GOP leadership “craps” on conservatives!

by Craig Masters
Solomon Martinez is the driving force behind Colorado Hispanic Republicans, a northern Colorado grassroots organization trying to engage the formidable Hispanic vote. He is a delegate attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Solomon, a retired Marine, was still in denial when he communicated what had just happened on the floor of the convention. He says the GOP “establishment” might just as well have told us go home; referring to those delegates who came to the national convention as representatives of the grassroots conservative movement – the Tea Party types who had hope for a return to a smaller, more Constitutional based federal government.

But in a voice vote that Martinez heard as carried by the “nays” the establishment chairman slammed down the gavel and declared the “yeas have it.” And just like that the GOP central committee decided they could do whatever  they want – even if the state party delegates vote otherwise!

The professional analysts will be all over the media  trying to forecast the damage the GOP establishment just did to the party’s newly found energy and support from the hundreds of small groups working on the ground in neighborhoods across the country.

In the local meeting  of the 9-12 group in Loveland, president Tom Buchanan was furious. He thinks they (the GOP leadership) expect “us” to just lick our wounds and go ahead and vote for Romney. The concensus was clear at this meeting, this was a kick in the groin to the 9-12 workers and the whole caucus process.

If the messages flying out of the convention over twitter or facebook are any indication, the GOP national leadership just handed Obama another 4 years by setting the stage for conservatives to sit out the election or support a third party candidate. In either case Obama wins again without getting 50% of the popular vote.

Such tweets as “you can’t equate stupid with underhanded.” and “it’s not just Ron Paul supporters who got kicked, its all of us from the outside groups.”

Up until this floor vote to change the rules and create a more powerful central committee, the mood at the convention was really one of cooperation for a common goal – firing Obama. But the conservatives clearly learned who is in charge. Almost as quickly as the gavel dropped, tweets hit the twitterverse with such colorful expressions as ‘they (the GOP) just crapped on us’ or ‘that was unreal – the nays won but they passed it (the rules change) anyway – Jesus,what were they thinking?’

Recently, Colorado Republican party chairman, Ryan Call, asked to be introduced to the “establishment guy” everyone keeps talking about. Well Ryan, you have to have met him now!

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2 Responses to GOP leadership “craps” on conservatives!

  1. Good Grief says:

    Hello Colorado from New Jersey. The GOP establishment made a foolish and unnecessary move. The PEOPLE of the GOP were standing together even though they had some differences – a good sign for the campaign and election – then the “kings” turned fire hoses on us. Stupid to cause a change in the atmosphere of camaraderie.

  2. jack says:

    They took our rights away. This leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We need to take control away from the fakes.

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