What is God-based counseling?

by Carol Clemans —


Some people cringe when they hear the word ‘counseling.’ I want to share what I do through God’s Word in my counseling sessions. Thomas Hardy Leahey stated, “Psychology means ‘psyche-logos’, literally the study of the soul.” (Quote from: A History of Psychology: Main Currents in Psychological Thought). When I read this quote, I became excited.  I can teach and counsel from Genesis to Revelations on the study of the soul. God breathed into Adam and man became a living soul.

Isaiah 61 tells us that Jesus was coming with the salvation message and, also, to heal broken hearts and set captives free. We have saved people sitting on our church pews deeply wounded from the pain of their past or present.  God erases our sins through salvation, but he does not erase memories or emotions. Emotional wounds touch the heart, soul and mind. The devil has come to kill, steal and destroy us through our thoughts.

My counseling is done by using God’s wisdom and truth. I do not use psychobabble.  I use God’s Word. Wounded hearts are trenched in the rut of their ‘stinkin thinkin’ regarding the pain of their life. Healing comes when we are ‘transformed by renewing our minds’ through God’s truth. God says when we experience new birth in Him; we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. This new means we become a brand new (unused) vessel filled with His Spirit. Through God’s Word, we learn how to define who we are by His truth, not by the pain of the past.

Abuse victims are sitting on our pews in silence. They’ve been emotionally hurting for years and don’t know whom they can trust with their pain. Many marriages in the church are in pain and they do not know how to break the generational dysfunction.  Through God’s Word I give counsel with His wisdom for healing and restoration.

Go to my website: www.carolclemans.org. I’ve posted over 130 articles and a few videos full of God’s truth. I provide confidential phone/web cam counseling nationwide by phone: (636) 448-0121. This is for the hurting and, also, helps pastors for the spiritual, emotional and relational growth of their people. I have co-counseled people in their pastor’s office through live Skype.

If you are hurting, please do not be afraid to reach out for God-based counseling so you can be transformed by the power of God’s Word!


Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/inspirational teacher for churches & conferences. She’s been teaching God’s Word for 50 years. Carol’s heartbeat is helping others to heal and grow in Jesus. Order teaching CD’s and new book: God’s Design for Marriage @ products @ www.carolclemans.org.



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    Is this an article or advertisement? Fails as both.

  2. nogod says:

    A fraud. You people ever going to pay your taxes?

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