Abortion supporter attacks, breaks hip of 69 year old man

by Peter Grady –

The abortion lobby has once again remained silent when an elderly pro-lifer was violently assaulted, bringing back memories of a similar lack of condemnation when a pro-choicer murdered another pro-life supporter several years ago.


On June 30, Everett Stadig, a 69-year old petition gatherer, was thrown off  his bicycle while peacefully gathering signatures for the personhood amendment in Colorado, resulting in injuries that required surgery to replace part of his hip.


Stadig had stopped outside of a grocery store, inviting people to sign the Personhood petition. A woman indicated she was interested in signing; she had to return to the store, but would sign it when she came out. While Stadig waited for her, a man came by who was also invited to sign the petition.


Stadig said the man was “in his mid thirties and around six feet tall. He refused to sign and began to swear at me, yelling that he was pro-choice.”


The man walked away, however, he returned about a half a minute later, still yelling and swearing.


“He said, ‘you don’t have a right to be here!’” Stadig related, “I said, ‘I do have a right to be here, this is a Colorado Petition Drive’. Then he grabbed my petition pad, and threw me to ground. I was hurt so bad I couldn’t get up.”


Stadig was on a bicycle and following the attack, he struck the ground hard on his hip, breaking it. According to Stadig there were around 10-20 people present.  Although several witnessed the assault,no one tried to stop the man because it happened so quickly.


“It happened so fast, and they were too far away,” Stadig explained.


The man who attacked him apparently did not bother to see if his victim, a senior citizen, was injured or not.


“After he threw me off the bicycle, he proceeded to leave,” Stadig said. “I was trying to get people to call the police and to get the man’s license plate number, because I couldn’t do it.” Eventually a woman came forward, took the man’s license plate, and wrote a report.


Stadig later learned that his hip had separated and he needed to get a replacement ball socket.


The attack has not deterred Stadig from protecting the unborn. While in the hospital he continued gathering signatures among the nurses and therapists.


Keith Mason, president of Personhood USA, whose family was the victim of an attack themselves a few days earlier said Stadig’s attitude was an inspiration.


“There he is in that hospital bed with his clipboard getting signatures from the hospital staff. He’s a great guy and an inspiration to us all.”


To date no members of the abortion community have come out and condemned the attack on Stadig.


The silence bears an eerily similarity to another attack on a pro-lifer who, like Stadig, is not a leader in the movement.


In 2009, James Poulion an elderly pro-life supporter, was murdered while in a wheelchair outside of a local school in Owosso, Michigan. The Detroit News reported that authorities believed Poulion was killed because the shooter was offended by the literature the wheelchair-bound man had displayed.


In the days that followed there was no outcry from the pro-abortion community condemning the murder.

By contrast, whenever there have been attacks on abortion providers, including the murder of George Tiller, the pro-life community quickly came out condemning the murder and announcing they were praying for Tiller’s family.

The lack of condemnation for the shooting was defended by a reporter for Truecrimereport.com. Pete Kotz, writing on the reason there was no outrage over Poulion’s murder said he was not sympathetic and people would “probably be extending it to more worthy candidates.”

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