Dear city of Greeley and the neighboring towns

Dear people of Greeley and the neighboring towns,

from the mountains to the prairies and north and south-bound,

to any and all who can read this or hear,

 to those who are hurting and cried many tears,

to those not so troubled and living in cheer,

to the wounded, discouraged, and living in fear,

to those who are broken and do not feel whole,

in body, mind, heart and/or soul,

or to those whom the story has never been told

from child to adult – young and the old,

maybe you’ve heard, but just want to wait

remember –  there is no promise of tomorrow to wonder your fate,

for today is the time and now is the hour

to accept His love, His grace and His power.

Our life, forever, we can live with Him

when into our heart we ask Him to come in,

for Jesus is calling us one-and-all

no matter your circumstance – He died for us all.

For we are all guilty of sin every day

but, forgiveness is ours when, to Him, we turn and pray.

He wants us to live in faith, hope, and love

and the greatest of these is His love from above.

Inspired by God,

Judi Tetiva

To sum up this poem in a “nut-shell” and how others I have been inspired, by the Holy Spirit, to write – let’s just call it a miracle.

Just know, when you ask to see, know, and hear from God, He will answer your prayers and use you in a mighty way that is totally out  of your element to bring the praise, honor, and glory to Him.

If you would like to know more or have me share my story, please feel free to contact me at: (970) 352-6494.


God’s Blessings to You All & May You Hunger to Seek Him More,

Judi Tetiva


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