New Fears in Kayleah Wilson Case

Kayleah this past Christmas

New information regarding the missing 12 year old Greeley Girl, Kayleah Wilson, has surfaced.  In an e-mail obtained exclusively by the Greeley Gazette from a family friend, a worried Grandmother confesses, “She may be a runaway- but she is only twelve – may be pregnant or think she is & be afraid.”

The girl has been missing since March 28th.  Sources fear the girl may have gone to an abortion clinic and possibly died from it, “I mean, how would anyone know? If she’s pregnant and went to get an abortion and died from complications…it’s happened before.”

Authorities have not commented yet on this new development.

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40 Responses to New Fears in Kayleah Wilson Case

  1. Michael Hamling says:

    This SHOULD NOT be published as news! If she die from an abortion, which is HIGHLY unlikely, it was a back-alley clothes-hanger abortion and obviously not by a licensed doctor. SHAME ON YOU for publishing hear-say and perpetuating tabloid sensationalism…. this is unbelievable. Shame, shame, shame on you for causing this poor family further distress.

  2. Rick Hamblin says:

    What is wrong with you? Are you seriously reporting this a factual news – even alleged? I’m also confused – is the horror over the fact that she may have had an abortion or that she may have been a 12 year old having unprotected sex?

  3. Katie Stults says:

    I cant believe when tragedy strikes that people automatically jump to these conclusion. This poor girl could have had anything happen, but to begin to blame her for all of this is unheard of! Her family wakes each day fearing the worst has happened and yet as a community we say things like this that pull us in the opposite direction of sympathy. As parents you should be ashamed! As children you should fear the world around you. And as humans we need to look in the mirror and decide if this is how we want future generations to view us?!?! If we would join together we have have the power to provide answers to family of this missing girl! I pitty those who use ignorance to justify why she’s gone and pray for the family that they will understand that there are plenty of people who are out here willing to help, pray and support the safe return of Kayleah!

  4. Neil Alexander says:

    This is a truly disgusting attempt at “news” reporting. What are you people thinking allowing this to be published ? “a worried Grandmother”…whose grandmother? clearly not the poor girl who is missing. “Sources fear” is a statement that clearly says “we were talking while standing at the water cooler and we think the little slut got herself pregnant and tried to take care of it”.

    You should be ashamed calling this “news”, it is nothing more than an attack on the girl and a poor attempt to implicate her Grandmother as a source (while wording carefully enough to avoid libel) and it is truly upsetting.

    Disgusting, I don’t suppose for a moment this will get posted, instead deleting it to further defend your truly terrible decision to classify this as either news or newsworthy.

    Neil Alexander
    Aurora, CO

  5. Jennifer Alexander says:

    Are you serious? Are you at all interested in actually reporting facts or just the thoughts of some random person who has nothing to do with the case but has an opinion? Do you seriously call yourselves a reporter of the “news?”

    Trying to push some agenda of your own is NOT news reporting. It’s your opinion. Please learn the difference before you post a possibly hurtful “article” about a family that is already hurting. I have not seen such irresponsible behavior in a very long time. I would strongly suggest you remove this article as there is nothing here but hurtful, hateful words. Why don’t you do something Christian and try to help the situation instead?

  6. OMG says:

    You guys are amazing. Why don’t you report this, a third cousin of an uncle said in an email that Kayleah may have been abducted by aliens. “How would anyone know? It’s happened before,” said the uncle’s third cousin named Joe.

    Better do a story on this too you upstanding fine examples of a newspaper.

  7. Kristin says:

    This is absolutely apalling to have published. What an awful conclusion to draw — with no evidence — and even worse that it was immediately published for the world to see. This should be removed immediately. Here are some reasons why:
    -If there are, (hopefully not, but possible,) kidnappers, conspirators, or criminals involved, this article makes them feel relieved because they’re not suspected at all
    -There is absolutely no evidence to support this
    -In the event that an abortiion went that terribly wrong, which is extremely extremely rare, the clinic would take responsibility. They are a legit hospital operation; contact would have been made by now if a clinic were somehow involved with this disappearance. Also, If she didn’t go to a clinic and tried to perform her own abortion, that is when things would go very wrong. How dare you blame doctors.
    -In the event that she is alive and merely ran away, this article is a sure way to fuel her angry fire and make her not want to come back. Way to go, Grandma.

  8. Zandor says:

    Leaving aside the betrayal of confidences you’ve engaged in here (just because a so-called friend of grandma gave you the letter doesn’t mean grandma approves of seeing it in the paper), the total speculation by un-named “sources” that she died at an abortion clinic is tasteless beyond words and also just a really really stupid theory.

    Indulging this idiocy for a moment: An abortion performed at a clinic is statistically an extremely safe procedure. Kayleah (we ARE having creepy fantasies here) is far far more likely to die from a Tylenol overdose. If the girl had an abortion the good old way by a back alley abortionist, THAT would be a significant risk for her.

    Please try to not exploit this family’s misery by turning it into an opportunity for an anti-abortion tirade. Your speculation is egregiously stupid and inappropriate. It’s grossly thoughtless, and you’ve unintentionally made the case for safe, legal abortions.

  9. Pam Bricker says:

    This is the most irresponsible thing I have every seen published by a “so-called” news source. Indeed the family might have concerns about this girl being a run away– let’s hope she is– and not a victim. BUT– to jump to some wacked out conclusion that she died at an abortion clinic is such a horrible thing to say with no apparent reliable information. If she died during an abortion– it certainly would not be from a legal medical clinic– but rather some back alley –where women have been victims for decades.

    Shame on you for starting such ugly rumors and making a very sad situation for this family and this community even worse. I plan to contact all of the businesses advertising in this publication and let them know I will no longer do business with them if this is the kind of “journalism” they support.

  10. bumpkin2001 says:

    That is disgusting and the Greeley Gazette’s editor should be ashamed! This isn’t news. I doubt it even could be attributed to Kayleah’s grandmother. It’s very cleverly worded as to make one assume that this tidbit came from Kayleah’s grandmother. However, if you look carefully, the article says, “a grandmother.” It doesn’t say “her grandmother,” or Kayleah’s grandmother. Also, “Sources fear the girl may have gone to an abortion clinic and possibly died from it.” Who are the “sources” and who is, “the girl.” Did you ever stop to think how horrendously painful the article could be to Kayleah’s family and friends? I’m sad for them and simply appalled that this newspaper would write a piece as if that was “news.”

  11. tricia says:

    I don’t understand why you would publish such a remark! Grandma….what is wrong with you? Greeley Gazzette …SHAME ON YOU!!!

  12. Jane says:

    What’s a disgrace is how all these comments are in defense of abortionists who routinely perform abortions without parental consent! You just saw it in the news from Washington! Also, It’s not uncommon for women to die from the dispicable precedure known as abortion.

    If I were this girls mother I would want to know every possible solution – no matter how awful it may be. Pretending it’s not possible and sticking your head in the sand to hide form certain facts does not help this kid at all. Get off your high horse – at least this paper is willing to put another perspective out there and offer another possiblity in respect to the Grandmother’s own words.

  13. james says:

    I really feel like I am reading the National Enquirer. Anything is a possibility but there would probably be other information leading authorities to the death of a girl who has had an abortion. Have some sensitivity and please don’t be the source of nasty rumors!

  14. Bah says:

    Jane, you don’t have a clue. Just because you want to bring your distaste for abortion into this doesn’t mean its right. No one here is defending abortionists, just pointing out the disgusting “reporting” this “news” outlet is participating in.

    IF its a possibility, you don’t think authorities have discussed that with the family? Its not anybody else’s right to see turn that into a “media” report until there are indications that it actually occurred.

  15. bumpkin2001 says:

    I agree…Jane, you have no clue. For the Gazette to print this heresay and to word it is if it were truth is indefensible. It’s hurtful, disgusting and irresponsible journalism. Every life should be cherished. That includes Kayleah’s. Did the author ever stop to think of the harm this may cause Kayleah? If she’s still out there, now she’s got a nasty rumor going around about her. Why come home and face THAT! If she’s be held captive and the kidnappers read this, they may say, “good, they’re not looking for her.” They think she’s dead already. Why, why, why bring shame onto a missing child! No reputable news outlet would have aired or wrote this story. It saddens me. I pray for Kayleah’s safe return.

  16. James Rohn says:

    Don’t know what you are sniffing…but as classifing yourself as a Christian, I don’t want
    to be classified with you! No one should put such shameful sensationallizing “News,”
    when you cannot even spread FACTS!!! Who is the grandmother??? Who is the relative???
    And how did you get access to it? Don’t go 1st Amendment, either!!!

  17. Ew. says:

    Leave it to Brett and his family to publish this garbage in their newspaper.

  18. bumpkin2001 says:

    I would like to see Brett comment on this story. On the Coloradoan’s online edition, the staff often adds their comments on the message boards regarding the stories they have written. It’s nice to see that they are following the reaction to stories and are there to reply to questions, concerns. clarify, or cite their sources. As jounalist they justify and stand behind their stories. In my opinion, there is no justification or reason for this tabloid type journalism. I don’t care if a newspaper editor wants to be mean spirited, but for God’s sake don’t bring harm to a child! We can all lift this family up in prayer and try to protect them for this sort of evil.

  19. Bah says:

    Up next, Brett & staff release the name of a rape victim, based on something overheard at a local watering hole.

  20. Elaine says:

    The Greeley Gazette is despicable! This is the most disgusting and irresponsible so-called “news” writing that I’ve ever read. Shame on you! How in the world could you justify posting such hearsay as fact and calling it “news”? I will not support any business which advertises in this so-called “news”paper!

  21. bumpkin2001 says:

    No coverage of Kayleah’s vigil of hope last night I see. No more coverage or help to find this young girl? She’s 12 Brett. WHEREVER she is, she is not safe. Unlike you, I will not utter the words that she has died. Without proof, it’s not right and you can not squash hope and faith in God for her recovery. Don’t harm her further and put your newspaper to use to uplift this girl and help with her safe return!

    Brett, I can’t believe you’ve done this. I really can’t. We share the same love of Christ, but I feel there is a deep abyss in how we live our faith and are seen by others as “Christians.” Now that I’ve calmed down from my initial shock of your article, I really see the difference. It’s disheartening.

  22. TimBurrs says:

    Brett, still silent about this fitlthy comment. And yet before now I was so surprised at how nice this paper was, and how good it was. Well…now this is shenanigans from the same sour source. Brett, can’t you respond?

  23. bumpkin2001 says:

    I don’t know why Brett will not respond either. That’s hard to fathom as this has drawn the most readership to his site. Looking at other message boards discussing on how to help in the search for Kayleah, I’ve seen many people that have found this article by googling it. Too bad that the article is tagged with Kayleah Wilson, abortion, abortion clinics. Yesterday EVERY news outlet that I saw ran a story on the Laura Recovery Center arriving and organizing at Journey Christian Church to aid in the search. That is newsworthy. Why didn’t the Gazzette carry a story?

    I do know that if Brett had done some investigative reporting, he would have found out the facts. FACT: “Yes, there was a party.” FACT: It was a party for one of Kayleah’s friend’s cousin. It was going to be held at Kayleah’s friend’s cousin’s house. FACT: Kayleah didn’t meet up with her friend whom she was going to walk the remaining way with. I’ll leave names of the other minors out as I don’t know if Brett would attack them too. All of this blows Brett’s theory out of the water. If he head only done as any journalist does and check his facts, this damaging article would not have been printed.

  24. bumpkin2001 says:

    I also think this may a good opportunity to discuss how we walk our walk with Jesus Christ. What does that mean to each individual Christian? Do we use our words as swords to slay others and then claim we have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, but use him as a weapon? I believe we should use our faith and convictions as an example to others. YES, we should stand united in all things that undermine our God, family and country. But we need to pray and reflect daily, ask ourselves, “Was what I did right, fair, did it bring harm to others, did my actions impart my faith and help bring others to Christ?” We can all DO BETTER in our daily lives. If we can’t find what we can do better in our relationship with God, then our faith is stagnant and doesn’t mature. If we use hurtful and harmful words and actions in the guise of Christianity, are we being good witnesses? In my early 20s, I thought I knew God’s will and claimed I was “born again,” I was a judgmental Christian and immature in my faith. After much study and reflection, I realized I was not witnessing to others in a manner that would bring others to Christ, but rather damning them by judgmental finger pointing. Basically I was a zealot. My faith brought me no comfort or solace, but gave me the reason to look down on people and feel better about myself thinking I was above it all. We all seem to agree that this article was a blatant attempt to further the author’s opinion on abortion, but it also provides us an opportunity to open up dialog as to WHAT it means to each of us to live a Christian lifestyle.

    Sorry for the rant.

  25. ME WWD says:

    I am cannot believe that this paper is actually reporting this hearsay.
    What if I sent you an email and told your that I am a friend of Kaylea’s from school, and that I am also a 12 yr. old girl, and that before she left she confided with me at lunch time at school that she was leaving for Canada and that her new 23 year old boyfriend was going with her? Would you publish that too??? Problem is that I don’t know her at all, and I am a 40+ yr old male, not a preteen friend. How can you trust just an email from a “friend of the family” who happens to also be a grandmother? Does being or claiming to be a grandmother give this person enough instant credibility that it would make you publish this JUNK?

    I cannot believe that this paper would report anything this way. I was all excited about there being a new paper in town and was happy to start reading it. But after seeing this I WILL NOT be buying a subscription to this ridiculous excuse of a paper or even buying it anywhere that is now dumb enough to carry it. As far as I am concerned this just shows that the new editor of this paper has no clue how to run it. I don’t know all of the details why your original editor left, but if this is how you want to run your poor excuse of a paper, it is no wonder he did. (Bruce Bormann would NEVER have let something like this get published on the website or in the paper. There is absolutely no merit in this.)

    I myself will tell every ad account that you have and I come in contact with, that I will NOT be patronizing their business’ as long as they advertise with such an irresponsible excuse for a “newspaper”. And I will happily let anybody and everybody I know about this and let them form their own opinion and hopefully they will do the same.

  26. TimBurrs says:

    ***Hot News***
    Someone told me of an email related to a person who is associated with someone.
    The email stated that such and so forth is damning information about this and that!
    In conclusion it looks as though that anyone associated with him;therefore should be
    warned that it could happen to you!

    ***End of news story***

  27. TimBurrs says:

    OMG! Brett, better get an article out! It looked legit! It also looks dangerous too.
    What could it have meant? Who is in trouble?

  28. TimBurrs says:

    Well, Mr. Brett! I left two comments…tounge in cheek and you ripped both off! Censorship or what? Will this pass moderation?

  29. TimBurrs says:

    Thank you for reposting them! I apologize for the last post!
    Have a nice day.

  30. bumpkin2001 says:

    MEWWD, I guess I am with you. I will not buy this paper or make use of its sponsors. Too bad a website cost next to nothing to keep. However, I will take advantage of its web space to post my opinion. There was another rumor mongering article titled, “Missing girl was previously in foster care.” Stating that, “there are reports that Kayleah did spend an undetermined amount of time in foster care….” That tidbit came directly off a My Space page. I know, I saw it and it has since been removed. To use MS as a news source is outlandish at best. The Tribune didn’t even do THAT and I’ve always thought the Tribune lacked integrity. I think the only tidbit the editor missed was the piece in Westwood by psychic Claire.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this type of “newspaper” in Greeley disturbing.

  31. mel says:

    My name is Mel and I worked/volunteered this last weekend with The Laura Recovery Center Foundation for the search for Kayleah Wilson. Now that the LRCF has left Colorado, it will be up to those in the community to plan and conduct searches for missing Kayleah Wilson. Some of the volunteers from this last weekend have been able to schedule a community driven search. The search will be scheduled on April 17th and 18th from 9am to 4 pm (assuming Kayleah is not found by then). The command center will be located inside the Journey Church in Greeley(23rd Ave and 27th St- the same location as last weekend). We are asking for any volunteers 18 or older and who have a photo ID to come and assist with the searches. We cannot allow children or dogs are on any search. In addition to needing volunteers for the search, any donation of water and food for those searchers will be greatly appreciated. We, as a community, need to keep this story alive. This is a young child and we do not know her or her family’s circumstances, we do not know what has happened to her and our community is small enough to rally together and at the same time, it is large enough to have an ongoing presence in the search for Kayleah.

  32. bumpkin2001 says:

    Mel, thank you for that information.

  33. Skeeryfangar Again says:

    I think this site is the only one around that isn’t afraid to admit the truth! She was/is a promiscuous girl, or…

    Neil Alexander said:
    “…”we were talking while standing at the water cooler and we think the little slut got herself pregnant and tried to take care of it”.”

  34. bumpkin2001 says:

    Skeeryfanger, it’s dumb and uneducated to take another poster’s comment out of context. And I’m being polite here. Your articulations are ignorant and unfounded.

  35. bumpkin2001 says:

    Skeeryfanger Again, I had checked back to this article to see if there was any new information that Mel or anyone else may have posted in regards to any needs that the searchers may have when I saw your post. Now I’m truly wondering WHY you made that post and HOW you came to your conclusion. Maybe someone NEEDS to take a closer look at YOU!!! If you are an adult, HOW do YOU seem to KNOW this.

    Seriously, you should approach the authorities with your information. Or pershaps they should approach YOU!

  36. Anonymous says:

    How sick and disgusting. This is clear evidence as to the low, Jerry Springer lever that both journalism and American society have deteriorated to. There is no real life in America any more, if there ever was. Just a sick, vicarious, celebrity culture devoid of human feeling and compassion. Sick, sick, sick.

  37. David W Phillips says:

    Whether there was ever any truth to this article is unimportant, it should never have been printed by anyone and I don’t believe one word of it. To slander a child’s good name for profit or any other reason is a real sin. Only today, 05/20/2010, this 12 year old childs body was discovered throw away by some living thing into a ditch like garbage. If I were an editor or a reporter I would have fought tooth and nail to NOT let such garbage ever see the light of day. As this story regarding this child’s final moments of life unfolds, it will probably have similarities to a young girl named Sarah Foxwell from Maryland who was abducted from her bed in the middle of the night on December 22, 2010, just before Christmas by an already convicted pedophile and rapest. Taken for his sexual deviant perversion for young girls, then he killed her, and then burned her body when he was finished with her. He left what remained of her body hidden in a woods. She was all alone with him for the last few hours of her life, it may have been days. Over a thousand people from several different states gave up their family time on Christmas day 2010 to help seach for her. She was found late this past Christmas day. The child in this article Kayleah Wilson deserves a much better ending to her life then the damage this article has done to her good name. Her parents and all who loved her much deserve better too. It’s truely a sad friday and prayers for all are in order. May God bless this child and those that love her.

  38. bumpkin2001 says:

    The sad thing is the story was tagged. If you google Kayleah’s name, up it comes for the world to see this unfounded nasty rumor. It truly upsets and sickens me. Hopefully, other readers will take it for what it is and consider the source.

  39. Mizsherle says:

    What a stupid story this is, shame on whoever generated it. Especially in light of what has happened. Using an innocent child victim to promote your twisted agenda is reprehensible.

  40. CWH says:

    This story has never demonized Kayleah Wilson for being pregnant. And to stick our heads in the sand and say that just because she died a horrible and tragic death is no excuse to stop facts from coming out that might help anyone that might have been looking for Kayleah. It sickens me that people only want to think about protecting the innonency of one life, when there was a possibility of two that were endangered. If she was pregnant that made it all the more important to try to find her a life. Get a grip people! And reports will not name the identity of there source to protect a person. It happens all the time at the Tribune and other major media news outlets.

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