Neutrality towards “gay” lifestyle now considered bullying

by Peter Grady —

While the Justice Department says a bullying settlement involving Minnesota’s largest school district should be a model for all US schools, an analyst at the Family Research Council disagrees.

The Anoka-Hennepin School Board approved the settlement 5-1 at its meeting Monday evening, agreeing to a long list of measures to help prevent and address sex-based harassment in its schools. The district’s insurance carrier will pay the six students named in the lawsuit a total of $270,000, and the district will contribute $500,000.

What is interesting is that the district never actively spoke against homosexuality, however, recognizing what a hot button issue the lifestyle choice was, the school adopted a neutrality approach towards homosexuality with the school neither condemning nor advocating  it.

Following the suicide of six of the district’s students in less than two years, the neutrality policy came under fire.

FRC policy analyst, Peter Sprigg, says while serious bullying in schools should never be tolerated regardless of who it is directed at, the contention that the district’s neutrality policy promoted harassment is simply wrong.

“Any suggestion that this neutrality policy was a license for harassment or bullying of students who were identified as ‘gay’ or perceived as gay simply makes no sense,” he contends. “If bullying was going on, and it was not being prevented, then that may have been a problem. But it was not because of this neutrality policy.”

The six students filing the lawsuits claimed the neutrality policy prevented teachers from protecting homosexual students. However, Sprigg told OneNewsNow, “It’s ironic because you have a situation now where neutrality about sexual orientation is not good enough. In order to be truly politically correct, you have to be overtly pro-homosexual.”

He said he suspects an agenda was at work in the settlement in order to push for acceptance of homosexual conduct as being considered normal and natural.

There have been instances where “gay” activists have criticized anti-bullying programs that focus on all types of bullying arguing the programs are not sufficiently “gay” enough.

Marvin Nash is a rodeo clown with a program called “Bullying Hurts.” Nash takes his program into public schools and teaches young children how to identify what bullying behavior was and how to deal with it in their classrooms, schools and communities. Nash focuses on all bullying, not just what is directed at “gays” and lesbians. He told the Gazette that several years ago he approached the District 6 school board about the possibility of bringing his program into the Greeley/Evans schools but was told his program was not “gay” enough. District 6 was unable to confirm the reason for denying Nash’s request at the time of publication.

Last year the Denver Broncos faced similar criticism from “gay” groups over working with USA Network’s “Characters Unite” inclusive anti-bullying program. Members of the LGBT community instead wanted them to produce a commercial for “It Gets Better” a campaign founded by Dan Savage, a “gay” sex columnist known for his vulgar and raunchy columns. He was also responsible for “bullying” Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum by creating a “Google bomb” that attached a vile sex term to the candidate’s name.

Savage has engaged in other hateful comments such as saying on Bill Maher’s television show, “I wish all Republicans were f***ing dead.” Savage has also said on HBO that he wanted to rape Santorum.

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