Judge rules school must allow access to sexually explicit LGBT sites

by Jack Minor —

A federal judge has ordered a Missouri school district to unblock its web filters and give students access to sexually explicit material by the middle of March.

A US District Judge issued a preliminary junction against the Camdenton R – III School District banning them from using filtering software. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the district claiming it was deliberately restricting access to homosexual themed sites, while allowing students to view what it claims are “anti-LG BT sites that condemn homosexuality.”

In issuing its ruling, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri said the district’s custom filtering system “systematically allows access to websites expressing a negative viewpoint toward LGBT individuals by categorizing them as ‘religion,’ but filters out positive viewpoints toward LGBT issues by categorizing them as ‘sexuality.”

Joe Ortwerth, executive director of the Missouri Family Policy Council, says, “When you consider that there’s a federal law on the books that obligates school districts to ensure that their computers do not allow access to materials that might be pornographic for minors, this judge’s action — considering that — is pretty shocking.”

The ACLU’s website  claims that schools cannot block LGBT sites claiming that to do so is a violation of the First Amendment. “Programs that block all LGBT content violate First Amendment rights to free speech, as well as the Equal Access Act, which requires equal access to school resources for all extracurricular clubs, including gay-straight alliances and LGBT support groups.”

Among the sites the ACLU says students have a right to view is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The site provides a link to “It Gets Better” which is a program advocating the homosexual lifestyle founded by Dan Savage, a “gay” sex columnist.

Savage is known for his vulgar and raunchy columns. He was also responsible for “bullying” Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum by creating a “Google bomb” that attached a vile sex term to the candidate’s name.

Savage has engaged in other hateful comments such as saying on Bill Maher’s television show, “I wish all Republicans were f***ing dead.” And has  said on HBO that he wanted to rape Santorum.

The ACLU disputes that it is advocating students be allowed to view pornographic material, however, by disabling the filters in order for students to view “safe sites” sexually explicit sites will be permitted as well.

The Alliance Defense Fund, which filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of the school, noted that the “sexuality” filter blocks access to over 8,200 websites of which 7,800 would not be blocked by using the “adult” or “porn” filters and that many of the 7,800 sites contain sexually explicit materials.

The brief provided examples of specific sites that would not be blocked by the filter that provided access to pornographic images and pictures.

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25 Responses to Judge rules school must allow access to sexually explicit LGBT sites

  1. Reis Kash says:

    Obama has run amok and the federal courts insist on showing how powerful and how wrong they are. Anyone with personal knowledge of the federal courts knows that about 20% of federal judges are nothing but politician-lawyers who got lucky and were appointed as judges. I have known a few who were lock-up crazy, but still sit on the bench. Someone has said the people are going to drive us to revolution. I think he is right and it seems that the revolution is coming sooner than later.

  2. James Peron says:

    This is a very dishonest article apparently relying on groups like Alliance Defense Fund and some “Family” council to tell the truth. GLSEN is not a pornographic site but an education site that anti-gay fundamentalists groups, such as the two mentioned, hate quite intensely. This ruling was not about “sexually explicit” sites.

  3. Well,another great win for our moral culture via the ACLU and a dopey jurist. Of course, the NEA, the chief supporter of Obama and the liberal Dems just love this ‘freedom’ as they pollute our pupil’s minds. In Ca., I would not be surprised if CTA followed up with a clone of this decision because after all, parents and morality are just so stuffy. And we need freedom for our kids to explore all life styles even if they can’t spell, read or understand our Constitution.

  4. Rick H. says:

    Gee, I wonder who appointed that judge.

    What a sick load of crap

  5. MrSpock says:

    @ James

    The ADF demonstrated that if the filter is removed then sexually explicit sites fall between the cracks and are able to be accessed.

    I worked for a company that tried to fitler out every single porn site, the problem is there are so many of them that you cannot simply do it byweb site. This is why the filtering software needs to have categories. The judge did not rule students need to have access to several specific LGBT sites. If that were the case they could leave their filter on and allow the sites listed by the judge to be accessed.

    That is far different from ordering filtering to be disabled which will allow sites to be viewed that are sexually explicit.


  6. Annie66 says:

    Here is yet another ‘judge’ that needs to be removed from the bench. It is time for the average American to use the same play book that this disgusting bunch of Communists uses: just ignore the law. This gay filth has absolutely no place in the school system. For that matter, the entire area of sexuality needs to be removed.

  7. Pashyn says:

    Well, you can tell some one who doesn’t like the LBGT Community wrote this, because it’s focusing on the LBGTs backlash at the hateful and vulger actions we have to put up with. But we will put up with it because ‘all men are created equal’.

  8. Barry Gowland says:

    If the reported track record of the ACLU is what is claimed then it is a totally misnamed body. It ignores a fundamental point, viz. that schools and teaching staff are in loco parentis, to use the legal term! They are NOT in loco gubernatoris(hope my Latin is correct!). As such they are bound to take notice of the concerns raised by parents of school students, since the latter are, by definition, legal minors.
    By such action the very cause of civil liberty is dragged through the gutter.
    There is an uncomfortable parallel on my side of the water. My country, the UK, signed up to various declarations and conventions on human rights. In 1948 there was no problem understanding what that meant, with the Nazi atrocities being fresh in the memories of millions. Indeed—ironic as this sounds—one of the chirf drafters, one David Maxwell Fyfe, was later to acquire a reputation as a hardliner when head of the UK’s department of Home Affairs; in at least one case, if not others, there was public anxiety about his signing the death warrant of a young man condemned to death for murdering a police officer—and he wasn’t even the one who fired the fatal shot! Anyway, a good many of the cases where our own courts have decreed that it is no violation of that person’s “human rights” to suffer this or that penalty the European Court in Strasbourg has overruled the British courts.
    The moral is plain: either the ACLU starts to use its common sense and recognise the force of public moral outrage or else its writs will start to caout for absolutely nothing.

  9. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Where are Missouri’s Elite Congressional Representatives and Senators? Where is the Missouri Attorney General ?? Where is the Missouri Governor ?? Where o where are our Politicians when the Missouri Populace needs them?? This Judge needs to be Re-Called imediately. We also need to know who appointed him as Judge, Jury and Executioner of our Missouri Juvinile Children. The Government of the State of Missouri has to step forward and downgrade this pitiful person that is impersonating a Federal Judge, to garbage status, and flush him down a commode. Well maybe not flush down the drain, that would contaminate the whole sewer system. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  10. BillyBob says:

    The filthy POS masquerading as a judge should be impeached and jailed.

  11. BillyBob says:

    Nothing hates like a homoNazi or the immoral scum that supports them.

  12. Tim says:

    Let’s have the name of the judge. I give it a 90% chance he/she was appointed by Carter, Clinton or possibly 0bama.

  13. retiredcoach says:

    Parents should be the deciding factors in what web sites their children access!
    As a retired teacher-schools should stick to readin’, riten’, and ‘rithmetic!

  14. Stechatte says:

    Satan is the greatest lawyer in history. He will always use our hypocrisy against us…and his arguments will be logical and just. If God (and HIs moral code) is just a “concept”, then so is anit-God (and immorality), and neither deserve any more privilege than the other. That is what has become of us…and Satan laughs at our idiocy!

    …and soon, “pornography” will be a forgotten word.

  15. Al Mas says:

    Here is the Story !

    As Christians, we practiced TOLERANCE of unnatural human behavior.

    We then find ourselves ourselves in a situation where we are being forced to ACCEPT this behavior as NORMAL.

    Now , those who were tolerated, now insist that their behavior REPLACE our standards.

    Ironically, the method they are using to make this happen is INTOLERANCE.

    How crazy is that ??!

    So much for Tolerance !

    This is classic example of allowing the camel to get his nose under the edge of or tent….. inevitability, the camel winds
    up in your tent.

    Personally, I say ENOUGH !

  16. Cathy says:

    The judge on this case is U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey.

  17. HS says:

    Kids shouldn’t have access to the internet at ALL at school. As a parent, I do not want my child on the internet anywhere but in MY presence. I read articles like this and I’m glad we chose to homeschool.

  18. Melanie says:

    What a pack of lies! The judge did NOT rule that the schools have to open access to gay/lesbian pornography or to ANY pornography. The sites in question are not pornography. They are simply sites that discuss issues of interest to those who are gay/lesbian . It is no more sexually explicit than any health site the students already have access to. The only difference is that, unlike those sites written by believers in Christian mythology, it is fact-based and not hatemongering. Don’t forget the first amendment, bigots!

  19. David Kramer says:

    The next step we must take in Republican or better described as conservative states is to implement 100% vouchers for parents. Time to allow the free market to decide where our children will be schooled, in the public union controlled indoctrination centers or in schools that teach logic and critical thought. A little morality would not be a bad choice either.

  20. Tisha S says:

    Time to home school!

  21. Jeff Taylor says:

    Did you read the whole article? The judge order disabling of web filters, that means nothing is filtered and those kid are completely unprotected, get it? You probably think it’s great to hand out protection for sex but it’s evil to have protection for their hearts and minds right? And by the way learn the real meaning of bigot, you of the left cannot debate on merits of an argument… It’s just name calling and ridicule.
    Have a nice day.

  22. Gordon Crawley says:

    As Christians we have one biblical thing that we can do and that is to do what Christ told us to do in Matt. 28:19-20. Preach the Gospel, make converts and then teach them what is godly and right to do, according to God’s word. Paul says in 1Cor. 5:12 what business is it of ours to judge the world, God will do that, we are only told to judge our own. We are to first call people out of the world and into the church, for those who will hear and come to Christ. Once people are born again by the Spirit, we are to teach them the ways of our Lord. There are always going to be many issues in the world, but with God there is only one issue–salvation. It is easy to voice opinions about what we consider to be wrong, but few want to do the evangelism that initiates people into the household of God. Remember, we are saved by faith, not by morality, but true faith will lead to a life pleasing to God. If people are sinning against God’s commandments, then have pity on them, because they will eventually face God’s judgment, and show them the only way around it–faith in Jesus Christ. So go out and build the Church, for that is our job. We already know that people are wicked sinners against God, just like we were, so instead of pointing fingers, convert them by telling them the “Good News” and bring them into the Church! That is how we as believers make real change, eternal change.

  23. Phillip in TX says:

    Another reason why my wife and I home school our children.

  24. Kirsten says:

    Go to the ACLU’s website and see for yourself. Titles of recommended reading include “The Red Lobster”. Read for yourselves excerpts from that book. There is absolutely no reason for minors to be reading that book!

  25. Jo says:

    Since when in America does the government or a school district have a right to overrule parents on how they decide to bring up their children!!? This judge should be hung and burned in front of court as a lesson to those who would defy parents. A revolution is coming to this country and we will get rid of the scum.

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