Food police confiscate 4-year old’s lunch, bill parents

by Peter Grady –

A pre-school in North Carolina has created a stir around the country after it was reported that officials forced a child to eat a school lunch and billed the parent because her lunch brought from home did not meet school standards for nutrition.

The incident happened at the West Hoke Elementary school in Raeford. According to the North Carolina Journal, the four year old student’s mother, who wants to remain anonymous, had prepared a lunch for her daughter consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, apple juice and potato chips.

The mother said she received a note from the school stating that students who did not bring a “healthy lunch” to school would be offered the missing portions and parents would be charged for the lunch.

North Carolina’s statute says that, “When children bring their own food for meals and snacks to the center, if the food does not meet the specified nutritional requirements, the center must provide additional food necessary to meet those requirements.”

When the story broke it quickly went viral and assumed the lead position on the Drudge Report

During Tuesday’s show Rush Limbaugh commented on the story saying the actions by the school were in keeping in line with Michelle Obama’s attempts to force schools and companies into offering healthier eating choices.

“Do you believe this? I do! The food Nazis — and, by the way, this is Michelle (My Belle)’s program: No Child’s Behind Left Alone. Folks, what is going on here? What is wrong with a turkey sandwich and a banana?”

While officials have said they are investigating the incident, the action by the school appears to be part of a growing trend by government officials forcing healthier choices on people.

At a recent visit to Little Rock Air Force Base, Michelle Obama announced a new program to provide healthier choices to military personnel where they were given a meal consisting of salad greens, broccoli and whole grains.

Michelle told the airmen, “Thank you for eating your vegetables, we need you strong.”

As part of the implementation of Obamacare, the President signed an executive order in 2010 calling for “behavior modification” of all citizens.

The executive order called for the creation of the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council which was tasked with providing recommendations to Congress on how to achieve health promotion and public health goals, including the reduction of tobacco use, sedentary behavior, and poor nutrition.

The order called for a report is to contain a list of what are deemed national priorities on health promotion to address “lifestyle behavior modification” to include among other things, appropriate exercise and proper nutrition.

Greeley/Evans schools have also been making the transition to healthier food items on the menu. The district recently sent out a newsletter telling parents the schools are now considered to be “soda free zones” at the elementary and middle school level.

Legislators in Denver have also proposed a bill that would completely eliminate trans-fats  at all school cafeterias, school stores, vending machines and classroom activities. If passed the bill would be the strictest in the nation.

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55 Responses to Food police confiscate 4-year old’s lunch, bill parents

  1. OldNoob says:

    Well,,, all being said. There was a time in the US, when the ONLY choice was to bring lunch or go hungry.
    In fact in some countries today there is still no government provided meals for school children.
    I highly believe , in the future, as the US economy continues to fall, such government provisions may be removed and we will again be forced to prepare our own children’s lunches. Which isn’t a bad thing,, it just takes more time and effort.

  2. Donna Couch says:

    THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME! WHAT WAS MISSING IN THIS CHILD’S LUNCH? Meat, cheese, bread, banana, apple juice, chips. Come on! This is a perfect lunch. What’s missing? A stalk of celery? GIVE ME A BREAK. Anyone who dares to touch my son’s lunch and then bills me for what THEY THINK is missing will be very sorry they crossed me. I am a single, hard-working Mom who actually happens to live in NC. So I’m furious this is happening in my own back yard! I am on a tight budget. I pack my son’s lunch and I’ll be damned if anybody from any school or any government official tells me what I can or cannot pack for him to eat. He gets a meat and cheese sandwich everyday, water, a chips snack bag and a piece of fruit – the same damn lunch as this parent packed. THE OBAMAS CAN KISS MY A$$ if they think it’s ok to dictate what I pack for MY SON. When you are the one paying for the food, then go right on ahead with your little food programs. My kids are healthy, not at all overweight and very energetic, athletic kids. For God’s sake, SPEND YOUR TIME RUNNING THE COUNTRY instead of doing these RIDICULOUS PROGRAMS!!!! THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tellem to Pound Sand says:

    Tell government to mind their own business….
    Public Servants Gone Wild.

    Make a porno out of it….think of the possibility’s

    Truthful, if government gets control of your children…..they will be sacrificed at the alter of Gog.

  4. QuaiChangKane says:

    What makes any of you think that this has anything to do with Obama? The school based ther actions on a STATE statute passed by a CONSERVATIVE state.

    Don’t be the sheep that follow’s someone else’s agenda of trying to blame everything on Obama. Read the references for yourself. It’s not the Fed’s fault, it’s the school employees’ fault for improperly applying a STATE guideline.

  5. C JJ says:

    READ THIS: I don’t think people realize what we have lost and are in jeopardy of losing when it comes to parental rights. Read this
    Also, I have a friend who is being charged with child abuse, she is looking at 4 felony (20 years each) accounts for one, single incident. You would think it was something horrendous wouldn’t you? She found her 12 year old daughter downstairs in a bedroom having sex with an almost 16 year old boy. She was beside herself. She ordered the boy out and proceeded to tell her daughter she was grounded, and ask her why this is happening, telling her that she thought the counseling was helping. the girl got mad at her mother and began screaming that she hated her, calling her every vulgarer name she could think of (the mother slapped her face-not hard, left no mark), the girl continued beating her fists on the mother (leaving bruises), the mother backed against a wall (she didn’t have use of one arm as she had just got out of elbow surgery). She called for her daughter to stop. the daughter yelled she was going to kill her mother and then kill herself. (the daughter had been to a psych facility a couple times, and had already tried to hang herself once on the school playground. Her mother knew she might carry through on her threat. The daughter demanded to call her father (who is a non involved parent). Her mother said no, she was grounded off her cell phone and wouldn’t get it back until she could show some respect. She said she wouldn’t let her daughter leave to hurt herself, or the mother. She asked her older daughter to hold a cloth round her 12 year old’s wrists, so the tape she used to restrain her wouldn’t pull on her skin. She bound her hads thinking only of how she could protect her. Then she gave her her warm rice bag (which the daughter always slept with for comfort), her medication from the psychologist and put her to bed. She was beside herself, didn’t’ know what to do with her daughter anymore. She called the police and asked for help. Said she had been trying to get help for her daughter for a while and wasn’t getting anywhere. To make a long story shorter (it is still in progress), she was charged with unlawful imprisonment-20 years, aiding in the delinquency of a minor (her older daughter held the cloth))-20 years, refusing a child the use of the phone-20 years, and abuse (slapping her child? The 12 year old was taken to two doctors and not a mark was found on her). All her children (15 year old daughter and 14 year old son) were taken from her. 5 months ago. She was taken to Jail (for 6 days until bond could be raised). Has seen her kids 3 times. Last week she gave her son an inhaler at a football game because no one sent one with him, and she was taken back to jail for having contact with her son. This time they wouldn’t reinstate her bond until she pled guilty. While she was there a lady and the mother’s older daughter broke into her house and took her dogs. They were finally returned to her yesterday, and today a police came to her house and said he was charging her with larceny for having the dog (and it was the mother’s) in her possession when the daughter claimed it belonged to her. I am assuming that a parent doesn’t have the right to take, or sell, or remove a dog from their house even if they pay for the food, vet, shots, rabies tags, and grooming, if the child claims it is theirs? This is scarey stuff! Don’t think she must be a bad person. She would put most parents to shame. My own 12 and 13 year old daughters are amazed, they said they would love to have her as their mother! She never, never ever, did anything to the others, and that was the one and only incident she did with the 12 year old. She has been her children’s advocate and confident, supporter academically, sports wise and medically their whole lives. Now she faces 6 years in prison. Like she needed to be off the streets! Will be sentenced on Oct. 1, 2012. Absolutely crazy. Oh, the last one, the prosecutors say she must have been trying to scald her daughter, why else would she give her a hot rice bag when it is warm out!
    What about parental rights? Right to remove a cell phone, right to protect yourself and your child from your child, right to your own pet-that you raised and paid for, if a child claims its theirs…

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