Terrible 10 of ObamaCare, think tank says public has good reason to oppose legislation

by Matt Lacy —

While much of the reporting critical of the president’s health care plan has focused on the individual mandate, The Heritage Foundation has issued a new report called “The 10 terrible provisions of Obama care that you may not have heard of.”

Despite a massive PR campaign by the administration, polls consistently show the majority of the American people are still opposed to the health care plan known as ObamaCare. According to Kathryn Nix, a policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation, there are some very good reasons for the public’s displeasure over the plan.

“Beginning in 2013, ObamaCare adds a 2.3-percent excise tax to medical devices. This is projected to raise $28.5 billion in new revenue to pay for other parts of the law,” she said.  “Several industry players have already come out and said they’re going to have to cut back on jobs or forgo creating new jobs. Also, we know that these costs are just going to be passed down to the consumer.”

Stryker Corporation in Michigan has already announced it will be trimming its workforce by approximately 5 percent by 2013 as a result of the provision.

Among other things, the plan places new limitations on individuals with Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). The plans provide a tax break to individuals who place money into a savings account which is used to cover medical expenses. This enables individuals to pay for services directly rather than go through an insurance program. Oftentimes, health care providers offer discounts to persons who opt to pay for services out of their pockets.

ObamaCare would restrict the types of products that consumers can purchase such as over-the-counter medications and increases the penalty for non-qualified uses of HAS’s. The amount persons can contribute to the plans will also be limited to $2,500 per year beginning in 2013.

She goes on to point out that ObamaCare penalizes marriage by offering a greater subsidy to single Americans who buy insurance on the government run exchanges. While the plan provides taxpayer subsidies for low and middle class people to purchase health coverage, the structure allows two individuals to claim more in subsidies than if they were married.

While experts have been warning that entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are becoming unsustainable due to an aging population, Nix warns that ObamaCare still calls for a new entitlement program called the CLASS program, which The Heritage Foundation has deemed unworkable, unsustainable and unsound.

The Department of Health and Human Services even acknowledged this and has put the program’s implementation on hold.

The program also violates religious liberty by requiring employers to provide contraceptive services including abortion inducing drugs as part of the women-specific services that ObamaCare requires insurance to include with no cost sharing. The narrow religious exemption will force many employers including religious schools hospitals and charities to pay for them.

While supporters of ObamaCare say religious employers are not required to provide the service, under new regulations they are now part of a basic package of insurance packages that companies must offer and the cost will likely be passed along to the consumer.

Supporters have also said the health care plan will provide a higher quality of service at a lower cost for Americans.

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