Reward of $20,000 now offered for Kayleah; Greeley citizens are asked to read handout below

By Vanessa Dominguez
The Greeley Gazette

At a press conference held Thursday, April 15th  Greeley’s Chief of Police Jerry Garner and Special Agent Davis of the FBI gave updates on the search for Kayleah Wilson.

The case is still active and there will be searches tomorrow and this weekend. The FBI is still receiving leads, but nothing has led them any closer to finding out of Kayleah is a runaway or was abducted.

Davis said they are not receiving as many leads as they’d like and announced an increase in the reward from $10,000 to $20,000. He stated this money will go to anyone producing information that results in a successful conclusion of the case. He also stated that Kayleah’s disappearance continues to be a top priority to the FBI. The reason why there was a cutback on the number of people assigned to the case was only because they have gone through the majority of leads received.

Kayleah’s asthma condition is not severe enough that it would be debilitating for her to go without an inhaler this long.

Given the amount of time that has gone by, Special Agent Davis said they are leaning in the direction of believing Kayleah is not a runaway. Chief Garner stated most runaways at this point would have contacted a friend, a relative, or someone they know. “Our concern that she is safe increases by the day” said Garner.

It is asked that people read the behavioral indicators below and contact the FBI with any information. The information below was given as a two page handout at today’s press conference.

Potential Behavioral Indicators
We believe the person responsible for Kayleah’s disappearance lives in the Greeley community and has tied to the area around the Greeley Mall. Some of you hearing this today may work, socialize, or live with or near the person responsible for Kayleah’s disappearance. Often, someone in the community may be in a position to observe behavioral changes in that person. We are asking those individuals for their assistance in identifying the person responsible by noting changes in the person’s behavioral patterns.

People interacting with the person responsible for this offense may have noticed one or more of the following behavioral changes, especially since the evening of Sunday, March 28, 2010:

-Coming up with an excuse to leave the area unexpectedly for what may sound like a good reason (work related, visit a distant relative or friend, etc.).
-Missed work, calling in sick, asking to change shifts, particularly on days close to the night Kayleah went missing, (I.e., Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday…).
-Unexplained recent injuries, (cuts, bruises, etc.), particularly on head, hands, or arms.
-An expected or sudden interest in the status of this investigation, paying very close attention to the media, OR avoiding participation in any conversations or activities related to this case.
-Minimizing or denying a known acquaintance with Kayleah.
-A recent display of nervousness or arability.
-A recent increase or decrease in expressing religious beliefs.
-Changes in routing sleep patterns.
-Changes in his ‘usual’ consumption of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes (increase or decrease).
-Shaving off facial or head hair, or, growing a mustache or beard.
-No longer driving, or changing the appearance of, his person or work vehicle for no obvious reason. Including suddenly keeping it in a shed or garage, covering it, painting it, selling it, reporting it stolen or giving it away.

These behavioral characteristics or changes are being shared so that public may be sensitive to them, and may bring forth possible helpful information. It is important to note that exhibiting one or more of these behavioral changes alone does not mean that person is definitely involved in a crime. However, if you note these changes in a person, it is important to the successful resolution of this investigation that you call the number listed below.

Should you, or someone you know, have any information that may be related to the disappearance of Kayleah Wilson, please immediately contact the case investigators at: 1-800-CALL-FBI

The case investigators would like to thank the people of Greeley for their continued assistance in this investigation.

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