Board of Health to hear public input about free needle program for drug users

The public will have just one chance, today at 5:30, to tell the members of the Larimer County Board of Health whether or not to spend public money supporting drug dealers and users in Northern Colorado.

A plan for enabling drug users to have free access to needles is being seriously considered by the Board. The plan is proposed as a request from the Northern Colorado AIDS Project’s. The idea is that drug users who have clean needles might not have to share needles with other drug users and therefore might not have as great a chance of getting AIDS.

The proposal before the Board, however, does not outline a plan for those users who simply throw down their used needles in peoples’ yards and along the sidewalks where they will be found by children and stepped on by pets before being cleaned up by property owners.

The plan also does not include a projected increase in illegal sales of drugs resulting from the increased availability and comfort level afforded dealers and users alike.

The special meeting will be held to obtain input from the community on Northern Colorado AIDS Project’s request to offer a syringe exchange program to their clients who inject drugs. This “open house” will be held from 5:30 to 7:00 PM on Wednesday April 11, 2012, in the Human Services Building, 1501 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins in Room 135 A&B.

The public is not encouraged to attend these Board meetings. Such meetings are not advertised in local papers. But because the public is required to be notified, they are listed on the web site of Larimer County and can be found by following multiple links. In fact, the members of the Board are expected to follow a “GAG ORDER” and not disclose information about this meeting unless they are first “ask” specifically about the subject of the meetings.

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One Response to Board of Health to hear public input about free needle program for drug users

  1. BillyDee says:

    Please get your facts straight before writing articles. Especially one seen by the general public. The program is not, will not, and never was intended to be funded by “Public Money” and had nothing to do with the meeting.

    The program will be funded by private non profits who see fit to spend their money this way.

    And do you seriously think I.v. Drug use is such an easy, comfortable way to live that the only thing holding people back is access to”free”clean needles? Because right now anyone can buy them for pennies at the local pharmacy.

    Also, get this clear. They do want to address needles being thrown out into the street by providing free needle disposing containers and incentive for returning them filled.

    If you’re finding needles all over your front lawn then you need to talk to someone in your family, because that’s likely where they would be coming from. Its not like walking down the block smoking a cigarette. People are not casually walking around in public shooting up and tossing needles over their shoulder. That by the way would still be illegal.

    Take note. The needle exchange is going to be funded privately by non profit. HEP C and AIDs treatment is not. (which in case you weren’t listening is what this program is being created to stem.)

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