Contraception promotes immorality

by Carol Clemans

The recent testimony before a congress committee by a female student from Georgetown University was blasted over the news several times. She was complaining that contraceptives for female students cost about $3,000 during college years. She was requesting ‘others’ to pay for the contraceptives.  She shared how embarrassed one college student was when she had to turn away from a pharmacy counter when she did not have enough money to pay for her contraceptives.


In spite of the above paragraph, this article is not about contraceptives. It’s about the total decay of morals in America.  Why is it assumed in today’s world that single female students need contraceptives while they are attending college?  Are they going to college to learn how to have sex? Are they providing ‘friend’s benefits’ to guys who could care less? Why do female students allow themselves to be used as sex objects?


In recent years, some major colleges did research on female students who were involved in ‘friend’s benefits’ sex and found those involved in casual sex without commitment were reporting higher rates of depression and suicidal thoughts.  What promiscuous females do not understand, it is not possible to have casual sex without feeling an attachment to the male.  There is a reason for this and it’s because God created sex between male and female and they become one in body, soul and spirit whether married or not married.  So it’s impossible to have casual sex without aftermath issues in body, soul and spirit!


When a male and female have sex they are ‘joined together’ (Bible phrase). When they have multiple partners, they are leaving a piece of themselves with each partner. God created sex to be a ‘gluing together’ of a husband and wife in body, soul and spirit.  When this happens outside of marriage, it’s like ripping a part of themselves out of their very soul that can never be replaced.  The females especially feel fragmented.  They lose sense of self-worth or value because casual sex devalues the person into a sex object that will be used for pleasure then discarded. Having casual sex is about lust not love.


Another point is that everyone a person has sex with is also having sex with everyone that person previously had sex with – this is a medical fact. Contraceptives do not protect a person against STD’s and pregnancies still happen.  The emotional havoc of casual sex has life long ramifications.  The more sex partners one has, it increases the probability of adultery during marriage and higher divorce rates.


The bottom line: it is still called sin in God’s viewpoint. Fornication includes all types of sexual activities outside of marriage including oral sex, thoughts and desires of the heart. Any activity with the sexual parts of a person is having sex. The Greek word for adultery is ‘porneia’ that is also the root word for pornography. It’s called the works of the flesh in Galatians 5: 19-21.  Verse 21b states, “They which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”


God created the gift of six between a husband and a wife. He intended it for pleasure as well as procreation. God intended sex for the ‘cementing’ of the relationship. Hollywood has made a joke of sex. Families are allowing their children to see casual sex on TV, movies and DVD’s. People who have morals are scoffed.  All through school and into college, virgins are ridiculed. This is outrageous!


Parents, do you really want your children to have sex before marriage?   When the majority of Americans had morals, integrity and decency we were a much stronger nation.  Now many leaders and famous people who desire to be politically correct have no morals themselves. They condone all sexual activity outside of marriage as acceptable.  This is NOT God’s truth.  God still does not accept sin choices.


If all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ would raise their voices against immorality, we could make a difference in our world.  Many young people today have no one around them who have absolute moral beliefs. They are floundering in their sexual sins and wonder why they have so many emotional and relational problems.


Refraining from sex until marriage is still God’s way. God has rules for our provision and protection.  If we choose not to follow them, then we reap what we sow and it will be bring pain and heartache for a lifetime. You do not need contraceptives before marriage when you follow God’s design for your life.


© Carol Clemans March 2012


Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/inspirational Bible teacher. She provides nationwide counseling by phone & web cam (636) 448-0121. Go to: for bio, teaching CD’s & new book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE – Em:

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2 Responses to Contraception promotes immorality

  1. amy says:

    Just because a woman chooses to use birth control does not mean she is promiscuous.

    This article assumes that all college students who use birth control are having premarital or casual sex. This does not take into account women who use it purely for medical reasons or married students who know it would be irresponsible to bring a child into their family while they are attending school. And what about young women who want to take birth control to prevent pregnancy in the event of a rape? A good friend of mine was drugged and raped her freshman year and now has a teenage child as a result. She had to drop out of school and give up her life to raise her child. (A girl doesn’t have to be at a party for that to happen. Roofies don’t just go in alcohol.) The cost of contraceptives is just as difficult for them as it is for any other student. There’s a reason college students have a reputation for living on ramen noodles– We’re broke!

    The current social attitude towards sex is nothing new. A quick look at ancient Roman and Greek art will show an explicit expression of sexuality. In public Roman bath houses, lockers were marked with drawings of different sex positions rather than numbers. This was not done to encourage the behavior, but simply because it was easier for people to remember which locker was theirs. It has very little to do with Hollywood. Sex is something that has been engrained in us for thousands of years. Historically, the idea of sex as a negative activity does not come about until the invention of the Church.

    To be clear, I am a devout Christian. I must say, though, it is highly judgmental to assume that any woman who uses a contraceptive is engaged in immoral activity. Immorality is not an issue of availability; it is an issue of the heart. How any one can make the mental jump from contraceptives to promiscuity is beyond me.

  2. Contraception promotes immorality? Yeah, like seat belts promote reckless driving.

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