An America Without God

by Carol Clemans–


We lived in Stockton, California, for 23 years, moving out of the city in 2003. Recently the city has declared bankruptcy. They have terminated many of their police force. Stockton’s crime rate is double as to what it was this same time last year. When evil people know there is less of a chance of being caught doing a crime, the crimes will increase.


The Bible tells us that the police are “ministers” for our good.  If we obey the law of the country, we will stay out of trouble. Since we’ve taken prayer out of the public schools and the President says we are no longer a Christian nation, America is in a heap of trouble.


Our youth are not being taught about morals/values in school. Respect for authority is a joke to many. Respect for parents, elders and teachers are a rare attribute in our cities across America. Textbooks are being rewritten, leaving out much of the truth about the founding of America.


At the top of the Washington Monument are these words – “Laus Deo” – meaning, “Praise be to God.” In the Lincoln Memorial these words are written – “this nation under God.” Sunday church services were held in the Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol from 1800 – 1857. America was a country that recognized God in its beginning.


An America without God is seeing the family disintegrate before our eyes. More couples are ‘living together’ instead of getting married. The Bible calls this fornication. When their feelings of love disappear, they break up and go after another mate.  This is having mini “divorces” without being married. Thousands of children are being born into this unstable environment. There is no foundation for building trust or no example as to a commitment of love “until death do us part.”


Principles of “right and wrong” are not taught or based on the foundation of absolute truth of the Bible.  Every man is doing what is right in his own eyes. History has already shown us what chaos that causes. The Bible says that in the end times evil will wax worse and worse.  This is exactly what we are seeing across our nation and around the world.


What can we do about it?  First, recognize our own need of allowing God and His truths to become an integral part of our lives (read the book of Acts). Second, teach our children about godly morals/values. Third, be people of integrity and commitment. Fourth, stop being afraid to “speak up” for truth in our area of influence. Fifth, commit to marriage – one man to one woman – for life. Sixth, vote for leaders who have godly morals who are willing to fight for the ‘right to life’ of the unborn.


We as a nation must invite God back into our daily lives. It’s difficult for me to believe that there are parents who want their children to be disobedient. But if we do not teach our children godly truths and do not live that example, how will they learn?


There is a God. There is an eternity. We all will die someday. This life is preparation for eternal life with either our creator God or in eternal torment with the devil that is the god of this present world.  Some will scoff and say, “I don’t believe this junk about God.”  That is your choice. But God does have the final say. Every knee will bow before Him and declare that HE IS LORD!  You will believe then, but you will not be allowed to change your destiny of eternity.


I pray that all believers in America will get serious about praying for our country.  Pray for our leaders that God will put a conviction in their hearts to turn to Him. Pray that God will have mercy on this nation.  We the people of God must not be afraid to speak God’s truths.  By example, be doers of the Word and not hearers only. God promises if we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. Do your part in influencing America for God again.


Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/inspirational conference speaker. She provides nationwide confidential counseling by phone/webcam (636) 448-0121. Go to: for info & products.


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