State Senate approves tuition break for illegals

by Matt Lacy –

On a party line vote, the Democratic-controlled Colorado Senate approved a bill that would give a special tuition rate for illegal aliens living in the state.

While other states have passed legislation granting illegals within their borders the same rate as residents of that state, the Colorado proposal does not quite go that far.

Under the bill, illegals will pay less than out of state citizens, but more than Colorado citizens.

Democrats claimed the bill will not involve any cost to taxpayers and will bring in extra revenue to the schools. Critics have said that the bill rewards lawbreaking by allowing illegal aliens to pay less than American citizens.

Scott Renfroe R-Greeley said, that regardless of whether it costs taxpayer or not, “Do we want to give this benefit to someone who is in the state illegally?”

While Democrats control the Senate, Republicans hold a one seat majority in the House where it is unlikely to pass.

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One Response to State Senate approves tuition break for illegals

  1. Bill says:

    You leaders in the senate must be on hallucinogenic drugs, I cant believe what I am reading, how mentally unstable have you all become, what a bunch of PC jerks and morons. you can’t even think straight any longer.

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