giving freedom to human life.  The baby did not ask to be conceived.  In most cases, it is by the choice of the person to have sex that creates pregnancy. 


Because of Roe vs. Wade, America has lost respect for life of the unborn, for the child born with major physical problems, for the injured that cannot care for themselves and for the elderly who are no longer productive in life.  God is the giver of life and man does not have a right to murder another living being in or out of the womb at will for convenience sake. DOES ANYONE CARE?

Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/Bible seminar speaker for churches/conferences. She provides counseling nationwide by phone & web cam – (636) 448-0121. Go to: for bio, teaching CD’s & new book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE.  Email:

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    World “leaders” met in Beijing a few years ago for a United Nations conference on Women. In 1992 many of the same were at Rio De Janeiro to propose a “Bio-Diversity Treaty”. Heady arguments were made at both for the protection of women and for the preservation of plant and animal life. In the past, extraordinary efforts have been observed in the protection and rescue of whales stranded on the shoals of the Pacific coast. Who can forget the pictures of years ago of young, snow white and helpless new born Harp seals being bludgeoned by pelt seekers. Now we have the outcry concerning the Pit-Bull deaths. Such a noble effort, accentuated by the common grief of those attuned to the plight of the natural world, poured out a spirit of protection for animals. Are humanity and its creativeness no less deserving of protection ? Aboriginal peoples cry that they be allowed to protect their heritage and justifiably ask for the end of apartheid. Woeful statements of concern for the refugees and impoverished of the world are heard daily. Who will give voice to the child in it’s natural milieu. Who will chant, ” justice now”, for the innocent unborn children ? Quite illogical rationalization is in the argument by so-called scientists that humanity must be sacrificed in order to protect it. How can the promoters of “Earth Day” and “Bio- Diversity” argue in such a convoluted form for murder and terroristic consumption of children ?

    The issue is not the right of choice. Nor is it the right to life. Nor is it the call of the “civil-rights” activist for peace and justice. It is the noble obligation to help the helpless indeed. To assist those who have not enjoyed the blessing of a completed nurturing. To protect the innocent, the voice of whom is insufficiently developed to plead and contend with the crescendo of the mob crying for a sacrifice. The most extreme form of child abuse is performed upon those most deserving of mercy. The state is most assuredly impelled to protect these millions who without question are unable to protect themselves from murder in the womb. Learned persons have delivered scientific papers in the medical forums of Vanderbilt University that the heart muscle cells begin to pulsate with life within three weeks of conception. Extreme life preserving effort and resources are committed to those who lie in a comma with their heart still pulsing. Is no less an effort mandated by natural law, much less divine law, to assist those not capable of a pleading cry for mercy ? Protect the innocent unborn martyrs.

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  • Cheri says:

    Maybe you all need to mind your own business and worry about yourselves. How is it any of your concern whether or not a women chooses to have an abortion? You don’t live with these women, you have no idea what their lives are like. Are you going to raise all these unaborted children? Do you have any idea how many children are in the social services system right now? My business is just that, mine…. I don’t tell you what to believe in or how to live your life… I could go on and on, but I know it would just fall on deaf ears. People like you have nothing better to do than to stick your noses where they don’t belong.

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