Brett Reese’s letter to George and Kimberlee Tiba

Editor’s note: The Gazette has obtained a copy of Brett Reese’s letter which is identical to the 3rd e-mail where he is alleged to have threatened the Tiba’s. The letter was written after George Tiba allegedly threatened Reese with physical harm and after two other e-mails were sent advising them of plans to evict them following the expiration of their lease.

April 13, 2012

Tenants at 35** Po*******:


With your permission and patience, I wanted to make sure we all understand this situation.

I understand the difficult fiscal trials we are all facing in this economy.

As you know, I have not even charged late fees or NSF fees.  I simply absorbed them the past 2 months.  Please don’t mistake this kindness for weakness or fear.  Chris and I are both tactically trained on .45 caliber handguns.  This letter is an attempt to avoid litigation or violence.


I have been through difficult and threatening tenants many times in my 20 years of landlording.  I am personal friends with Ken and Perry Buck, the DA here in Weld county as well as John Cooke, Sheriff.  I have donated and helped campaign for both. The chief of Greeleypolice, Jerry Garner is a personal friend whom I have interviewed numerous times on the air.  If it would help our mutual situation, I am glad to provide you the personal cell phone numbers of any of these officials.

If we must go to court to evict you after months of giving you notice and attempting to be open, honest and fair, you know I will be forced to redress lost rent and/or damage to the property through the standard garnishment and credit process,  this is truthfully the LAST thing I want to do.


Please understand, I am not better than you. I freely admit you both are my superior in many ways and I respect much of what I’ve seen of you both.


Please, let me know by tomorrow if you intend to disregard my repeated peaceful attempts and notices.  I can only assume that if you refuse to respond, that you intend to stay over yet another month. Please respond and let me know of ANY options.   I am utterly out of ideas myself, and I truly wish you no ill will, nor am I attempting to treat you with arrogance of any kind.

I understand you are typically responsible people and if it helps, I apologize for offending you in any way in the past. 


Is there any way at all to resolve this situation without irritating you further?  There is no need of anger or potential bloodshed.  Please let me know what role I can take to avoid this.    With your permission, may I post the house for rent for May and begin showing it as provided for in your lease?


Brett Reese





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2 Responses to Brett Reese’s letter to George and Kimberlee Tiba

  1. Jody Czapla says:

    Mr Reese

    We rented the same house from you several years ago and never had any trouble with you.

    I can understand your stand when someone has an obligation to you and fails to respond to any and all means of communication on an adult level.

    I am certain that you did everything within your means to come to a peaceful conclusion with these tenants and made every effort to be fair. It even seems that you went above and beyond to help them.

    We have known you for several years and have become friends, I have never seen you act anything but fair and honest with your business dealings. I will stand up in a court of law and tell anyone that!

  2. namesrgone says:

    I’ll give this one to Brett. The letter clearly is in response to a threat of violence. It states, “I have been through difficult and threatening tenants…” Hence, he’s responding to a threatening tenant. But sheesh Brett, tone it down, use the properly provided channels.

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