Obama supporters stayed home Tuesday

by Craig Masters

There weren't even enough supporters to heckle the protesters along the motor route

Obama’s visit to CU yesterday was the first visit by a sitting President since Dwight D. Eisenhower some 58 years ago. It would seem an event that rare would draw a crowd if for no other reason than it is such a rare event. But inside Coors Arena, this president was only able to attract a crowd large enough to almost fill the seats available. Students were given their chance to obtain tickets Sunday. They didn’t take them all so the general public was offered the remaining tickets starting Monday. There were a few empty seats when doors were finally secured by security just prior to the President arriving.

Outside the venue, along the anticipated motorcade route, were protesters with signs and loud speakers. But the entire crowd could probably have caught a ride back to their cars on just one campus shuttle bus. And the ride would have been calm, since no one was seen with signs of support for Obama or any his policies. To illustrate this point, the Greeley Gazette staff didn’t arrive on campus until after 5pm: and had no problem finding a parking place in the closest public to the arena and motor route.

“I came to see the President and the crowds,” said Katie Irvine, a college sophomore from the Ft. Collins area. Irvine explained, “I was so busy looking at all the cars and lights, I missed him waving. But Grampa got it on┬ávideo.”

Irvine and her grampa were in a group of about a dozen who were in the right place at the right time as the motorcade used a route that completely avoided the area where protesters had been waiting.

Considering the high concentration of liberal voters in Boulder, and the dismal turnout for a “once in a lifetime” event of this type, republicans should be energized.

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