“Star Wars” game makers cave to “gay” activists


by Jack Minor —


A pro-family group has said makers of the Star Wars videogame  caved into pressure from a small group of homosexual activists at the expense of children who could be exposed to explicit material.


Approximately 1.7 million copies of “Star Wars: the Old Republic” have been sold. Bioware , the company file that sells the game,  has given in to boycott threats from pro-homosexual advocates stating that at some point the game will include homosexual characters.


The decision is a huge departure from the family friendly atmosphere of the  Star Wars film series which contained no profanity, no nudity, and no sexual situations. During development of the new game, BioWare initially declined requests to include homosexual content, stating that the company policy is to ensure  political neutrality and equality.


However, after  “Queerty: Free of an agenda. Except a gay one” contacted BioWare with threats of boycotts, the developer changed its mind.” On their site they said, “Bioware had initially said Old Republic wouldn’t have a same-sex option, but a strong response from fans led the company to change its mind. Because the game was so close to its 2011 holiday-season release date, gay and lesbian hookups won’t be immediately available.”


A few weeks ago LGBT activists increased the pressure on Bioware with thread posts at the Star Wars The OldRepublic website saying, “It has come to my attention that the developers of this game aren’t taking our questions about same gender romances in SWTOR too seriously. We were promised post launch, and now it looks like it may never happen because it is SO hush hush, due to the “negativity” other players bring into the conversation.”

“My thoughts are simple, hit the like button on this Facebook page, and lets show them how many of us DEMAND that we get some information regarding what TRULY amazing Bioware games brought us to Star Wars: The Old Republic.”


David Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association, said the decision by the company is being made to pacify a small group of activists at the expense of the other 1.7 million players.


“We have 35 LGBT (lesbian, ‘gay,’ bisexual, transgender) extremists that are trumping 1.7 million other people in what the content should be for the upcoming additions and upgrades,” he explains.


LGBT activists claim that there is no opposition on the Star Wars website to their demands that the game include homosexual characters.


Caton said the reason is that Bioware is censoring any posts on its website that disagree with their decision.





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7 Responses to “Star Wars” game makers cave to “gay” activists

  1. Tzeetch says:

    Personally I don’t care if there are gay relationships in the game. Put a tick box in the settings to allow same sex affection and get on with making a great game. These family groups and church nuts have held back gaming for years with their own agenda.
    Heres a free tip from the gaming community – if you don’t like it, don’t play it numb nuts!

  2. Claire says:

    Really? Wow. This is what happens when a bigot gets their hands on a keyboard. As a long time Bioware and Star Wars fan, I say why not? There are opportunities for for characters to romance bisexual, straight and gay characters; Jade Empire and Mass Effect 3 come to mind. Gaming, contrary to popular belief, is not a child’s medium. Also, no “demands” where made of Bioware, and the Bioware forums are ran by decent and fair moderators who don’t put up with this kind of stupid “How dare gay people have FICTIONAL love interests in a video game!” Please take your vile and mindless hatred of everything that offends you and pour your energy into something to benefit humanity.

  3. bob says:

    Sex = BAD.
    Violence = GOOD!

  4. BillyBob says:

    homosexuality is not sex, it is sexual perversion.

  5. Mak says:

    Because the amount of disinformation contained in this article is so staggering, I seriously encourage you to research this the topic of companion relationships online. What you will find is that users (you) choose whether to / not to have a virtual relationship with a computer rendition of someone who helps you through the game.

    Note, this relationship can be heterosexual (in game now) or homosexual (to be possibly added later). Here is the key…if YOU choose to follow either, it is your choice and it only impacts you (does not impact others view or perception of the star wars genre).

    So, if you disagree with the choice being there, then I agree, let your voice be heard. I do forewarn you however, people may not agree with either lifestyle, but most believe you have a right to choose either, especially if it has no bearing on you directly, which seems to be the case here.

  6. D3V0LV3R says:

    I’m so sick of this crap. Star Wars has always been a kid-centric, family safe franchise. Now I’ve to tell my kids that there’s yet another game they cannot play due to adult content. Then there going to ask, “why not”? I don’t feel particularly inclined to explain homosex (not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 to my 11 and eight year olds, but… that’s just me. I don’t consider myself a particularly religious person either. Some things just go against nature. You don’t have to be a Bible believer to recognize that. I realize video games are popular for adults, but some things, like Star Wars should remain safe for kids. What’s next? The choice to be a pedophile? A cannibal? This is ridiculous!

  7. Roo says:

    Hey look at the upside of this teenage boys are more likly to make lesbian characters .

    Joking aside who cares .This isnt the 1950s . Most of the human race doesn’t bat an eyelid at someones sexuality anymore . Most likly those that do are latent homosexuals themselves struggling with thier secret .

    Unless D3VOLV3r sons want to create a gay storyline they wont encounter any gay characters . If they do then they are probably going to turn out gay anyway and theres nothing he can do about it because ifs not a choice its in thier genetic make up . Theres something like a 1/12 chance one of them will be gay. I hope they arnt for thier sake with a father like you . Just a nugget of information for you this game has a certificate of teen on it.
    if your stupid enough to ignore that and let children under that age play it thats your look out really isnt it . You may want them instead to play world of Warcraft which is aimed at a lot younger audiance . Unfortunatly preditors know this and if you google it will see plenty of storys to that effect . In my opinion no child under the age of 16 should be allowed to play an mmo unsupervised . Its like letting them go into an online chat room . Would you do that ? no . well these games are no different are they .

    Billybob theres people that think anything other than the missionary position is a sexual perversion . As long as people dont involve children , animals ,dead people or family members in thier sexual practices then pretty much everything else under the sun if ok by me as long as its concenting adults .

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