Students targeted for leftist activism

The left is targeting those least prepared to defend the liberties they have not yet known.

by Craig Masters
Two days after activist Sandra Fluke testified to congress that she needed taxpayers to buy her birth control in order to be able to afford to keep up with the amount of sex she was having at Georgetown University, an organization named “eyesoncongress” scheduled a program its web site describes as “Teaching Skills for EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM” at Ferguson High School in Loveland, Colorado.

Ferguson HS is a small school for alternative programs within Thompson School District R2-J. The students are selected based on factors such as those who are having trouble at home, those having a history of trouble with the law, or who perhaps just need a smaller school environment to achieve educational goals.

The questions must be asked, “Who are these “teachers?” Did they select Ferguson to target at-risk young people, who comprise the majority of Ferguson students, because they thought these students would be more easily influenced by their propaganda? Did the school staff or district officials vet these people before authorizing this program?”

The EOC web site states that the organization was started by  two constituents in Representative Cory Gardner’s congressional district that felt left out of information – at least what they want to hear – from congressional Gardner. News articles indicate a connection to the ultra-leftist political group

These people, who advertised an ‘educational opportunity’ to be held at a public high school, demonstrate on their web site their “effective activism” is the use of half-truths and semantics to deliver their message – their way. For example, the web relies on their specific definition of the popular term ‘town hall meeting’ to claim Representative Gardner did not hold enough town hall meetings this spring. The truth is that Gardner did invite the public to several meetings around the district which were not necessarily advertised officially as ‘town hall’ meetings. One such meeting, previously covered in the Gazette, was held at the headquarters of the very important northern water district and attended by only a couple of dozen folks. Is it Congressman Gardner’s responsibility to force people to attend informational meetings?

Monday, April 2, Media Matters for America, another extreme leftist activist group also associated with, released the e-mailed statement:
Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke appeared before members of Congress to talk about the various ways her classmates rely on prescription birth control, including a story about a friend who takes it to manage ovarian cysts. For this, Rush Limbaugh viciously attacked Fluke over the course of several days.

Notice the ‘effective’ use of the placement of the words “for this” to refer to the comment about ovarian cysts. Media Matters intends for the reader to believe Mr. Limbaugh commented about a health issue. But the truth is that Limbaugh did not make light of any of Fluke’s comments other than her own statements about her own legendary sexual exploits.

The e-mail continues by making wildly exaggerated claims about advertisers dropping the Limbaugh radio show. It makes no apologies for soliciting money and support for their effort to silence Rush Limbaugh entirely. The e-mail ends with this statement:
By participating, (donating) you ensure that the de facto monopoly backing Rush Limbaugh is not able to convert the controversy created by his irresponsible attacks into increased ad revenue. By eliminating this perverse incentive to smear for ratings and revenue (Limbaugh’s business model), you deliver accountability each day and help prevent it from taking place in the future.

Understanding that last sentence in the ‘effective’ way. It would seem to be that by participating you would be “preventing accountability.” After all, isn’t that exactly what these people would be teaching as “effective activism?”

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One Response to Students targeted for leftist activism

  1. Carla Massaro says:

    This article is in TOTAL error of what actually happened. Eyes on Congress “RENTED” a hall from the Thompson School District which happened to be at the Ferguson High School. Both Republicans and Democrats have equal access to all the school facilities. This program occurred on a Saturday when the student population is non-existent. Those in attendance were not students but local concerned citizens from surrounding communities interested in how to get their ideas expressed via today’s technical media.

    To either intentionally distort the truth, or out of complete ignorance, this article transpired, is an injustice to the general population and good reporting techniques. Incidentally, I am a Republican who participated and this event was open to all parties. Do your research the next time.

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