Old Testament tabernacle coming to area

History will come alive in Northern Colorado Sept. 8-16 when the traveling Messiah’s Mansion arrives in the vacant field just north of Johnsons Corners.  3000 years ago God called the Jewish people out of Egypt in what is known as the EXODUS.  The first thing they did as a nation was to create a portable temple for the worship of God.  It was an amazing structure made of fabric, gold, silver and bronze.  The most famous artifact was the “Ark of the Covenant”, made famous to the general population by the Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Other artifacts were a golden table of show bread, a solid gold seven branch candlestick, a bronze water bowl called a “laver”, an alter for incense and a bronze altar for sacrifice.


The Israelites carried this portable temple around in the desert for 40 years and then set it up in Palestine and used it as their temple for 500 years.


Messiah’s Mansion is a life size replica of this portable temple complete with life size replica’s of all the artifacts including the famous ARK.  Staff dressed in authentic costume will lead  visitors on a 75 minute guided tour of the display.  Tours begin every 15 minutes from 1-7 pm.


For history buffs and Christians interested in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith this is a unique opportunity to travel back in history 3000 years and understand better how the ancients worshipped.  More details can  be found at www.coloradosanctuary.com

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