Planned Parenthood moves in to high school campus

by Matt Lacy –


An organization founded by a eugenicist has now opened a clinic on a high school campus to provide teens access to pregnancy tests and birth control without notifying parents.


Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider is teaming up with the Los Angeles Unified School District to provide an on-campus clinic for teenagers in an area with a high teen pregnancy rate. According to Dr. George Delgado, medical director of Culture of Life Family Services students will be able to visit the clinic for birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling services, and screenings for sexually transmitted disease.


“Many Americans are now realizing that Planned Parenthood is not a virtuous organization, but is, in fact, an integral part of the medical abortion complex in this country,” says Delgado. “Their marketing plans actively seek to bring in teen customers who will get on birth-control pills or other contraceptives, have those contraceptives fail, and then ask for abortions.”


The organization will offer the service to teens at Roosevelt High School without parental consent.


To create or maintain a clinic that allows teens to be treated without their parents’ knowledge or consent clearly jeopardizes and seeks to weaken the parental-teen relationship,” Delgado said.


The Los Angeles Times notes that the program is the first of its kind in the nation and is separate from the school nurses office. The clinic will also serve as a primary care clinic, however about half of the visits this year have been for reproductive health. The Times notes that the area is a heavily Latino and low-income neighborhood.


Planned Parenthood has been the subject of multiple audits that have discovered improprieties over the years.



A 23 page report that was delivered to Congress revealed that the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal division was currently conducting its own audit of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate following a complaint by a former employee over a possible improper relationship between PPGG and its related political organization.



Additionally, 10 state audits revealed that Planned Parenthood has overbilled Medicaid by nearly $8 million, while 38 federal audits found between $88 million and $99 million in overbilling.

Based on Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report the organization took in over $1 billion in revenue. Some $18.5 million of that was “in excess of revenue over expenses,” or in other words – profit. Almost half of the group’s funding comes from taxpayers. The report also revealed Planned Parenthood had over $1 billion in assets.

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