Reese stymies critics by expanding business dealings

by Peter Grady –


A series of attacks by various groups over the years to destroy Brett Reese appear to have backfired as his holdings have actually increased over the past year.


Last week, Pirate 104.7 won the Grand Marshall’s Award for its float in the Greeley Stampede’s Independence Day parade.


The award is symbolic of other success Reese has had since his resignation from the District 6 school board earlier this year.


When Reese was asked about the award, he was in the process of installing two full power transformers for radio stations he and his associates have acquired. The stations reach from Sydney to the Kansas line. One of them, 88.7, plays classic country, while the other one, Pirate 100, will be playing the Pirate format of oldies.


Reese also has 93.5 FM in Ft. Collins which reaches from to Wyoming, and a station in Red Feather. The group employs approximately 30 people in the area and when the Sterling stations are operational it will mean Reese and his associates will cast a signal over most of Northern Colorado.


“Everything has been going good. We are constantly picking up new sponsors, especially in Ft. Collins,” Reese said. “I had wanted to do some of this for some time, but I did not have the time to do this while I was on the school board.”


Additionally, the FCC recently announced that Pirate 104.7 was #4 in the nation among stations in a similar class.


The news is certain to bring a certain amount of frustration to  critics, who just a year and a half ago believed they would destroy Reese.


In 2011, Reese, in his capacity as manager of Pirate Radio in Greeley, read a letter as he had read on air for the previous three years. The letter referred to Dr. Martin Luther King as an adulterer and a communist. Reese said he was not aware that the letter was written by a neo-Nazi.

This time the letter made national headlines, with board members calling for Reese’s resignation. Additionally there was a series of attempts to destroy Reese’s business. Groups organized campaigns to have individuals call the station’s sponsors threatening a loss of business if they continued advertising on the station.


Additionally, KFKA, a local radio station, also began to contact the station’s sponsors in an attempt to get them to cancel their ads on Pirate and sponsor KFKA.


The Greeley Tribune also called for Reese’s resignation saying he had “worn out his welcome on the school board.” The paper also did multiple stories on Reese often featuring him on  the front page. “I often wondered what the Tribune would do to sell papers if they didn’t have me to report on,” Reese once remarked.


Reese was even vilified by an organization funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros. The Southern Poverty Law Center listed Reese as number three on its list of “Hate in the Mainstream,” a compilation of quotes from conservative politicians and activists. Reese was the only individual on the list that was not quoted directly. The SPLC referenced the MLK letter.


The report stated this list was compiled from; “media accounts, web pages, e-mail groups and Media Matters for America, a group that monitors the far right.”

Over the years, Media Matters has received indirect funding from George Soros,a Hungarian billionaire who has given billions to left wing causes including ACORN, Planned Parenthood and the National Council of La Raza, a Mexican supremacist group.


The SPLC, has also received funding from Soros and his affiliates. The Gazette previously reported that the SPLC had labeled several pro-family organizations as ”hate groups” simply because they believe and advocate that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

The SPLC issued a warning to law-enforcement organizations saying groups like the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council were hate groups for “their perception of known falsehoods.” The group has also placed the American Constitution Party in Colorado on the list, despite the group being designated a major political party in the state.


In this year’s report, the SPLC blamed Republican presidential candidates for facilitating a rise in hate groups.


Weld County Sheriff John Cooke has said he doesn’t place much stock in the SPLC reports.


We don’t pay any attention to it at all. If you’re not left wing, you’re a hate group according to them,” he said.


Almost a year after the backlash, Reese announced he would be stepping down from the school board citing time constraints among the reasons given.


In a parting shot, the Tribune took even this opportunity to lambast Reese yet again. In an editorial, the Tribune said, they were “happy to see him go.”

Reese said what happened to him is a textbook example of the tactics employed by the left in Ann Coulter’s book, “Slander.”

“That’s what liberals do, they go after your character. They tried their best but they didn’t destroy me,” he said.


“I’m still interested in the school board and the dismal situation in our schools,” he said. “But there came a time when I realized that I was dedicating my time to try to improve things and it became obvious I was wasting my time.  The board is not interested in looking into new approaches, they just want to maintain the status quo.”

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3 Responses to Reese stymies critics by expanding business dealings

  1. Disgusted says:

    Can’t stomach Ann Coulter but am glad Mr. Reese wasn’t destroyed. What would those on the school board do if they lost their job? Unemployment?

  2. brett reese says:

    Mr. Grady is generous, though I appreciate his article(grammar excluded). To be self-serving is simple and non-commendable. To stand against the terminal decay within our education system and media is the higher and necessary calling.

  3. uh huh says:

    You know Brett was part of Westword’s 2011 s**t list?

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