Greeley Senior Center to get defibrillator

by Peter Grady –


The Heart Safe City program and members of the Greeley Police Department will be dedicating a new lifesaving piece of equipment to the Greeley Senior Activity Center this Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.


The center will be receiving a new Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which will be installed and put into service at the facility.


Many of us are familiar with the manual defibrillators which are often featured on television programs where the medical personnel attempt to bring a person back to life. By contrast, the AED is designed so it can be used by laypersons in the case of an emergency. The medical community recommends AED placement in locations where large groups of people gather.


The device recognizes a heart rhythm that requires a shock, then prompts the rescuer to deliver the shock by simply pressing a button. They are small; typically around the size of a briefcase, and designed to be portable.


The devices have been proven to be effective, with three studies conducted in supervised cardiac-rehabilitation centers revealing that over 90 percent of those suffering cardiac arrest were successfully resuscitated using an AED. In 2004, the FAA required commercial aircraft to carry an AED as part of their medical kit.


Due to the popularity of the devices, the price has fallen to affordable levels. This has caused some to purchase the units for use in the home, especially those with known heart conditions.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans. In 2010 the death toll from heart disease was 599,413 compared to 567,628 for cancer, the second leading cause of death.

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