Firefighters perform high angle rescue at Scott Elementary

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At 10:42 am, today (04/06/2012), firefighters from the Greeley Fire Department were called to 3000 13th St (Scott Elementary School) in Greeley on a report of someone who had fallen from a roof.

Upon arrival, the fire crew (GFD Engine #3) found that the victim had fallen from a higher level roof onto a lower level roof with no access except for their own portable ladders. Firefighters assessed the patient’s injuries and found the victim had suffered serious orthopedic fractures from the fall.

The crew called for assistance from GFD Ladder 1 because of the precarious patient removal situation. The patient was treated and stabilized while other firefighters implemented a high angle rope rescue system utilizing the lifting and mobility components of Ladder 1’s aerial ladder. The patient was secured in the “litter basket”, gently lifted over the building parapet, and then gently lowered approximately 20 feet to the ground to awaiting paramedics and firefighters.

The patient was then transported to NCMC by Weld County Paramedic Services. The fall victim had been working on the higher level roof and was descending a ladder and fell approximately 10 feet the next lower level of roof. All Greeley firefighters are trained in high and low angle rescue techniques. Specialized technical rescue equipment used at this incident is carried on both GFD Ladder 1 and GFD Rescue 1. No school children were injured or involved in the incident.

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